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Comment: Astroturfing - Come On, Slashdot! (Score 1) 302 302

If the link shows W10 (or, as they use to say, "Windows"), it is an overall very lousy design. To me it resembles slightly to Unity, with all the bad items carried forward from W8. Look at an almost full-screen simple interaction box: "Continue" on 70% real estate. On childish blue.
1001 *nix desktops had a nicer default background, to start with. It all looks awfully flat, I'd advertise it as "Finally real 2-D!". Navigation? A bunch of overlapping windows, seemingly arbitrarily placed on the desktop. Navigation? I see no structured clustering of applications, actually reminding me of that famous W3.x

I can imagine that it will appeal to the average art-agnostized SMS-speaking audience though; those who consider IKEA to be the most fashionable, creative and most inventive furniture shop. To those who run about brandishing their tattoos by wearing spaghetti shirts and hot pants.

Comment: Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 939 939

As much as I hate to, I have to second your notion on the values of dictatorships.
I used to stay in one of those Franco-induced flats, and quite happily so.
Much worse, when I read all the posts above on 'freedom', democracy, (free) market, I feel the need to even beef up on your thoughts: I also knew the real situation in the dictatorship-place of the former East Block (before 1990, that is). Everyone had food and shelter, for pennies. Not that I would have loved to live there, for fear of being arrested for watching the wrong TV station. But the ordinary citizen was fed, had a reasonable roof over their heads, a place for their kids in the kindergarten, and - if gifted and sufficiently pro-government - a free education until PhD.
If I had to make a choice between semi-homeless in the Bay Area and the enormous pressure to earn the food to be put on the table in combination with the (limited) freedom of an American citizen, and living in the former East Germany where my basic needs are catered for easily and allow me to live relatively stress-free, I'd reluctantly chose the latter.

Comment: Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067 1067

Some nice arguments.
However, I'd unify the first two, because the first is the same as the second, and both are only instances of rx/x. Which is always r, except for x=0. So the lim is the same from both sides, 1/-, : r.
The other alternative is the last one: 1/x. Here the function values from both sides are infinitely different.

I agree with the 'most stupid question ever asked on Slashdot', because it is clear that x/x for x=0, or any division by 0 is simply a mathematical indefinite.

No wonder we have so much of lousy software!

Comment: Uuuh wow! - Uuuh no! (Score 1) 45 45

I was very excited reading the post, went there, and probably missed the sufficient nerdyness to actually appreciate what was shown in a low-resolution video clip of less than 1 minute. Okay, yes, it is moving, as high-rise buildings show. The rest is static, way way below Google Earth. What the heck! I said to myself and went to write this post.

Comment: Re:Elop just fulfilled his destiny. (Score 1) 121 121

For tablets, the Windows 8.1 Metro look is actually better, while for laptops, the Windows 7 look is.

Exactly. I am a *nix person who recently acquired a Lumia because I consider it the most intuitive of the two in the reasonable price bracket.
While 8.X is simply c**p on the desktop. And once you've seen it both on desktops and small gadgets, it is totally clear that the designers had tiny touch screens. Desktops usually don't -> that's Windows 8 for you!

Comment: Re:Elop just fulfilled his destiny. (Score 1) 121 121

Alas, wrong on a number of accounts.

Me, and a good number of other people, including *nix-people, have recently acquired a very competitive Microsoft Lumia. I guess, it gets subsidized by MS for all that it has included from the side of hardware as well as software. If they keep offering prices below comparable phones of the two major competitors, price alone will make them one of three equals.

EMC, Oracle, RedHat have income beyond the consumer market paying for OSes, while MS lives on income through OS for customers and some notorious office suite.

Comment: Another one ... (Score 1) 558 558

[Despite of the lousy approach of putting numbers and facts in free floating UTF text instead of a database:]
Lenovo T410s
i5 2,4 GHz
256 GB SSD
on docking station
32" 1920x1024 monitor
Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad, SG

All this is recent, and a result of concentration of my several machines into a single one, for all purposes, as desktop (docking) as well as for travel, containing all and everything that I need in one machine to carry, and sufficient for my purposes as desktop. I always hated all the laptops with cables extended and pulled and plugged from all sides and corners, the docking station is perfect for me.
A smaller partition of the SSD has W7, for the odd application that doesn't run on *nix, and the larger part *buntu 14.04. The 1 TB carries media files. All other data are in the cloud.

Over 5 years or so I expect to be able to migrate this single machine into some sort of phone that does everything as above, including the docking (that is a real keyboard plus touchpad like now when docked), plus phone functions, to carry around in my pocket. I am still waiting for a proper k*buntu, eventually on Qt6 / Plasma 6 to be as much of a great phone interface as a standard interface with a large monitor like above. With the current sizes of 1 TB SSDs this should not be a problem. Rather, I am afraid the OS or its versatility might still be lacking. Just look at Windows 8.1: it is really great on the phone (and I am a *nix person!), while it still is butt-ugly on a larger screen, AFAIAC. Still hoping for improving sanity with the KDE devs in this respect.

Comment: Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528 528

See, just impossible. Dozens of beers on tap, if they are anything but an artificial cocktail of chemicals, that wouldn't work. A tap beer that doesn't flow continuously tastes like p**. Or the hundreds of sorts on bottle. How long does a good beer take storage and transportation?

When I drink beer, I want some of the Deutsches Reinheitsgebot. This is an old regulation and stipulates that you may use 4 ingredients only to brew beer: water, hops, yeast and barley (for the malt). While this has been watered down during the last 20 years, there are still plenty of beers available in Germany brewed like that. Now ask a chemist, how long the 'living' product of this can last, despite filtering and pasteurization?

Comment: Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528 528

Sorry, and not trying to patronize you, nor wanting to dictate 'taste' to you, but yours is awfully spoiled by US-American chemical industries.
I do agree with you that between 'Bier' and (American 'beer') is a huge difference, though not ordinarily to the favour of the latter.

Comment: Snake and Pigs (Score 2) 145 145

oil selfies and can fly.

by preventing unauthorized I/O activity

is the end already.
Logically speaking, one never knows exactly not about the authorization. Therefore, it can only be a selfie. A flying-oily-selfie.

Think hard, think fast, and within a fraction of a moment you'll agree with me as security researcher that preventing any invalid I/O is indeed a 100% safe bet. Over.
Any illegal and unauthorized bank transaction prevented makes banking 100% secure. The crux is the detection of what 'illegal' and 'unauthorized' transactions are.
In basic computational terms, as example, a write to hard disk is I/O. But no such writes come accompanied with an authorization tag issued by the CPU, as an atomic / complete instruction. Rather to the contrary: it is simply issued. Over. How would the gatekeeper software know that it is malware? Or, as I used to ask my students: which bit or byte or word is the bad one? Only to find out that none such does exist, but becomes malware only through the context, and only within its context.
Second, 'authorized' means what? All I/O must be authorized. Wow! And who authorizes a bunch of data coming in from Who 'authorizes' a key stroke? Ah, keyboard is trusted. LAN?

The whole set reminds me of that old Windows Software, Zonealarm. I loved to demo it, with its enormous number of questions: Are you sure you want to accept ...? Are you sure you want to print to ...? Shall I remember this decision for you? Are you sure you want to visit Do you want me to remember this decision for you? Are you sure you want to accept logo_google.jpg? Shall I remember this decision for you? Are you sure you want to render google.html? Shall I remember ....

Comment: Re: Exodus (Score 2, Interesting) 692 692

Insightful. Hmm.

I don't want to be rich, then.
Even if it worked (I doubt), this does not mean that you stay young forever. You don't age normally, but all your joints will be used up purely mechanically. Not ageing does not equate to 'no wear'. It doesn't equate to 'no disease', and neither to 'no cancer'. Teeth will decay, nothing to do with age. Even parts of the heart will be used up and not regenerate.
In a nutshell, the non-ageing population segment will be zombies with artificial hips, joints, teeth, heart, and so forth. Buggers who over centuries will have learned to stay in governance, no new thought, the Blatters for eternity.
No pension, then. I already see the slogan for the cure in front of my eyes: "With this miraculous cure, no more need to retire! Work, and be active for centuries! Meet your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson for a ride on the bike."

I can tell you precisely what I am not keen on.

"Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come." --Matt Groening