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+ - Bad Lockup Bug Plagues Linux

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "A hard to track system lockup bug seems to have appeared in the span of couple of most recent Linux kernel releases. Dave Jones of Red Hat was the one to first report his experience of frequent lockups with 3.18. Later he found out that the issue is present in 3.17 too. The problem was first suspected to be related to Xen. A patch dating back to 2005 was pushed for Xen to fix a vmalloc_fault() path that was similar to what was reported by Dave. The patch had a comment that read "the line below does not always work. Needs investigating!" But it looks like this issue was never properly investigated. Due to the nature of the bug and its difficulty in tracking down, testers might be finding multiple but similar bugs within the kernel. Linus even suggested taking a look in the watchdog code. He also concluded the Xen bug to be a different issue. The bug hunt continues in the Linux Kernel Mailing List."

+ - Raspberry Pi and Coder by Google for beginners and kids->

Submitted by Jason Hibbets
Jason Hibbets (2851661) writes "Coder is an experiment for Raspberry Pi, built by a small team of Googlers in New York. It converts a Raspberry Pi into a friendly environment for learning web programming. It is ideal for beginners and requires absolutely no experience with coding. Luis Ibanez, an engineer at Google, has written this getting started guide that shows how easy it is to set up Coder."
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Comment: Re:+ operator for string concat? (Score 1) 729

This is why I find JavaScript such a dangerous language. I mean, if you can fuck this up:

var a = "1";
var b = 1;
a + b; // gives you "11"

Imagine the crapfest a complex application would mean.

P.S: For any JS fanboy, here's the Python way of handling this:

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'str'

Comment: Is COOL a new acronym? (Score 1) 511

by ubersoldat2k7 (#47743235) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

When you search for jobs for developers, Java/.Net devs are in general better paid than the "cool" script-kiddies. There are also some C/C++ jobs but not as many. I've also seen a decline in RoR jobs lately, so there you go.

The thing with working in "cool" projects based on the technology used, is that you'll have to keep on learning the new fad every two or three years. We had this with PHP, then it was RoR, now it's Node.JS. If you chose Python, tough luck because it hasn't been mainstream yet. It doesn't matter what language you're using, probably the project is a CRUD application and believe me, doing user authentication, input validation, database operations or sending emails is a PITA in Ruby, in JavaScript, in PHP and in every freaking language.

OTOH I've been developing software for the last 15 years using different languages/platforms and I don't see where all this hate for Java comes from. I mean, it's everywhere, it's free, it has great tools and libraries, lots of documentation and lots of people working on or with it and big names behind it. Name one language/platform that has all of this and we can have a talk.

Comment: normal people (Score 3, Insightful) 608

by ubersoldat2k7 (#47414569) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

Have this guy seen "normal people" use a computer? There are some people so uninterested in the thing (even when is their primary work tool) that they can't be bothered to learn so simple stuff as mouse dragging or keyboard shortcuts.

Hell, I've seen people using Spreadsheet software for 10 years without learning how to use formulas. Don't even try to show them what all that HTML gibberish is.

And Spreadsheet software is a pretty good introduction tool for programming.

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