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by umghhh (#47939467) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
Are we not patriotic today?

You may of course question this and claim you are British or Polish. Unless you do not know what I am blubbering about - according FATCA who is US citizen for US tax reasons is decided by US tax authorities. One may wonder what has happened to ideals of this country.

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by umghhh (#47934707) Attached to: College Students: Want To Earn More? Take a COBOL Class
Normally I abhor violence but as soon as I hear style police telling me how inappropriate socks & sandals are I have a feeling that pulling their guts out would be a too nice of an option really. In any case I would also go for either crucifixion or if that is cumbersome at least putting them on the stick. Other than that I appreciate your comment. I will think of it once in a while as a nice reminder of how thin a layer of civilization may be.

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and what is wrong with this approach? I have worked with different software systems that evolved or replaced others. Each way has its problems and I have seen some systems successfully virtualized before the word virtual got into common usage in this context. This way we had ability to use old system and new gadgets. I dare say this way we could keep good quality, robustness and power of old system (good characteristics were because of good internal structure and care to keep it that way - something modern developers do not know and do not care about) and combine that with high speed new HW and modern administrative tools. Win-win. The same organization trying to develop much simpler and less powerful application took more time and produce bigger mess that we had experienced before. I am not saying this is true every time but it was true for me and this one product.

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I think we had this thing some time ago - they called that re-education camps. They were usually organized in far off places where you had time to think about your behaviour while building better life for general society. Changing the point of view is sometimes a constructive approach in resolving issues like these. Let us imagine I imposed my rules of clothing onto you: everybody wears superman cloths! What do you think? Or even better all people that wore suits before now have to wear steel chastity belts. If these things were ever wearable I am not sure but let us try - this is as arbitrary as anything else so why not? So how happy are you about that then? Or why should we stop at clothing. We can impose arbitrary rules on anybody and everybody so why stop there? Let see - why not stop eating meat altogether. I am sure there are many out there that would enjoy the thought and I am sure from perspective of providing the food for world and saving environment that would be good so why not go there. We shall skip tofu too - I dislike this shit so from now we eat everything but meat and tofu. How do you feel about my rules of the game? still happy?

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Well said - I think you hit the spot with 'arbitrary burdens' here. I cannot stand the BS I have to endure every day anyway and wearing a suit to work is just one more on top of already big pile so I regularly refuse to do that. This has caused problems in number of companies albeit strangely not from official style police but from colleagues that hated the free wheeling arse like me with a beard till his belly, sporting shorts, t-shirt, sandals (with socks) all year long except if it is really freezing. I calmed down a bit and trim my beard twice a month now because I understand some of my coworkers are sensitive to the sight of savages like me. I also stopped wearing shorts all year long because with age I became sensitive to low temperatures. I thought about wearing a more regular clothing to work but then I did not see the point in it because I hardly meet customers and if I do then they are insensitive to this sort of thing.

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you are aware of this little think called personal preference and that it is usually different throughout the population? You are possibly also aware of the fact that people do not like to be forced to do things even if they are relatively harmless and especially if they are pretty pointless.

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why do I have to employ other suckers? My preferred way of working is self-employment. I do not want to work for others and I do not want to have serfs either. I do not want to get personal on this but I have met many people already that in the name of freedom and my well being took my rights and money away from me. I also do not think earning more money is an ultimate goal either. Ultimate goal is to enjoy life without harassing other people all too much. I am disturbed constantly in this by people that try to maximize on their power or profit or some other such BS. So you get a solid and honest FO from me on that. The only reason why I do not act violently against people like you is that I abhor violence even more than I abhor your ideals.

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typical nerd - no f. clue how others do things, do you? That people show gratitude for helping out even if this did not cost you anything normal, it is also normal that this gratitude is sometimes accepted and sometimes not (but offer appreciated anyway). This typicaly but not always involves money changing hands and more often in social circles that are better off than those on level of poverty. There many different ways humans interract. Some of them make no sense to a geek brain because they have 'no logic' or are 'inefficient'. It is when you extend context of your ruleset for social behaviours when it all starts making 'sense'. The given example does not even fit anywhere near the context of the matter - we are not talking about an odd journey where costs are split nor we are talking about about commuters who do it on regular bases or some such. This is a normal business practice which happen to be not in compliance with valid legal rules.

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Also Muricans have high moral standards that allowed them to get rid of slavery and injustice at home and applying of forces of reason for well being of their citizens and justice. They also tend to agree that their versions of democracy, human rights, free market and self determination are the only valid ones. We can see how effective the introduction of democracy was in Iraq and other places.

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