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Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 212

The submitter is obviously politically biased with the use of the term 'Luddite.'

The submitter is being dishonest and misleading.

The Luddites actively and physically fought against advancements in technology. Porsche has simply chosen not to adopt some, they're not trying to stop anyone else from creating a self-driving car. Big difference.

Comment Re:Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 293

It was a total non-sequitur. It would have made more sense to mention the M9 which was the military successor to the 1911, but then that would bring up the uncomfortable fact that the US Army is exploring higher power rounds to replace that.

Charts and ballistic gel results are fine in theory, but real world results are more telling.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 130

it is still kind of telling that you call Docker "esoteric".

Esoteric doesn't mean what you think it means. It does not mean unusual or rare, it means "intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest." Which it is.

I'm not a developer, and only play a sysadmin at home. /. has a wide audience. I'm interested in learning about technologies outside of my bailiwick (which centers on networking). I can usually get an understanding from context in the summaries. But this one was just pure technobabble for anyone outside of very specific fields.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 130

Perhaps. There's no doubt some subset of /. users who know immediately what the summary is about, but I suspect that's fairly small. Something to do with images and languages and OSs, and shrinking image sizes. It's not hard to reduce the resolution and size of an image, so it's not clear why this is called a "hack," or why it's news.

But, my comment was really in relation to the piss poor submission, and the failure of /. "editors" to fix it. This is one of the worst in recent memory. If the new overlords want to improve the site, make the editors actually edit, instead of simply posting submissions verbatim. Things like spelling out acronyms upon first use, and providing basic descriptions for esoteric technologies/names. Very basic journalism 101 stuff. But, given that virtually all the submissions are being posted by "timothy" now, it seems like they're trying hard to lower expectations even further.

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