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Comment: Re:Answer (Score 1) 278

by Alioth (#49789235) Attached to: How Much C++ Should You Know For an Entry-Level C++ Job?

Long ago, after writing C++ like Java, I decided it would be much easier and I would be much more productive if I just actually used Java. Many headaches of trying to write C++ like Java go away if you just use Java (or C# instead) and you get easier to understand and easier to maintain software systems.

Comment: Re:Five stars for.. (Score 1) 144

by camperdave (#49788747) Attached to: In a 5-star rating scheme, the new Mad Max film ...
I've only seen a couple of trailers, but the visuals look far too contrived. Symmetrical explosions and crashes? Fireworks? The vehicles don't look like they've been hacked together with the purpose of fighting in a dog eat dog world. They look like they were hacked together to merely to look cool. It smacks of taking the visuals of The Road Warrior, redoing them but with things cranked up to eleven: Doing battle around a tanker trailer? Check. Guy strapped to front of vehicle? Check. Big Bad with mask? Check. Flamethrowers (in a fuel starved world, no less)? Check. I don't know. I'm not going to see it in the theatres, unless the gang decides to go. I doubt I'll catch it on TV, since I've cut the cable. Maybe in a few years I'll fetch it via torrent and watch, but for now - It looks like a typical Hollywood dime-a-dozen, over-hyped rehash, plotless special effects film.

Comment: Re:Answer (Score 1) 278

by Jeremi (#49788345) Attached to: How Much C++ Should You Know For an Entry-Level C++ Job?

I have yet to encounter a non-contrived example where multiple interitance is a plausible solution to a problem.

Okay, I'll give it a shot, then... here's where I find multiple inheritance not just plausible, but preferable.

I have a publish/subscribe model including an abstract-base-class/interface (call it IDataSubscriber) that can be subclassed by any object that wishes to be notified about e.g. data updates coming in from the network.

There are a number of common-case standard responses (implemented as concrete IDataSubscriber methods) to those data updates that are useful for many situations, and I don't want to have to have to rewrite them separately for every subclass, so I make a concrete or almost-concrete subclass (e.g. StandardDataSubscriber) that contains this common logic.

Finally, in my client code (based on Qt) I have a number of GUI widgets based on QWidget or QPushButton or whatever. I want these widgets to react to published data in the standard way, so I often end up with this:

class MyButton : public QPushButton, public StandardDataSubscriber {...}

... and it handles my needs nicely. It's also possible to do the same thing with "just" single inheritance and interfaces as well, or with Qt's signals-and-slots, but AFAICT do to it that way you end up having to do lots of manual method-call-forwarding through proxy objects (or, alternatively, lots of manual signal/slot connecting), which is less efficient, harder to read/understand, and more error-prone.

Comment: Re:Leaders (Score 0) 69

If they don't know what they are doing, then why are they the leaders?

Because they have access to the biggest club. They claim Earth's resources as their own, and can back that claim with (outsourced) violence, so everyone else either obeys or starves. Actual competence in using those resources is irrelevant.

Besides, it's not like they're actually in charge - market logic or the "Invisible Hand" is. They have some leeway in interpreting its will, and particularly competent ones can sometimes even suggest a course of action, but ultimately they are just pampered slaves.

An executive's job is a purely ritualistic one: they're posing for the public while interpreting orders from high. The only real difference between them and, say, an Aztec high priest is that the Invisible Hand wants its victims starved rather than TempleofDoomed, which is less messy. Well, currently they victims are mostly just made destitute rather than outright killed, but born-again InvisibleHanders are working hard to change that.

Of course, the real problem with this scenario is that the Invisible Hand is not self-aware and can't think ahead, so the end result is that no one is in charge. Explains a lot, eh?

Comment: Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 69

The solution is to give them more money...

Except that's rapidly becoming non-viable, since over the past few decades, they've succeeding in capturing most of the money that exists and sequestering it so it's out of reach of the other 99% of us. Soon they'll have to find another approach if they want to continue capturing the money supply as they have been doing.

Comment: Re:What else is new... (Score 1) 69

The reason why "global business leaders" don't know about technology is that they are completely divorced from the daily life that normal humans live. They don't have to know shit, so they don't know shit.

And Carly Fiorina, who Portfolio Magazine named as one of the 20 worst American CEOs in history, now wants to be President of the United States. ...

She's just upping her game, trying to become the worst American president in history. But she'll find that there's a lot of fierce competition for that title. Can she make it? Stay tuned ...

Comment: Re:I'd prefer they stay armed, TYVM (Score 1) 47

by Ol Olsoc (#49787437) Attached to: The Marshall Islands, Nuclear Testing, and the NPT

So we've entered the endless small war phase.

Try to find a time in history when the world wasn't in the endless small war phase (other than when the world was in a big war phase of course)

I think you might take a look at Afghanistan and what it helped do to the soviets. Those endless small wars do a great and inexorable job of Bankrupting countries. I'll take a few nukes every hundred years to a bnakrupt country fighting for gawd knows what in gawd knows where for people who want us dead anyhow, and are just using whoever sides with them at the moment.

Are you willing to bankrupt America to support these folks?

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