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Comment Re:Glyn Moody is just trolling again (Score 1) 500

No, but don't try to veil this as some sort of win for the ideals of FOSS when it's not. It's a political play and nothing more.

Most probably wouldn't care less about "ideals" winning - in practice, Open Source has already won.

What remains is Linux to start raking in desktop wins. And activity like this definitely helps more than some abstract victories about ideals.

Comment Re:W00t (Score 2, Interesting) 302

I've been using KDE since 4.2 with PA, often using the ability to output to another PA instance on the network, reliably, on Gentoo and Ubuntu, mainly using Amarok. You are trolling hard and fast.

Nice that it worked for you.

With freshly installed Ubuntu, I could hear sound from Gnome, but not KDE. Well, KDE 4.4 works ok.

Clearly it was not the fault of KDE - perhaps I should have called a computer repairman?

Comment Re:W00t (Score 1) 302

I can't tell whether you're implying that KDE developers getting to use a unified audio API across different operating systems complicates the user experience in some way, or that you are somebody who pointedly doesn't care how things work internally, in which case I'm not sure why you bothered replying.

Phonon in KDE *is* a user-visible entity. You have to priorize different backends, etc. You can also enjoy nice error messages about Phonon backends not working when running KDE programs inside Gnome.

Comment Re:W00t (Score 1) 302

Compile-time? Why? Phonon is designed so that *all* backends that work with your OS can be provided and users can change backends in run-time without any applications having to handle anything, or even needing to be aware that anything has changed. Why should it be "unreasonable" for a user to select backends?

How often do windows/mac users change their audio backend?

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