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Comment: Re:"Policy construct we've been given" (Score 1) 212

> "The right thing" is a myth. Good guys vs. bad guys are just a matter of perspective with the roles being narrated by the winners and losers who are benefiting from the change or trying to create a favorable environment for one that hasn't started.

Prepend this with "Imagine a world ..." and read it in a James Earl Jones voice and you got one hell of a summer movie trailer.

+ - Start-ups increasingly target of hacking

Submitted by ubrgeek
ubrgeek writes: Friday's hack of Slack follows last week's compromise of Twitch.tv and is indicative of a growing problem facing start-up tech companies. As the New York Times reports, 'Breaches are becoming a kind of rite of passage for fledgling tech companies. If they gain enough momentum with users, chances are they will also become a target for hackers looking to steal, and monetize, the vast personal information they store on users, like email addresses and passwords.'

Comment: "zero percent of people get motion sick" (Score 1) 164

by ubrgeek (#49191493) Attached to: Developers Race To Develop VR Headsets That Won't Make Users Nauseous
Must be one of the new versions. I tried one six or seven months ago and lasted less than a minute before getting hit by motion sickness. Granted, I get it pretty quickly from FPS (I can play for about five minutes and then I'm laid-up for hours) so I might be overly sensitive to the experience.

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