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by umghhh (#48265247) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached
You mean that Apple does not see any business benefit in selling customer data? I suppose you maybe true as considering its history the company prefers to use such data itself I suppose. So in some sense you have a point. I still consider the comment, that I was responding to, funny. Not because I dislike Apple in any special way but I dislike corporations. They may be necessary to support our wasteful way of life but I still dislike them all and trust them to do terrible things as long as the bosses think this brings them profit and they can get away with negative consequences if any.

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and they were dying like flies for millennia too. we have arranged and are paying for these services to help us out when need be. Some of those things that happen (fire or stroke) can kill or maim if not dealt with fast. This said it is indeed true that you need to accept that accidents happen also to such emergency centers. You can also expect that in this day and age such centers are handled in a way assuring redundancy. There many things that failed apparently. This is an occasion to improve. For some it is occasion to course and blame game (Putin would be a nice candidate to blame). For you this is just a statement of surprise why others are so shocked.

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Sir you are damned naive. We have no money for shit like reason and qa. potentially shippable product will be shipped as soon as it compiles and sometimes even without fulfilling this requirement. Actually in a project I work for we reached release and discuss happily faults on a fault list while a customer on which our industrial application got installed for testing gave us another very short but not empty list with faults that it sees as a show stoppers. The lists do not overlap on any single point. Which of the lists would you start discussing at the release meeting? Yes bravo - the ones on the little problems list. I actually had some designers denying that the customer list existed, that the faults on the list existed and one stubborn guy claimed that the problems on the list have been fixed albeit question about how that was verified was left without answer. The funny thing is - 2 of these faults I have seen before even the preliminary software version our customer got was packaged. Now you say this is anecdotal and has no bearing on wider production practice - I dare to differ on that based on experience I had over last 10y.

I agree with you at least as far as to say that if need be such considerations have to be made at some point during development. Often enough they are not because people live their fantasy of craftsmanship or being an artisan doing some fancy stuff where hard rules of reality do not apply.

In other words: there are no requirements in the jungle. There is only you and your agile team in search of holy Grail of software development practice (BTW: I think agile manifesto is actually nicely organized set of principles of what is important but none of the agilists I worked for over the years, did actually read it).

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so if there is no emergency calls what then? we all go suck your dick because we have to follow some rule that assumes emergency calls work? let us say that 30% of those 6k people that could not reach emergency number came to your dick for sucking you will be terribly sorry for expressing silly views on how the rules are superior to reality.

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Now seriously. For years already my landline is an IP device that does some fancy SIP messaging. It does not even have its power supply coming from the line - it is all coming from the power supply of a DLS modem. I am not even sure if I could get this old fashion phone line anywhere in Europe except maybe in UK but this is not Europe so it does not count. I recall there was some research (or exercise) on this last year (in Germany) where they found out that switch to fully digital communication of emergency services made their communication capabilities extend for maybe 10h or so in case of complete blackout. It used to be days - If memory serves well, then old digital telephony exchange had to have batteries for 2 days of service or so, but I am an old fart so maybe that is a result of my Alzheimer. Actually that is the trend in all other areas (alzheimer and short term abilities to sustain service under duress). We assume that the rest of the world stays online and is able to help. If disaster strikes province in which I live and all surrounding ones and quarantine is assumed - we will have no food in two days or so - thanx to JIT delivery. The same with fuel and water. VW had to stop production after a few days of stopped air traffic (Island vulcano with odd and lengthy name exploded at the wrong moment). UK gov had to call in army after 100 or 200 hauliers went on strike few years back - no fuel and JIT delivery of food etc. This has something to do with computers and interwebs indeed.

The problem like the one in TFA has become a big problem because you do not you have a dispatcher in your county and each county but one for 7 states so any small glitch that happens will cause significant misery. Redundancy has to be built in. Sadly everytime I hear redundancy I see all the L2 loops of the past.

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you know some so you know'em all??? wow - great that it works for you.

If you do not have to cope with the problem in your head yourself then maybe you should not talk for those that do. Besides I do not have impression that passive-aggressive and asperger are mutually exclusive. Sitting in my mom's cellar can make anybody aggressive or passive-aggressive or whatever DSM authors think is diagnosable.

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