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Comment Re:Ah ... AOL .. so overrated ... (Score 2) 153

The deal, done over the weekend by staff sequestered in two floors of an office building, was seen by those of us at TW as being no different than the Excite@Home merger. TW's Road Runner service would have access to more content than had previously been available via TW's Pathfinder service (when we were even allowed access to that stuff.) Myself and a few others pushed and pushed for Road Runner to make a deal with AOL for their content and were repeatedly told it would never happen. So instead we created our own. Hell, at one point we contemplated creating our own instant-messaging client.

The biggest is that TW was (is? No idea. Haven't been there in more than a decade) so stove-piped we knew the merger was doomed to fail. One example was when RR - the cable modem business - temporarily risked losing the "right" to use the cartoon character's likeness because the other part of TW that controls cartoons (Warner Bros? Don't remember) didn't like that we were doing things like using "Beep! Beep!" in our ads ... the official, trademarked term is "Meep! Beep!"

Comment Re:"Policy construct we've been given" (Score 1) 212

> "The right thing" is a myth. Good guys vs. bad guys are just a matter of perspective with the roles being narrated by the winners and losers who are benefiting from the change or trying to create a favorable environment for one that hasn't started.

Prepend this with "Imagine a world ..." and read it in a James Earl Jones voice and you got one hell of a summer movie trailer.

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