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Comment: Re:This is why I became a leftist (Score 2) 132

It is the purpose of government to preserve the status quo. To keep the rich rich and the poor poor

Actually, many of this corporations didn't exist ten years ago and none of this guys weren't shit-load-millionairs. So there, the govermente sucks at preserving the status quo.

Comment: Re:We are ALL Temporary employees (Score 5, Insightful) 287

by ubersoldat2k7 (#46149381) Attached to: Layoffs At Now-Private Dell May Hit Over 15,000 Staffers

That's one of the reasons I cannot feel any sort of loyalty to any company I've worked for ever and I laugh at those who do.

I'm a "soldier of fortune" (yes, I've been called that in pre-job/post-job interviews) but it's all business at the end of the day and your beloved company won't feel any regret of firing my or your ass when the gods of the spreadsheets declare their thirst for blood. Hell, even Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, which the guy founded.

Also, all that crap about corporate values: I don't give a fuck! The only way I'm staying somewhere is because I'm either better paid or because I have better conditions, if that's not the case, I'm gone. And so do you.

Comment: Re:they've had this place since what 2010? (Score 1) 115

by ubersoldat2k7 (#45479547) Attached to: Toyota Announces Plans For Fuel Cell Car By 2015

Do you know what a crowded city is? Well, Sao Paolo, Mexico D.F., Bogota, Caracas are crowded cities which have something in common: a whole bunch of cars running on CNG or LNG with the this tanks holding up +3.000 P.S.I.

OTOH, just wait until all oil has ran out, you won't care if you have to carry the freaking hydrogen tank on your lap.

Comment: Re:Uses of Java applets (Score 2) 362

by ubersoldat2k7 (#45209991) Attached to: Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well


In some cases you can see that the use of a Java Applet is a shortcut (VPN for instance) but in others, there's no other way around because browsers aren't allowed to do some stuff (like USB, which I'm perfectly fine with). Saying it isn't so is because you don't have enough data to take an informed decision... or simply because you're trolling.

I've developed Java Applets before, and believe me, when confronted with a problem, a Java Applet is surely the last resource any serious JEE developer will take. I mean, Java Applets, apart of the security stuff, are hard to maintain, to test and provide a horrible UX compared to a nice web frontpage. I myself find any sort of plug-in disgusting, be it Flash, ActiveX, Silverlight or Java.

OTOH, I can see that Mozilla, in the end, is pushing its own strategy with HTML5 and that the people making the decisions aren't exposed to this scenarios where the browser simply isn't capable/allowed. But if you're going to block something, provide a solution to the problems Java Applets try to solve too.

Comment: Re:They've got a good shot at it (Score 4, Interesting) 252

by ubersoldat2k7 (#44916811) Attached to: Valve Announces Steambox, Sort Of

Apart of the 200 already existing titles already mentioned, SteamBox + HalfLife3 would be a killer move from Valve and place them, at least, at a very good starting position. I can dream, can't I?

What worries me is that, some big shots like GTAV are not in those 200 titles.

Comment: Give them a break (Score 4, Funny) 52

It might be rubbish or plain stupid, but it's a pretty cool use of different technologies which might give birth to other cool stuff.

If B.Franklin discovery was published in /. he would get comments like: "oh, a glow in the dark kite string, what's the use for that? jewelry?", "Attach it to your penis and have (your last) sexual experience thanks to Tor", "Who the hell needs electricity when we have candles... get off my lawn", "OMG!!!!111! Hittler".


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