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Technology (Apple)

+ - Axiotron Launches Modservice, New MacBook-to-Table->

Submitted by
ubergoober writes "Axiotron® today launched Axiotron Modservice, a one-of-a-kind service exclusively performed that enables Apple® MacBook® owners to transform their existing computer into a Mac® Tablet solution.

The award-winning Modbook's state-of-the-art pen-based digitizer technology gives users drawing and writing functionality along with the ability to manipulate the Mac OS® X operating system environment without a keyboard or mouse. Through Axiotron Modservice, almost any Intel® Core 2 Duo-based Apple MacBook computer can be transformed into an Axiotron Modbook.

"Customers have been requesting a program like our Modservice," said Andreas E. Haas, Axiotron's CEO. "There is something intrinsically appealing about the idea of taking your computer and turning it into a new and exciting product like the Modbook.""

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+ - Build your own Virtual World on the Web: Blink 2.->

Submitted by ubergoober
ubergoober (151136) writes "With the slew of virtual worlds recently promoting themselves, Pelican Crossing, a developer of multi-user web based worlds recently released Blink 2.0, a tool that allows you to create your own. A complete system for creating interactive, animated and chat enabled multi-user 3D Web environments easily and without the need for programming skills. Will DIY tools like these make it easier to get to the Metaverse reality?"
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+ - Feature Film Created Within Virtual Gaming Environ->

Submitted by ubergoober
ubergoober (151136) writes " and Full Stealth Films released the first installment of a feature length, high-definition (HD) film, entitled MMOvie. The film will be released in segments to enable HD-quality streaming across the internet and allow viewers to influence the outcome of the film through voting. A ten minute segment represents approximately 60-80 GB of uncompressed HD footage, but through the use of advanced codecs and Ooyala's adaptive bitrate technology we are able to maximize video quality for each individual user The entire film is shot within the online video game, World of Warcraft and is an ongoing production."
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