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Submission + - How open film project Cosmos Laundromat made Blender better->

An anonymous reader writes: At the beginning of August—the 10th, to be exact—the Blender Institute released Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle, its seventh open project (and sixth open movie). Cosmos Laundromat (or Project Gooseberry for those who have been following its production from the start) isn't just a 10-minute short film. It's also the Blender Institute's most ambitious project to date, serving as a pilot for the first fully free and open animated feature film.

In his article on animator and open source advocate Jason van Gumster highlights the film project and takes a look at some of its most significant contributions to the Blender open source project.

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Comment The problem is people will comment on the bad. (Score 1) 142

It is not even all that hard to understand. When I go to a restaurant I expect good service.
It is human nature to not take notice of the expected so people are less likely to post a review when they get good service.
It is also human nature to take notice of the unexpected so when people have a bad experience they are more likely to post a review.
When looking at reviews I tend to look at the age of the review and the subject. If I see long waits as a complaint I will bet you that is valid. If someone is going off like a crazy person I will tend to ignore it as just a rant.
If I see something like "the food is not great" that is a red flag. If I see, "The food tasted like *&*#$" I take it with a grain of salt.

Comment Re:No Apple (Score 1) 98

Doesn't matter if that 10% is 50% of those that pay for Netflix, generate ad revenue for YouTube, pays for Hulu, and so on.
And the market share for tablets is much higher. Frankly I rarely watch video on my phone a MotoX btw. My Nexus 10 and 7 are what I tend to use for video if not my Roku box or Chromecast.

Comment Re:No Apple (Score 1) 98

I have a MotoX, Moto360, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and a Chromecast. In fact I have never owned a iPhone or iPad.
I am not an Apple fanboy but when you look at tablets Apple has a big lead. When you look at the US and Europe Apple is a bigger market share than the worldwide market share would indicate.
IOS is too big and too lucrative of a market to ignore. Without Apple this standard will never take off it is just that simple.

Submission + - Shifu Banking Trojan Has an Antivirus Feature to Keep Other Malware at Bay

An anonymous reader writes: Shifu, a banking trojan that's currently attacking 14 Japanese banks, once it has infected a victim's machine, it will install a special module that keeps other banking trojans at bay. If this module sees suspicious malware-looking content (unsigned executables) from unsecure HTTP connections, it tries to stop them. If it fails, it renames them to "infected.exx" and sends them to its C&C server. If the file is designed to autorun, Shifu will spoof an operating system "Out of memory" message.

Comment Re:5K resolution (Score 1) 53

Even if it was "kind of an ugly hack", wouldn't it appear like a tidy one-cable hookup to an end user?

Yes. The issue isn't so much how it appears to the user as it is how it appears to the OS. MST displays have an unfortunate habit of having a tile drop out now and then, if only for a second. The iMac gets around this by being a closed system, but Apple would have to address this head-on with a 5K Thunderbolt 3 display. It's one thing for 3rd party monitors to do this, but it's another thing for 1st party monitors to do it.

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