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Comment: Re: Go write a global illumination algorithm (Score 1) 457

by umdesch4 (#48898965) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
Uh, ok. I bought a CD-ROM drive in mid 1993. I was a pretty heavy gamer at the time, and so when I got it, I bought a new CD-ROM game almost every week throughout 1994. I just looked at my shelf, and I'd love to know which games you think from any time around that era looked as good as B5. In case anyone's memory needs to be jogged (mine did, and boy do I ever remember these games looking far better at the time): https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment: Don't need this yet (Score 2) 329

by umdesch4 (#48893897) Attached to: UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?
I have a 1080p projector that I'm projecting onto a 116" screen. At 1080p, the results are acceptable to me, and it's the only video I ever look at that would really get much of a noticeable benefit from being 4K. So, when 4K projectors drop under $1600 CAD, I'll start to be interested.

Comment: Re:man ih hi castle (Score 1) 94

I will attempt to answer. I went through a period over the last 3 or 4 years where I read a dozen PKD novels, and all 4 of the short stories collections. I have to say that MitHC was my least favorite of all of that. It was extremely bland for the most part, drawn out, and lacking in plot. The one idea it had that was interesting was the "alternate history where real history is a subversive work of alternate history fiction". But that certainly didn't carry the story through 275 pages. I read it under 2 years ago, and I've already forgotten most of it, as have most people I've talked to about it. Even his really obscure works like "Eye in the Sky" were far more memorable and interesting.

Comment: Protection advice? (Score 1) 463

by umdesch4 (#48732777) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked
Ok, so I've done all this stuff. I unfortunately have to use Windows for a lot of things (eg. work), but I have full sets of redundant backups, and always at least one giant backup drive offsite. But there are always going to be gaps in the schedule where I'll potentially lose a couple days. With the pain of full system restores, and losing some continuity, however small, it would be far better to protect against this kind of thing. I'm pretty safe about blocking ads, turning off scripting, not clicking on evil things, but I'm wondering if there's more I can do? What about something like Sandboxie, or doing my web surfing from a VM? Anybody have any advice on best practices?

Comment: Re:Bitcoin != Coins (Score 1) 108

by umdesch4 (#48714635) Attached to: Fraud, Not Hackers, Took Most of Mt. Gox's Missing Bitcoins
Ok, maybe I'm mis-remembering, and the client didn't tap into my video card back then, since now that you mention it, I didn't check out CGminer until about a year later. But looking at my wallet, I can see that it was July 2010, and I got my blocks on July 13th and 15th. Either way, the point is that I was lucky enough to check this thing out when it first started, and for once, simply being a curious geek paid off.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin != Coins (Score 1) 108

by umdesch4 (#48714149) Attached to: Fraud, Not Hackers, Took Most of Mt. Gox's Missing Bitcoins
Doesn't matter to me what you think really, but I just wanted to mention that all I did was notice an article here on slashdot about bitcoin when it was first launching, said to myself "huh, this looks like an interesting concept", grabbed the client, mined a couple blocks of 50 coins in a matter of days with a mediocre video card, then turned it off and forgot about it. When the price skyrocketted, I knew it wasn't sustainable, and this neat little experiment had gone too far, so I sold most of them at that point, on an exchange. What part of that was me being a scammer?

Comment: Re:I'm just happy to get anyone to read what I wri (Score 2) 150

by umdesch4 (#48606917) Attached to: Want To Influence the World? Map Reveals the Best Languages To Speak
I know, right? I got a pretty good crash course in Spanish after moving to Mexico for a year in 2000, to a city where almost no-one spoke English. So now I'm fairly fluent in English, French and Spanish. Since leaving Quebec almost 30 years ago, I only speak French with anyone once every few years as a bit of a novelty. Spanish? Absolutely never in the main cities in Canada. I work in IT, and I've only ever met one guy who spoke Spanish. The order is, and has been English, Chinese, Russian, and German, with Hindi floating around on either side of Russian, and Japanese down near the bottom (but still way above Spanish) more or less exactly as you stated, in every corporate environment I've working in for the last 20 years. That includes the teams several other countries. Conclusion: The secondary languages I've learned have absolutely no use in any business I've conducted throughout my entire career in IT.

Comment: ARGs (Score 1) 171

by umdesch4 (#48539933) Attached to: Preferred Type of Game?
Alternate Reality Games. Love 'em. Hard to classify though, since the best ones have a heavy 'real world' puzzle solving component, and aren't necessarily confined to an online experience. That part alone would make me consider them video games, but some of the late night phone calls I've gotten, and weird places I've gone to, definitely elevates this type of game into a class by itself.

Comment: Re:I mean this respectfully (Score 1) 93

by umdesch4 (#48442343) Attached to: Samsung Seeking To Block Nvidia Chips From US Market
Wait...you're asking for a boycott on Samsung, but not Apple? ...and you think that Apple hasn't tried (and succeeded) in lawsuits defending their frivolous patents by outspending their competition on fancy lawyers? While I agree that Samsung has pulled a lot of crap that is boycott-worthy, the way you've stated the case is, to put it nicely, disingenuous.

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