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Comment: Re:Joyent unfit to lead them? (Score 5, Informative) 254

by stonecypher (#48531043) Attached to: Node.js Forked By Top Contributors

Oh nonsense.

to reject a pull request that eliminates a gendered pronoun on the principle that pronouns should in fact be gendered would constitute a fireable offense for me and for Joyent.

Back here in the real world, this is how this sounds:

"Ben decided that someone was making changes to the codebase that had no technical purpose, which served solely to push someone's weird social agenda and desperation to modify the language to suit them, as well as to refer to anything which went otherwise as sexist. Since this is pointless, and since Ben has been in communities where this created unnecessary shitstorms, Ben rejected the PR in the hope of preventing a bunch of drama-driven developers from wasting a year complaining about unimportant things. When Isaac decided to merge the PR, Ben felt slighted: he had been given the authority to make these decisions, and Isaac decided to make a social point that Ben would get trampled no matter what."

That's all fine and good. One developer is being a neckbeard about not wanting to hear a cry of oppression in something that has nothing to do with social justice. The other developer is being a neckbeard about being all inclusive no matter the tone.

Then you get to the point that adults are angry about.

and if he had been, he wouldn't be as of this morning: to reject a pull request that eliminates a gendered pronoun on the principle that pronouns should in fact be gendered would constitute a fireable offense for me and for Joyent.

That says "we value Ben so little that our disagreement over the nature of an unimportant, purely social justice related, non-technical PR would have caused us to fire him on the spot, instead of to have a discussion."

That's *ridiculous*. Employers have an obligation to their employees to create safety and stability. There is no legitimate cause on God's green earth for that to be a fireable offense. Joyent's management are PR-oriented children, and that you're standing up for them is an embarrassment to the 'movement' you're trying to rationalize.

I am a gay and trans ally.

But nobody should get anything sterner over something like that than a stern talking to. That's *obscene*.

Comment: Re:Removed after Initial sales spike (Score 1) 310

Target and K-Mart understand consumers far better than you ever will. Target's the company that knows people are pregnant before they do themselves.

Despite that you disagree with this, your extremely superficial read is probably self serving.

It is very likely that protestor revenue loss simply outweighs game loss after the high sales launch. I expect that they know exactly what they're doing.

Comment: Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 310

The worst thing I can think of in The Bible is the Great Flood.

If you think that's ten times worse than anything that happens in video games, I think you might need to play some more video games. That doesn't even cover Final Fantasy materia.

Sephiroth will straight up destroy Saturn like five separate times per fight while trying to kill you.

Comment: Re:Very original (Score 1) 182

Oh stop being a paranoid dipshit. HEPA filters are well understood, aren't made by this guy, and have been being tested by hospitals for fourty years.

"OMFG he claims a hepa filter does what hepa filters do??!!?!? WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE IT"

Because it's pretty obviously a sensible claim. Duh. Go to Target, spend the $20 it would take to try it yourself, and please grow up a little bit.

I mean seriously, what kind of person thinks putting an air filter in front of a fan doesn't actually filter air? Seriously.

Comment: Nonsense, it's union greed (Score 1) 538

by unassimilatible (#47291889) Attached to: Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

I know math is hard, but there simply are not enough administrators to account for all the money. This is the typical union canard.

The truth is, at many colleges, the full time faculty have gobbled up all the salary and benefits, despite teaching a small minority (~25%) of the courses. They limit the pay and hours of the part timers who teach 3/4 of the classes. So the part time faculty are limited to 60% weekly load hours, less per hour, and locked into a cycle of lower middle class or outright poverty.

Typical union greed: They accrue all the goods for a small minority, at the expense of the unemployed or underemployed.

The best part is, even the janitors have tenure. So what gets cut first? Classes - the ones taught by part timers.

Ask me how I know...

Comment: If Amazon would just finish the job already (Score 1) 321

by stonecypher (#47112761) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer

So many of my books only work on certain platforms :|

I can't read a bunch of my books on my glorious 4k screen because Amazon's treating Windows 8 like a second class citizen. Peter Thiel's new book? Nope. Half my machine learning books (eg Blondie24?) Nope. Most of my typesetting books? Nope.

Even stuff that works on Windows 7, or on Windows 8 Phone, ffs.

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