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Comment: Re:A planned failure (Score 1) 101

Hanlon's Razor is a useful tool...but it cuts both ways. I use it sometimes myself. "Whoops, I didn't realize I was logged into production when I deployed that critical bug fix that isn't scheduled to go until next week! Oh well, at least we won't get called on the weekend about the error that was prematurely fixed..."

Comment: Re:Style over substance (Score 3, Interesting) 188

by umdesch4 (#47116865) Attached to: Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats For $3 Billion
I'm surprised you're being modded flamebait. My first listen to the $299 version of Beats, I was certain they were actually broken. But no, I tried them at 3 different stores, and I can't for the life of my understand how they just don't sound downright bad to other people. They sound broken to me. The bass is cranked, but only in a very narrow range that makes certain notes in a bassline sound louder than others, and there's some weird kind of thing going on in the midrange that almost sounds like phase cancellation. I dunno man...

Comment: Re:Long-term loss (Score 1) 520

by umdesch4 (#46318623) Attached to: Netflix Blinks, Will Pay Comcast For Network Access
But weren't the real investments actually taxpayer dollars many years ago when the basic infrastructure of the internet was built? I don't know about in the US, but in Canada, that's what happened. Public pays for building infrastructure, private companies get it handed to them on a silver platter. Companies make huge profits, don't re-invest a dime into maintaining or improving it. Quality diminishes over time, companies get more and more nefarious as their monopoly power increases. The question I have is, why should ISPs free-ride over taxpayer funded investments?

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by umdesch4 (#46147699) Attached to: EU Commission: Corruption Across EU Costs €120 Billion
Pardon my ignorance, as I'm not American, but I'm confused about this. I thought that the two parts of the contention that you quoted were the "true" parts. Ie. that the website cost taxpayers millions, and that it was a no-bid contract. The part I thought was debunked was that there was any connection between Michelle Obama and this former classmate. Yet, you were modded insightful for calling the OP a fuckwit based on his first two premises...multiple times. What did I miss...?

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by umdesch4 (#46132485) Attached to: FCC Wants To Trial Shift From Analog Phone Networks To Digital
Funny, I was going to mention this. I remember in the early 80s, holding the phone up to the speakers and sharing the latest drum pattern I'd programmed into the TR-808, or whatever. No chance in hell you could do that now. Now, I get on conference calls to do system change deployments in the middle of the night, and the guy with his radio or TV on in the background just ends up flooding the whole call with this horrible undercurrent of digital burbling. If it weren't for the insane level of compression, that would just be a bit of background music, and wouldn't matter. Compression on phones these days has made it so that I can no longer understand ANYONE speaking English as a second language to me. I never used to have that problem, and I don't have it IRL either.

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