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Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 0) 280

by udachny (#49155499) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

Well, I am actually, I run a company and I hire and train new developers and I also ensure they understand my view of the world and generally they agree with most of it. I like it when they try to bring up arguments to the contrary, it shows that they are actively involved into the thinking on these ideas.

Comment: and Boris Nemtsov murdered in Russia near Kremlin (Score 0) 407

by udachny (#49151277) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

What a day, Leonard Nimoy dies.

Boris Nemtsov is murdered.

Putin says this was a horrible murder.... as he was seen hiding the fucking gun in his back pocket.

Not a good day.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 0) 280

by udachny (#49141643) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

Nonsense, nobody is being abused by somebody offering them something at the market rate. Minimum wage abuses people who have so few marketable skills that they cannot productive in any position that pays that wage, so the government makes it illegal for them to work officially.

Do you really believe that a person who has marketable skills that employees want will work for what is considered minimum wage today anywhere in the world? Do you really believe that minimum wage law forces employers to hire all the people who have no skills as opposed to hiring as few people as possible and making them work as much as possible to somehow be able to afford that worker in the first place based on his productivity?

The reality is that minimum wage hurts people without jobs much more than it hurts employers and the truth is that nobody is abused when they are offered a pay rate commensurate to their actual market value.

Comment: Re:Black Mirror (Score 0) 255

by udachny (#49139371) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

(same user, backup account, since my other one is currently prevented from posting by various intolerant moderators.)

My moral failings? Unlike you I do not assign a moral value to being intelligent enough to take advantage of a situation by creatures living in this Universe.

I do not begrudge anybody taking advantage of anything that is accessible to them easily, I begrudge the society stealing from some to provide this sort of an advantage to others in order to buy their loyalties, (which is exactly what this is - buying votes).

I have plenty of imagination to live my life by my values, using 5 flag methodology and running my own business though I came from nothing at all and worked my way to where I am doing what I want to do, so none of your supposed insults can touch me at all on this level.

Comment: Re:Most taxes are legalized theft (Score 1) 324

by udachny (#47922089) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

A child is going to have parents and if a child has no parents then there are relatives, friends and finally private charities that can take care of orphans.

The only 'veritable idiot' here is you, somebody who still does not understand what reality is.

Most certainly nobody at all under any circumstances, regardless of what is happening in the least should ever be compelled under the barrel of a gun to pay for anybody's life, including lives of any number of children.

A child is a responsibility of his or her parents and if they cannot deal with it, other people step in, but nobody should be forced to.

Comment: Re:Government doesn't get it. (Score 0) 184

by udachny (#47882301) Attached to: Ontario Government Wants To Regulate the Internet

A gang sweeping through the jungle with machetes to eliminate the Tutsis does not violate human rights of the Tutsis, it just murders them, but there is no human right violation there, only murder.

Human right violation is a violation of the right of an individual to exist without being harassed by supposedly 'legal' powers that authorities hold. If the gang was an arm of a government, then it would be violating human rights of Tutsis while murdering them.

Comment: Re:Welcome to government science (Score 0) 348

by udachny (#47877217) Attached to: When Scientists Give Up

Gold standard does not prevent the economy from growing, the biggest economic growth happened in the USA under not only 'standard' but actually on the gold dollar.

The economy did not grow since 1971, the economy shrunk since then. The economy actually collapsed, you are just not aware of it yet, because you don't have eyes, you are listening to propaganda, which tells you nonsense about the fake GDP, fake CPI, fake employment, fake dollar, everything at this point in USA is fake. There is no economy, economy produces stuff, USA consumes on borrowed money and time, consumes stuff that others produced without paying for it, thus the 500Billion USD/year trade deficit.

Comment: Re:Welcome to government science (Score 0) 348

by udachny (#47875281) Attached to: When Scientists Give Up

By the way, 40 years ago Nixon has defaulted on the promise of paying gold for US dollars and took the world off the gold standard. The inflation shot through the roof (money printing) and USA went into economic stagflation - high level of inflation combined with recession.

Over the course of 40 years the USA government has obliterated the economy of the country completely with inflation and growth predicated on inflation and borrowing and taxing. Companies simply ran away from the madness and now there is no more money for anything, only funny money, which will not buy you anything, including research.

Comment: Re:Government doesn't get it. (Score 0) 184

by udachny (#47859053) Attached to: Ontario Government Wants To Regulate the Internet

The only one that is 'fucking stupid' (in your own words) is you here. Human rights do not stop under any circumstances. Human right is a right not to be murdered by government, it's a right not to have your property stolen by the government, it's a right not to be abused, imprisoned by the government.

Human right is a protection against government abuse, which is why it is a HUMAN right. A government (a collective) denying human rights has absolutely nothing to do with 'fist near my nose' routine.

My human rights are NOT violated because I cannot legally punch you in the nose, however my human rights are violated when the government comes out with a rule that some people are entitled to GET SOMETHING FROM ME AGAINST MY WILL.

Comment: Re:Government doesn't get it. (Score -1) 184

by udachny (#47858215) Attached to: Ontario Government Wants To Regulate the Internet

Of-course the above comment will be downmoded to negative territory to prevent it from being read. Now, it is up to people to decide on their own whether a human right of one person can be predicated on violation of human right of another person.

A human right is a protection against government intrusion and theft of property first and foremost and this particular human right is violated when an employer is forced, under the barrel of a government gun, to accept that he cannot offer a position in his business to another human being if he does not comply with a number of rules that are supposedly there to prevent so called 'human right violations' by the said employer against the said potential hire.

Of-course in order to provide this so called 'human right' of non-discrimination, the employer's human rights have to be violated first of all. His property ceases to be his own, his property at this point is taken over by government in a violent manner in order to provide an entitlement to a potential employee.

Can a true human right be achieve through violation of a human right of another? I say it cannot, government on the other hand uses this false logic to hold on to power, since vast majority of people will vote to abuse government power to destroy human rights of employers in order to gain from it. Vast majority of employees will vote to increase power of the government that promises them something for nothing, since there is no such thing as 'something for nothing', the 'something' will be achieved at the expense of human rights of the minority, in this case the employers.

Comment: Re:Worse than that... (Score 1) 770

by udachny (#47857873) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

I use 2 accounts, (should be obvious since I state it in the signature and in many comments I explicitly add it to the top of the comment) for the last few years or so, given the fact that my first account constantly gets bombarded with downmods that prevent me from posting. The only reason to be against my second account is if you personally want to prevent me from posting comments.

Now, does it matter to you specifically what account I use? There are hundreds of people here with many accounts and they keep it secret. I want to link all of my comments together, so I very specifically state the reason for my backup account.

Secondly, when you say

I'm not going to watch someone bloviate in a Youtube video, thanks.

you state your bias against information in a thread, where you stated this:

"Rejects empirical data" is another way of saying "taking it on faith", i.e. the Austrian school is a religion by another name.


You are the one who holds religious believes in this case, your religious believes deny empirical data, which shows that Austrian school of economics allows people to make very precise predictions, not only predicting economic phenomena but showing how they come to those conclusions step by step.

Keynesian ideas are religious propaganda that is currently used by the powers that be to control population.

Comment: Re:Worse than that... (Score 1) 770

by udachny (#47857717) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

Wrong on both points, I am not an American and on Keynesianism, where every failure of the Keynesian ideology is countered by the argument that their approached wasn't used in large enough quantity.

By the way, same with the youtube videos that I am linking to, which include 10 minutes of news program clip compilation of an Austrian being laughed at repeatedly for predicting the housing bubble collapse and the economic collapse much before most people saw it and his mortgage banker meeting video from 2006 (the same one he gave in 2005) explaining why exactly (point by point) the housing bubble was inflated and how it will collapse.

Cheers to you.

Comment: Re:Government doesn't get it. (Score -1, Troll) 184

by udachny (#47857519) Attached to: Ontario Government Wants To Regulate the Internet

Well, Canada has shown time and again that Constitution doesn't matter at all anyway.

Would you agree that a human right cannot be a right if it trumps some other human right? As in: there is no way that something can be called a human right if in order to achieve that goal, another human's right must be violated?

Well, Canadian courts violate human rights on daily basis as they pretend they uphold human rights. How is that possible? It's called Canadian Human Rights Act of 1985 and based on this so called "Human Right Commissions" have been established, for example Ontario Human Right Commission.

With names like that, you would expect these high powered authorities to actually care about what it is they are supposedly presiding over, however the reality is the opposite. The so called "human right" courts in Canada violate actual human rights of minorities on daily basis in order to provide vast majority with many many entitlements at the expense of the minority.

I am of-course speaking of the employers being completely violated in Canada in order to ensure that those in power stay in power by supporting this absolute atrocity of a human right violation. The employees are far and many, the employers are few, and so it pays to violate human rights of employers in order to provide undue entitlements to employees and gain political power.

Based on the false premise and the so called 'common law' no employee in Canada has been forced to pay a retribution to an employer if the employee decides to leave at a moment's notice, however all employers are forced to pay retribution to employees if they want to fire them. This is not the human right violation yet, however once you realize that employers are not allowed to so called 'discriminate' based on age, race, religion, language an actually experience but employees discriminate on daily basis and that courts find that employers are liable but not one court will find an employee liable, you will see the problem.

Of-course there are much greater problems than that, but basically the so called 'human rights' courts in Canada are some of the most egregious examples of human right violators in that country.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (7) Well, it's an excellent idea, but it would make the compilers too hard to write.