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If they grow up they buy a gun or get elected or some other terrible thing happens. Better shoot them straight or in case your religion or ethics prevent you from doing that: hope for your preferred deity or force of nature to take care of the problem, preferably within our lifetime.

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I thought that is the purpose (i.e. feeding trolls) of this site anyway? I mean intelligent trolling session are difficult to come by. There were good trolling waves here 10ya but not even that is the same as in 'ol good days. The youth of today cannot even troll properly anymore - something that may be associated with the shortened attention spans etc.

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As for the reasons why you may think foreigners are more skilled than locals there is this explanation that fits best into your use case: if you look at immigrants in context of their source society you will see, that they are either over- or undereducated. The ones in the middle usually have more to lose and less to gain from immigrating. Low skilled have very little to lose and very skilled usually migrate because they have better options in other countries and not only financially. In other words, if you were looking you would have found locals of the same skill level as immigrants are but immigrants asking for a job in IT are usually filtered by the migration effort that is huge and has to pay off so mostly well skilled take that risk. This is a simplification of real process but as long as people do not try to flee natural disaster of Pol Pot proportions they usually form the diamond shape when put on mass/skill diagram.

As for lowering of numbers of skilled workers there are many reasons I would think. USA was once major magnet because the rest of the world was so underdeveloped. This has changed. Then more restrictive environment means that to get in, you have to do more or get there illegally - such conditions are putting skilled ones off naturally as it increases risk without increasing of pay off. But there are other reasons too. US society is better known to people now and not from better side. If decision to immigrate is based on information and calculation instead of myths and herd instincts, then there is ever less incentive: US society is more and more seen in perspective of great divide between have and havenots, there are riots, militarized police seems to be shooting people at random and people are shooting other people, tensions in society seem to be fixed so people in say Fergusson buy guns instead of trying to address the problems, add to this war on drugs, massive prison population and what is important for people like me who would immigrate with family: basic social safety nets are somewhat lacking. There is also another aspect - US is not seen as a good country anymore or not by majority. Take Germany - conquered by (among others) US military power and turned into ashes in a process yet people loved US after a while. This has stopped and now they are more critical but there are plenty of places in the world where people see US as only good to get some goodies AND a great danger to own society too. I do not know how many people use such arguments not to migrate to US but I would imagine the number became significant of late.

Plus today there are more jobs which you can do from home. You can do some of those jobs from home - income may be lower but risk is lower too.

As for your /. argument - I think you exaggerate hugely the influence this site has on anything. I know maybe 2 or 3 guys who know /.
If this site had any influence on general population anywhere we would see libertarian economic policy at least in US, energy needs covered by 4th generation of nuclear reactors and NSA and religion banned from the system their proponents sent to re-education camps in Syberia. maybe even some good examples could have been found of such geek based society but we would not know because this is not happening.

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the statements about dead of the lander are slightly exaggerated. It may still wake up. What was the last time when your project delivered all you started it for, did it on time and possibly (as we do not know it yet) did not reach goals on ambition level? I would like project that I work on be as good as this one. But than I have the biggest evil in the whole universe to fight against: bean counters.

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I suppose the poor guy may have made a mistake but the nazimfems and their serfs that go after him and his shirt should be sent to uranium mine for their stupidity and lack of spirit and understanding for other humans, especially if those are equipped with rape toolkit formerly known as penis.

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unless the touch in question is carrying meaningful traces of infectious agents of course. Besides I may still be a social ape but I dislike other humans with exception of my kids and these means a very small group of people and limited set of types of human touch. Human touch may still help in releasing some endorfins but it confuses the hell out of me too with the result that on average the outcome is negative.

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If you dislike government making decisions then there is a problem with 'we' that you use as in "we have to do something". If you want to have a general application of some rules then usually you need to have to talk to gov. Unless the matter can be resolved by talking to one controlling body that is not government. Do we have such? So if your statement (about 90% of issues being fucked up by a gov) than there is a much bigger problem in your country and that is not net neutrality or few angry and uninformed people talking nonsense.

Other than that it is a very thoughtful post, thank you.

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Is that so? So why the biggest democracy in the world India has higher poverty levels than the most populous country in the world which is not very democratic? One can take your sentence of course and say that for it to work you would have to have functioning government and during process of building one there is no way to have democracy but I think the old fart that allegedly said this thing was maybe drunk but surely did not mean all that much.

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