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Submission + - Tit for tat. goes down.

uncreativ writes: After the news broke out here on slashdot that a web site promoting a movie critical of Islam was suspended by network solutions, many were understandably concerned about censorship by a US company.

Well, turnabout is fair play it seems. After Hezbollag related sites were posted by a conservative blogger, those sites seems to be having some troubles staying online. Though I'm sure a slashdotter or two have been "helping" out.

Submission + - Municipal Wireless Left Unsecured

uncreativ writes: According to this article some Municipal Wifi networks have chosen to leave their networks unencrypted. Considering that the local Wifi network in Madison and elsewhere is being used for public safety applications, it would seem that some Municipal Wifi networks have some work to do to address lax security in their services. From the article:

"A brief listening session via a sniffer laptop from a car outside Capitol Centre Apartments Tuesday night indicated that subscribers to Mad City Broadband surf without protection unless they set up security themselves. The apartment complex uses the company's "Mad City-MDU" apartment building service...

Mad City's security precautions correspond to industry standards, according to the company.

USI Wireless, which was contracted by the city of Minneapolis to provide citywide wireless by December, follows a similar system by only encrypting the connection between the access points and the central router."

Submission + - Outlook/Exchange Replacements

uncreativ writes: I'm looking for a calandar sharing application for a small company with multiple offices and about 20 employees. It's a linux shop, using that platform for email, web, file service, printing, etc.

Seems that every year I research what calandaring options exist besides MS Exchange/Outlook, and every year I come to the regrettable conclusion that MS Exchange/Outlook is the only good option for small businesses looking for shared scheduling and calandaring. Anybody know of any better options? Anyone try Evolution on Windows since it came out ? How about ?

Using Thundirbird in this office already, I prefer a client based solution, but would be open to web based. What about projects like ?

The three projects I reference have their faults. Just curious if there's been any progress in other areas I'm not aware of, and would love to hear about real life usage of open source calendaring for small offices.

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