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Comment: Blizzard take note. (Score 1) 238 238

by ubergoober (#29464137) Attached to: Casual Games Quickly Transforming the MMO Market

Create a kid-friendly zone. Yeah, I realize its "War"craft, and I understand that for myself, but its also a visually beautiful game with some incredible game mechanics. While I typically play after the kids have gone to bed (ie casual gamer), they're not dumb and get curious. I've found some slightly safer non-aggro areas and let them run around and play with the Hunter and his pets (son loves my Dino pet, especially with Eyes of the Beast) or priest (daughter loves how her magic is so shiny). They love to sit around and make characters. So many of the kids games are boring to them and don't have this kind of freedom.

I'd love to see a server or even a small zone that lets you run around, not worry about being attacked so they could play around with it. Maybe put a few bucks into marketing to eliminate me feeling like bad father when my daughter mentions to mommy that she plays the "war" game. I'd pay the fee easily every month just for them so they can share some of the fun without the scary stuff.

Wonder if I could get enough support to change the name to "World of Non-violent Happytime MindCraft?" Yeah, sure that'd fly.

Comment: News Image search (Score 1) 125 125

by ubergoober (#29422327) Attached to: Google Wants To Ease News Browsing With Fast Flip

Cooliris' built-in news image search is a pretty cool step towards quick browsing. Scrolling through 50 pictures in the sports section, I click on a picture of Serena Williams and the news story associated with it surrounds it. Awesome add-on for firefox and people oooh and ahhh when I pop it up on-screen.

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