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Comment: Re:His rant could apply to almost any large projec (Score 1) 301

by udippel (#46718065) Attached to: Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

What's your intention with your statement? Or didn't you read the whole lot?
There are a number of angles to it; Theo mentioned one only.
Someone who releases a buffer, and then rereads it, hoping to get the same data commits definitively a very major and unforgivable error. And then plug it into one of the basic security-relevant software without testing is irresponsible.

Comment: Re:Summary. (Score 1) 301

by udippel (#46717747) Attached to: Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

(Having no mods points as of now)
Your first post is currently 'Troll' (OMG, where have all the competent mods gone!!); and it isn't, this one rather is. Or flamebait. or ...
You know (and explain) the shit that is currently happening. Good. In your first post. Plus a bit of rant, and that's what we expect in here!
The parent, however, is way out of reason. We know what is going on, we know that a proper malloc/free would
  - protect the owner from becoming a pwner
  - reasonably likely result in a crash

Now, what's your fight with Theo based on the fact that Theo has no actual solution to this s**t (I mean, we all agree, there isn't); and then you conclude trying to rubbish a perceived wastage of RAM in exchange for security.

Comment: Re:not developed by a responsible team? (Score 1) 301

by udippel (#46715839) Attached to: Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

Not being exactly a friend of Theo (who is??!), I can vouch that I ran 'his' software as long as I was sysadmin on all my servers, and neither ever failed me - except of hardware failure.
Now to the issue that you mention: No, you are alas very wrong; in an engineering sense.
Any complex system, when a responsible for a subsystem is unhappy or lacks confidence in the working of another subsystem, cannot be improved by that person or team circumventing the other subsystem. Out and over.
Example: When I construct the wheel base of a car, I can't add my own brakes or my own electric motors simply because I don't trust the braking system or the engine. Any approach like that is doomed to fail. In software, garbage collection is done, or just not. But it would be ridiculous if everyone wrote her own garbage collection in Java for not trusting what is provided. And so forth ... .

Now, when a team works on OpenSSL, it makes a lot of sense to pass malloc down to the host system. Good, if you really feel that is inadequate, and you overrule it by not free-ing what is free, and your application is all on security (like OpenSSL), then you better confirm 800% that your own solution is totally waterproof.
If we look at what happened, the OpenSSL team contravened both suggestions. This deserves pulling the red card.

Comment: Re:Why switch to that Euro-weenie format? (Score 2) 111

by udippel (#46678227) Attached to: EU Should Switch To ODF Standard, Says MEP

My dear AC, though I usually don't reply to ACs, even less mod up any AC, in this particular case I offer my excuses for having exhausted my mod points very recently.
I really would love to mod you up. Seriously, I did have a good laugh; and I am confident that you were targeting a 'Funny, +5'.
Alas, the mods today are a tad not-so-humorous and that's quite sad. :-(

Comment: Redundant: This Comment! && This Study! (Score 1) 137

by udippel (#46659269) Attached to: Study: Exposure To Morning Sunlight Helps Managing Weight

This comment is just as redundant as the request to the editors to throw garbage like this into the waste-bin instead of treading us to it and waste even more bits.

Correlation is no causation and here Northwestern Medicine ought to pay back the funding and instead be supplied with brown bags for over their heads: "This bag covers gently the red face of someone who bungled it on science"

Yep, this case could make it into a new standard textbook example why correlation is obviously no causation. It is so bloody obvious that even a /.-editor can be expected to understand it. The assumption is really and seriously ridiculous.
Any remnant of common sense teaches any low-IQ person that the light can not have any influence of BMI; be it morning light or late afternoon light. Common sense dictates that the early bird simply favours a lifestyle different from the average late riser.
Nothing to be seen here: You may move on happily! - Northwestern Medicine has actually confirmed that BMI depends to a large extends on someone's lifestyle.

Comment: Re:That's a bit simplistic... (Score 1) 558

There is much, much more to the process of professional evaluation and diagnosis than what you describe. The process is a whole lot more rigorous than idle speculation.

May it be as it is or as you describe it.

Fact is, that autism is a fairly recent addition to the spectrum of diseases. Therefore, to start with, the numbers of diagnosed suffers is bound to increase until the last practitioner has been formally educated about it.

Secondly, irrespective of the scientific background, at my age I have seen a number of increases/decreases of 'fashionable' diagnoses. Some 30 years ago, one third of the school kids from where I lived and worked had a paper on them certifying dyslexia. This number peaked, and was followed by around one third of the kids, in the same school, within a few years, to carry a certificate of 'highly gifted'. I for one make this a problem of the parents; not so much on the children.

Thirdly, with all the talk of 'individual' and 'holistic', I actually can perceive (I never bothered to come with with scientific proof) that on the other hand, the personal perspectives tend to become ever more unified, one could say ISO-ised, with a spectrum of ever more uniform expectations of a person growing up. Achievements, career perspectives, financial expectations are ever more tightly knit for the individual. Success, in this sense, is what a society expects it to be. Despite of factual and legal liberties with regards to sexual or religious orientation (to give an example), the day-to-day, worse hour-to-hour expectations get more uniform. Some friends of us noticed this. A girl of 20 is shunned for not putting constantly photos of her daily foods up at that service. Another one is looked down on for riding a push-bike to school. Hell, if I were at that age, I'd either kill myself or exclude myself from all those implicit demands, that are rolling in 24/7. Rolling in constantly only because the world is now connected round the clock.

Fourth, and just to avoid the third to not become too long, who of us haven't been scolded for not answering one's handy?

And here I doubt that science is really objective; nor could it be: a diagnosis of social behaviour must necessarily depend on socio-cultural expectations.
Someone who refuses to participate in the social networks looks pretty much like an autistic personality. Only 20 years ago, had he/she been content with personal conversation, this diagnosis could not have included the notion of 'socially active and approachable 24/7'.

Comment: Re:How can they be certain no one survived? (Score 1) 491

by udippel (#46565973) Attached to: How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370

Yes and no.
The Malaysian government has been embarrassing itself for the last 14+ days. It really, really, wants the thingie being closed. So they are surely premature, with statistics on their side. There is really little chance to survive in raft for 14+ days. Drinking water, anyone?
But mostly, the sea was known to be rough in that area. And without fuel, what a heck of landing would the best pilot be able to achieve in heavy waves? Guaranteed no coordinated exit, no coordinated inflation of life rafts, if at all.
We cannot exclude that one or another person might have actually made it, but chances are slim. And then, sorry to say, it is only fair to finally put an end to all the hopes of the waiting family members and friends, and better say that no survivors can be expected.

Comment: Re:Flight recorder (Score 2) 491

by udippel (#46565799) Attached to: How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370

I basically rooting, at this point, for the pilot to be cleared. Because the unwarranted animosity the press showed towards him based on just about 0 evidence

Without wanting to speculate (or flame more speculation) about what actually happened, I hope we can discuss some of your reasoning.
I am open to your arguments, since I can mostly see arguments for the involvement of a trained hand into what happened. Nothing up until now has turned up for a passenger to have undergone the training to navigate the plane nicely around waypoints, make it climb, sink, turn by 180; and at the same time the pilot saying "OK. Good Night." on radio. Electric communications gear being switched off one by one; my god, who would know how to do that; and if, why? Maximum a so-called terrorist. But then, what for? No detour to some Islamic country; seemingly nobody with suspected involvement into ethnic or religious brawls.
Which terrorist would silently and unnoticed and unclaimed, redirect a plane with some 200 people on board over a vast ocean, simply to make it crush in the waves?

I think we can agree that technical failure can be ruled out. A fire on board would not have the pilot say "OK. Good night.". A fire would have the pilot turn towards the next landing strip, and inform the ground to have equipment ready. And if the pilot was incapacitated to trying to bring the plane down safely, there is no reason why this same captain would re-route and detour the same plane around waypoints, make it climb, fall, turn, etc. with a fire burning on his backside.

Let us assume that all communication broke down. This is far-fetched, but why not. Then there was no chance for a Mayday, but since the machine was very navigable, the good captain would have straightforward made it touch down on some airstrip even without permission; flying in on a wide curve. And all traffic control would have cleared the way. On top, it was outside peak hours, in the middle of the night, after 01:00.

And on that fire: the whole thing was flying on nicely, at about the expected speed, for another 4 hours after the turn-around. Couldn't have been much of a fire, after all, can it! I do agree, we can not say anything about the maneuverability during the last hours of MH 370. But at least for some 45 minutes, it was great. It went off flying path NNE over the South China Sea, turning about 90, across the Malaysian peninsula, out to the Andaman Sea, and seemingly another angle very much down south from there.

Anything beyond, any assumption on the plane having been taken over completely in its navigational and communication abilities by some yet unknown force or forces, is too much of a conspiratorial theory to me. Into which I refuse to engage at this moment in time.
And then, sorry to say, almost everything except of a clear motive, point to some deliberate action of the crew or parts thereof.

Comment: Re:The submission looks like a Microsoft advertise (Score 2, Interesting) 208

by udippel (#46518089) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Free Edition of OneNote

Absolutely!! - Mod one this up; the most insightful comment until here, AFAICS!

Trouble is, being a 100% FOSS-person, there is no close replacement, sorry. Tomboy is comparatively tomfoolery.
Parent is also right about the prohibitive price. OneNote is the only software that I'd say is unavailable on *nix, that I'd really like to have.
My partner is an academician and for her, this software is a must.

Haha, the article says it will be available on *droid, so I'd have it!? Or the usual test or evaluation version? The article states 'free'; okay, we are in /., and in 2014, so the submitters (editors) are much too young to know what 'free' actually means; so it ought to read FOC instead.
I really hope for this to happen!

Comment: Re:rub things - Major correction applied (Score 1) 208

by udippel (#46517965) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Free Edition of OneNote

I'm sure that you can keep a porn diary in OneNote. Approach your habit as you would an academic discipline, and take notes on videos. Annotate your dickpics. Keep a running bibliography of interesting gurls.

And upload the whole bit to microsoft servers so that you can enjoy a seamless experience on phone, tablet, tv, and laptop.

Comment: Re:This could be good news... (Score 1) 241

by udippel (#46481041) Attached to: Ubuntu's Mir Gets Delayed Again

Much better performance, no tearing problems, smooth compositing and desktop effects, old legacy X11 crap thrown away.

Are you repeating here what you read up elsewhere, or have you actually suffered from those? Here, none of that has been visible for the last 5 years. On 'normal' desktop applications, I should add. Okay, maybe some tearing, at times, without Vsync. But is this really worthwhile all the fuss? To me not.

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