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Comment: Re:Felony vs terrorism deterence (Score 1) 777

I have not looked at it from this angle but you are right - this is a new and innovative way. Before we were bullied and bullying indihviduals went to join military and police force. Now we have an option for the bullied person instead of going columbine - join NSA and there you can do some nasty tricks for the bullies from ol' school - I mean there is surely way to show the world that they are some monsters - there are few types to chose from. It is progress but I wonder if that is the right type of progress. Probably not but still better than shooting lost of innocents and then die yourself.

Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 777

The bully did wrong but that is not main problem. Everybody makes mistakes in life. Some of us never learn the art of being a sociable human and become criminals, fully blown psychopaths or as far as gradations go - members of state administration in US. I think what is wrong here is that the whole system seems to missed out on the bullying aspect. I suppose that is because they cannot do anything to protect our privacy online anyway (NSA and other asshats) so they decided to do the fun thing instead of right thing. I guess this school and parts of law system have given a lesson of what goes as civic behaviour in US of A.

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by umghhh (#46764953) Attached to: Your <em>StarCraft II</em> Potential Peaked At Age 24

I think there is a lot to say about statistics and the understanding of that - I was shocked the first time I calculated myself the probabilities of false positive for of prostate cancer checks, Ever since I started to look at the data and question the truth in it.

There are few books that the soft scientists could do to improve but they are apparently too old to be bothered....

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This makes me wonder how old were these 'researchers' then and how much of their brain mass decayed already because of old age?

In general any non physics or math study these days is soft science to me - too much shit and too much statistics that the 'researchers' do not understand themselves. But maybe there is truth in it. Maybe not. Maybe even there are people that are inclined to play silly games because of their click speed characteristic - faster than everybody else before 25 and dying of Parkinson at 35. Who knows? Maybe there are people that have slow mouse reactions but fast thinking that compensate that so they have never had to work on speed of their clicks? Other than that old people are slower then young - yes and? I guess I am an old fart because I passed age when such tragedies excited me....

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The other truth is... the American Revolution wasn't started by a bunch of serfs, it was started by rich land owners who didn't like their deal...

That is the truth about almost any revolution there ever was. In reality any uprising of the masses that did not get organized by some silly or evil group from the top, failed.

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I recall an interview with a judge of federal constitutional court of Germany (Bundesverfassungsgericht) about deficits in democratic system in Germany and he claimed that he does not feel any deficits. Clearly he would not as people come to him to answer constitutional questions. So I guess we have an oligarchy in Germany too. That is not a big surprise. There is no conspiracy - it would be silly if mighty and wealthy have given up a possibility to game the system. It is only reasonable that most of them do. What surprises me from time to time is that some of them might & wealthy actually see that as a danger for the system that allowed them to become and stay mighty&wealthy.

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I suppose post apocalypse cancer is not such a big worry as a open broken bone which if treated well has a chance to heal at least to the point that owner of the bone can live without people supporting him/her constantly which post apocalypse is probably not really an option. So yes - if they can treat injuries this is good enough because there will be plenty of that to deal with - not only because of inconvenient env. but also because of neighbouring groups trying to win the only female around etc. I wonder only why is this question asked on geek site - after all if a fat blob of a geek ever leaves the cellar after agent of apocalypse stroke they have approximately null chances of surviving first day. This however is not that different from survival chances of the rest of humanity. If agent was strong enough to kill say 75% of society equally all over (plague did 1/3 in Europe and 1/2 in China) the chances of post apocalypse world are thin for all. I'd say prepare to survive tsunami or some other likely accident that can affect your neighbourhood. Other than that you will not survive anyway.If you do then your healthy and fit body and clear mind and adapting are the most important tools of survival. The rest is just a minor thing that may or not have an impact on your so to say post survival survival.

Comment: what type of apocalypse (Score 1) 727

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I suppose one can have some generic type of skill set that helps surviving. I would imagine some skills to give advantage albeit I rather think that to survive some local or less so apocalypse one needs some general characteristic like:
  1. body in good shape. If there is a serious problem with society then your stamina, resistance to small injuries and some such are vital. Weak individual even if embedded in a group that is willing to sacrifice its resources for a fat intelligent and skillful fat blob is at risk of losing its investment.You want to be useful you cannot be sick and weak or at least not in any serious approximation of apocalypse i.e. where societal damage is going to last for longer than few months.
  2. flexibility. That is the basis of any survival anyway. If you do not succeed one way because one tool is missing you can quickly find a replacement. If one way is blocked you try another. If you see society decaying and fast you make life saving decisions like increasing level at which you trust a stranger but if there is nobody else helping then you try what they propose anyway etc.IT seems the viking settlements in Greenland lost its ability to survive because when climate cooled down they strange as it sounds for viking tribe did not switch to food from the sea. Inflexibility kills.
  3. having luck is vital. You have to survive impact of the agent of apocalypse, you have to survive the resulting civil strife, you have to avoid any of conditions and injuries that today are curable but may be life threatening if no medical service is available. One of the main causes of blood poisoning in medieval times was infection from decaying wisdom tooth. No skill can help avoiding such things.You just need some luck.
  4. positive thinking goes a long way. OC in life threatening situation even most depressive of depressed start thinking about survival. Positive thinking is a great tool for survival for individual and a group.

I guess there is more but the above listed general conditions are basics and no amount of skill can help if you run out of luck, cannot see lucky condition because lost hope, or being stubborn enough to die. There are also some other issues with that - I guess the agent of apocalypse must be strong but mild enough to let big enough part of society to survive or else the discussion is rather pointless. Plaugue for instance killed somewhere around 1/3 of Europe population - it did not destroy civilization but made quite an impact. Is this enough to call it apocalypse? Large enough flying rock impact can be devastating but depending on how big it maybe devastating more for some than for others leading to war etc. In such situation being an intelligent psychopath can be very helpful. Still if some groups of humans survive the most important factors are the above with skills like hunting, fighting and knowledge about simple health helping techniques being just a bonus.

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it is OT but the whole discussion about time zones is too so.

I recall watching CNN in some crap hotel somewhere where this was the only channel in a language I understood and they were talking about Middle East while consistently referring to west coast of Africa. I guess in ignorance US citizens do not occupy the first place alone - after living in many countries for years I concluded that only constant aspect of humans culture that is always clearly visible is that - ignorance.

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What stroke me when I read your statement is that I noticed that not many coders I know can code properly anyway. I laugh every time I have to explain them the basics and why 'teh shit' they coded does not work. They produly disagree and search for another week or two only to produce even more shit which I promptly send back. There are quite a lot of those. In light of that I would actually welcome some coal miners - they cannot be worse and in my experience common sense is better than a finished programming course (yes I dd some of those myself so I know).

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40ya most of us had only some other gray mass owners to talk to over whatever subject we worked on. the world has changed and now everybody has access the pipes - the result is that the average user of the pipes is well average (with or without a degree). The average human being cannot read with understanding anyway and does not see sense in going trough volumes of prose. It is not bad only different.

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