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United States

+ - Glitch causes Regional Dispatch Center to shut dow->

Submitted by ultraexactzz
ultraexactzz (546422) writes "Dayton, Ohio, and many of its surrounding suburbs, switched over to a Regional Dispatch Center on March 26th. The idea was that a single dispatch center would be cheaper and more efficient. Less than one day later, however, officials have shut down the center due to unresolved technical issues. The issue was brought to public attention when a house burned to the ground while dispatchers attempted to figure out which jurisdiction's firefighters to send. From the article, the fire "...burned for nearly 30 minutes before rescue arrived, witnesses said. A total of 14 emergency calls were made, with five of them going unanswered by dispatchers.""
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The Internet

+ - Wikipedia duplicated for fun and profit

Submitted by Ultraexactzz
Ultraexactzz (546422) writes "Wikipedia's content is licensed under the GDFL, which permits such content to be copied with attribution — and Wikipedia is used to its content being copied and mirrored. However, a new website at appears to have taken this a step further by mirroring the entire english wikipedia — articles, logos, disclaimers, userpages, and all. Compare Wikipedia's About page with's. The site even adds to Wikipedia's normally ad-free interface by including text ads."

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