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Comment: Re:I heard that this was about... (Score 1) 184

Oh bullshit. So long as you don't preface the word with "yellow" there is plenty of ethics in journalism. The issue is that there's very little in the news business - or more accurately, "the business of news." In the vast majority of cases, reporters receive their assignments from editors who receive "guidance" from their editors who, in turn, receive their marching orders from company/corporate owners (who in turn receive them from stockholders). Now I think it can be argued that there's a difference between "journalists" and "reporters" but that argument goes both ways: In effect all journalists should be "reporters" in that they report whatever has/is occurred/occurring. On the flip side both journalists and reporters want one thing: The big story, either for lofty ideals or to get promoted to a higher-ranking position.

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