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Comment: Re: Um.. we don't see it as advancing our career (Score 1) 125 125

There is more to engineering than coding. Managing people is not as easy a task as some people make it sound. There are of course different projects. Still if the only thing you can do is coding than you are stuffed. You are indeed no better than the average coding monkey that can be hired from the global pool. This actually applies to managers and testers etc. and fortunately is sometimes still valid in hiring circuses around.
The other thing is - in general no bounds or limits on capital movement means that being a worker sucks big time - you can never be as flexible as capital flowing over the world. This actually applies to almost all job types around. You get good life only if you get ahead of other monkeys. There are 7 Billion of monkeys here you compete with tiny but still for you huge enough part of them so watch out!

Comment: Re:Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 1) 328 328

An upstart breaking that system means going back to the bad days when taxis were unregulated.

Then that alone should already be enough incentive for people to use regulated taxis rather than Uber. ...

That is not how the world works. There are reasons why commons have been(mostly) destroyed.

Comment: Re:Death penalty (Score 2) 146 146

If you were caught at 3am urinating in playground of a kindergarten while on the way from a session then you may find yourself on register as child molester, destroying your life indeed forever.
This may be pushing us all into either keeping all convinced rapists etc in public housing also after they served their sentence or we would have to offer them some way of hiding their real ID which would make finding them difficult enough for an average Joe. With progress of technology the late option will be less and less viable I suppose. So either this, they go into underground or we have to accept them as they are among us.
I am not sure how this relates to court orders about removal of misinformation about your alleged deeds but somehow I find none of the options really acceptable.

Comment: things like TCP and SSL (Score 1) 296 296

are in this day and age done indeed by libraries. Chose one that fits and for each language usually there is more than one choice.
What this means is that If you really have a choice of language for your project and want to see if certain tool is useful just make a prototype. There is no better way really.
At the end it is like buying a house or getting married - you have good things and bad things in each choice but if your choice fits your and your teams profiles then with a bit of luck you will have success with some but not unreasonable amount of stress.

Comment: Re:Shawshank Redemption (Score 1) 80 80

The toughest punishment would seem to require the most accurate judgment and as we know lots of prisoners come out free from a death row after DNA evidence was verified. The same evidence that FBI labors apparently fucked up so much that one would think the error was systemic and not sporadic as one would hope. Taken this into account one would be forgiven to think that for crimes of lesser weight the procedures used were more relaxed.
This all is only for failures in the system that are failures also with current law. The whole deal or rot forever system is broken too. Not too mention that US systems are rather brutal - comparing to other countries considered civilized - less apparent violence in all other Western countries. DEA and all he corruption that is associated with it adds to the whole misery as are mandatory minimum sentences. You can look at specific failure points but how about looking at statistics and showing why US has to incarcerate and execute so many?
Tough on crime sells well. US citizens dislike liberals. Every criminal freed from prison that fails to stay straight is a reason to go for maximum. There is a lot of nonsense in US justice and penitentiary systems (as well as in law and law enforcement) and some people supporting this nonsense profit from it while having enough funds and not feel not enough restraint to use the wealth to support own position when law is created/revised. Who can blame them - it is American way....

Comment: Re:They are not consuming 30% of power (Score 1) 107 107

In my previous project we had to save costs so much that we never had an updated document/service showing current booking/usage of our development, test and target servers. The result was that we had to negotiate use of some chains, work in shifts etc while some chains were idling. I have not lasted till the end so I do not know how successful the project was. I guess it was very successful - after they switched off all the machines they had more power than they budgeted i.e. managed to get to profit without customers!
At least on paper...

Comment: Re:Most common reason not listed? (Score 1) 108 108

In my career in big corp I started with arguments as in your short sketch and augmented my approach with escalations to technical authority. This worked till bookkeepers forced us to optimize on use of technical authority which back then was company wide with spocs etc. I was forced to use abuse in form of forcing the enemy to publicly admit failure. This stopped working few years later as we moved to modern leaderless way of working so there was nobody to front the show of shame and blame - people just do not listen and revert to lies if things go as bad as I shown or worse. I shortly tried "you fucked it, AGAIN" sort of approach, it worked by catching management attention - I resort to it only in emergency now because of troubles that it involved with meetings where I had to explain my outburst with HR etc. Instead now I have developed two pings approach: report failure followed by a bit more extensive explanations just in case the other side had brains and was willing to discuss (it still happens although not very often). If this ended in failure I document the discussion and move on. It is bitter joy but still a joy to see them failing exactly the way I predicted. It is bitter because they then say they could not prevent it even if somebody told them etc. Cost my corp few mills already I would think but who gives a ff - if they were short of money they would try to arrange projects in efficient way instead of firing good managers and engineers and moving it all to Zamunda. And so it goes. Only few years left to pension why should I bother?

Comment: Re:Bill Hadley is going to be disappointed (Score 2) 233 233

there are limits to everything. Calling somebody a pedophile stops any discourse. There is no argument you can bring against this. If you have legitimate problems of this nature with the guy go to public prosecutor and clarify the issue. There are also organizations that can help judge if such claim is valid and in pursuing prosecution. Just throwing such abuse in public is wrong.

Comment: Re:What are... (Score 1) 273 273

This article has nothing to do with different units systems but with the standard carry-on bag size. Besides that you are right - it is a mental masturbation most of the time to discuss different units. Sometimes you learn something. Sometimes you just enjoy the ride - why cannot you just enjoy the ride? It is Friday after all.

Comment: Re: What are... (Score 1) 273 273

'my pound is better than your pound (I can cheat better this way too)' being a main argument of not adopting common units till french revolution came and forced everybody to use common scientifically but still arbitrarily chosen units. It was the widely adopted because of benefits it offered, at least everywhere where French army went trough. Everybody else adopted it, I guess at the point where they standardized units to use on national level. I guess US was too big manufacturer of things to ever comply and UK did not like the French and continental things in general (thus forcing 'Made in Germany' to show where bad quality was). At the end you convert as much as we in Europe do. Sometimes we do not and expensive satellites fall from the skies. Some would fall anyway because somebody forgot to test things properly etc.

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