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Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 75

I don't think you are centrist in reality. You want to be considered in the middle so you label yourself centrist, but in reality you really are far left, so everybody looks to far to the right from your prospective.

Seattle is governed by the fully left of center, so is Washington state to a lesser degree. You just see it as too far right because in reality you have a leftist ideology and are nowhere near the center on just about everything.

Be honest with yourself, you are really far left of what the center really is... Which is fine with me as long as you are honest about it...

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 75

> Seattle...160 kbps

That isn't too bad. You can download a 700 Mbyte movie in only ten hours. With my 56k modem (because stupid Comcast despite having the government-granted monopoly over most of Seattle, still doesn't offer service to their entire monopoly area), I can download that in 30 hours. That's not too bad. I can leave the download running while I'm at work and at night and then have two movies to watch over the weekend. I really do hope they add a download option.

So a DVD will take 10 hours and a Blu-Ray will take days to get... Go with the Netflix disk delivery option and it takes about three days to turn around ANY title they have, which is just about any title you could want, plus you can save that internet connection for something else, like browsing Zillo for houses OUTSIDE of Seattle that you can afford...

Comment Re:Why do I need Netflix? (Score 1) 75

Netflix is becoming little better than my cable company

Yea? Well be ready to start some competition for them. As Netflix keeps positioning to take more of your money and give you access to less material, the business case for the competition gets better and better. You want to be there to take their subscribers once the scales are tipped in your favor, so you can have your turn, sell the company to investors and sit back in opulence while the bean counters and MBA's do the same thing to your company... Raise prices, lower content costs to make more money and eventually driving the customers to the next big thing...

Comment Re:The Hunger Games not available? (Score 1) 75

That's a blessing. This is the most pathetic series ever devised. It's not that it is a product aimed at teenagers - rather, it is a product aimed at braindead teenagers.

Yea, I'm not crying into my Wheaties over this loss, though my college Honor Student really likes these, she might not like it, though she has DVD and Blu-Ray copies of them so she's unlikely to care. I guess I'm taking exception to the "braindead" part... Well, that and I actually enjoyed each of the movies in the series the first time I saw them, so they have *some* value, just not enough I'd miss not being able to see them again.

Comment Re:TV channels are not what people want (Score 1) 75

Never going to happen, NEVER. No matter how many different services you sign up for. Seriously there is way too much stuff to do what you want and there are films which will never, ever see the light of internet streaming. For instance "Song of the South" which is owned by Disney will never be shown in public again for PC reasons, not to mention all the horrible "B and C" movies which would never deserve the disk space needed. (Who's going to watch "Howard the Duck" more than once? Most will quit that movie before the first reel change.) There is just way too much material which the license holder won't let go of and a whole host of stuff nobody wants to watch, even for free.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 130

And what, they should work for free?

I dunno, have EA and friends started paying overtime yet?

Robbers getting scammed isn't going to get much sympathy, especially when they're themselves trying to scam the public out of their resale rights. Let the games industry become respectable if they want to be treated with respect; and if they continue acting like a bunch of evil overlords, they should bloody well expect the public to side with the rogues looting their ill-gotten gains - their very products depict excactly that scenario over and over again.

But I guess no one likes admitting they are the villain in their own story.

Comment Re:yeah right (Score 1) 49

STFU, Python shill. Python has no place. Compiled languages are the ONLY way to go if you want to get any big boy work done.

BTW, this Python shill actually HATES Python for a number of structural reasons and I avoid it for most tasks. It doesn't seem to be the proper tool for the kind of work I generally do, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its use. A good programmer has many tools and understands which ones to use for what task.

Comment Re:I Love NetFlix (Score 1) 75

Yea, well with Verizon the differential between a bare internet connection to stream Netflix over and a full up cable service using a cable card network tuner is about $40/month. Netflix is nearly 1/3rd of that. Good luck saving money, the cable company is gona get their cut, even if you cut the cord.

Comment Re:It is amazing... (Score 1) 283

She's been told no by a Wichita judge already for exactly the same records for another election back in 2013. Everybody knows this request will meet the same fate, including the Wichita State professor. So one must ask yourself WHY? Why would you ask the question, knowing the answer will likely be the same?

1. She's stupid enough to think that the judge will buy this "I'm asking for more data so I won't be able to identify individual's votes" theory. She doesn't know this to be true, nor does the judge. This is why the law says NO BALLOTS may be released, regardless of the terms. She's not this stupid, nor is the judge.. This request will be denied too.

2. She's being paid to do this by somebody and just wants their money. That somebody who is stupid enough to pay her (see #1) or has other motives (see #3).

3. She not really interested in research but is primarily making a partisan point full knowing that the "new" request will be denied on the exact same ground as her previous request was in 2013. The point here is to cause as much of a political fire storm as can be created, in hopes of fanning the flames of the partisans, especially those who are not paying attention to the history of this researcher's requests.

IMHO - Let her go get her records from other states as Kansas law prevents her from having what she wants. My guess is Kansas is NOT unique though and she knows her requests will meet similar fate no matter where she makes her request, that the point is to fan the flames of partisan discord and identity politics.

Comment Confirmation bias (Score 1) 161

Or Texas Sharpshooter fallacy. It was always fun shooting bullets at the barn, and then afterwards painting the targets with the bullseye around each bullet.

Recorded history isn't that long. If you start with a conclusion, then you are always going to find evidence for it.

There is some probability of such events happening with OR without climate change.

Comment Obscure? Yes. Important? I doubt it. (Score 1) 219

Useless obscure languages I've programed in...

ATLAS - Automated Test Language and Stimulation, Looks like basic or Fortran but has only basic looping and variables. If you wanted to do any data processing you dropped into FORTRAN.

VULCAN - The Operating system/shell ATLAS ran on, which ran on an Harris H-100 computer. 128K of memory, 24 bit address buss with a whole board dedicated to the processor made of 7400 logic chips, and the size of your fridge with lots of flashing lights and thumb switches to 'program" stuff like where you'd like it to find the boot loader. 300Meg disk drive was the size of a washing machine, 10 Meg "removable" disk packs where 20" around.

DCL - Deck Command Language - VAX 11 scripting language, nice but clunky for doing any real processing.

JCL - Job control Language, it's not just on punch cards anymore..

CLIPS - Used to build expert systems.. Used by NASA in the Space Shuttle, makes you wonder why software didn't become a problem for the program.

K-Shell - Korn Shell, Heck of a way to run a Unix box..

AWK - Unix data extraction tool, It's just Awkward.

SED - Stream editor, companion to AWK, but really hard to follow.

YACC - Yet another Compiler Compiler, yep, you can make your own compiler with this thing...

RPN - Reverse Polish Notation, Programming using math primitives on a stack, you haven't lived.

Assembly - Yep, I've twiddled the bits directly on the processor, both by dropping into assembly from C and just coding directly in Assembly.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 314

Like I said in the first place it sounds like you want a level of perfection out of government that is not humanly possible to attain.

Then you do not have the comprehension to criticize my position.

You can objectively measure a difference in the feedback loops. The VC who loses money loses his own money. The public servant who loses money loses the public's money.

Giving the same input to two systems with different feedback loops has different results. There's an entire field of study on it.

And I also said in any large organization waste is inevitable.

No one is disagreeing with this. But not all large organizations waste the same amount.

I think it's your standards that need adjusting.

I've given you your chance to make a point. You failed, and have instead lied about my position. What you think is now irrelevant to me.

My standard is that people have a say on how their money is used. It's about ownership.

At no point have I referenced the ideal level of organizational waste. If people want to choose 100% "waste" with their own money ... it's not my place to stop them.

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