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by ub3r n3u7r4l1st (#47343719) Attached to: Is K-12 CS Education the Next Common Core?

"You cannot force people to be competent."

Every single human being are good at something. It may be in some other fields. Underutilized workers are usually a result of incompetent managers. I once supervised/trained a ADHD student working in our IT lab that has 1.) borderline 2.0 GPA and 2.) consistently harassed by my boss because the boss accused him that he just sit on the screen and reading reddit / running full screen 3D applications (a.k.a. games) all day, and guess what.... when he graduated he landed a software consulting job for above-median wages in the geographical area.

Managing ADHD people requires a different approach to fully unlock their potential. But most managers will just write them off as "incompetent".


"You cannot force people to do jobs they have no interest in (hi women, minorities!)"
"You can get anybody to fill a seat for enough cash."

The above two sentences can be combined:

You can get anybody to do jobs they have no interested in provided that it pays enough cash.

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with probable bankruptcy to boot.



Another issue with the job markets for STEM and engineering degrees is that there is a lot of involuntary retirement from about age 35-40, in aggregate based primarily on age. Any gains realized up to that point tend to get thwacked pretty hard in the process of readjusting and finding other employment. The point being that majoring in STEM or engineering, and even performing well in STEM or engineering, is no guarantee of anything.

Many employers really don't know what they are hiring for and frequently have hiring practices counter to their stated wants. In fact, most people making hiring decisions have little to no actual knowledge of the disciplines they are hiring in.

As for what constitutes 'public support' - we've already voted with our taxpayer dollars for zombie studies. There is no greater form of express support than subsidy. Furthermore I guarantee you that there are at least three industries outside academia that will consume the products of 'zombie studies' - publishing, film/TV, and internet-based media - and it is no doubt pursuit of income from these sources that will enable 'zombie studies' to flourish. Like I said before, one does not buck the public purse with impunity.

H-1B workers are not "trained by the government," at least not through any kind of formally established program.

They are not paid "premium salaries," at least not according to the US Department of Labor: "...the Department's regulations require that the wages offered to a foreign worker must be the *prevailing wage rate* for the occupational classification in the area of employment.
The prevailing wage rate is defined as the *average wage* paid to similarly employed workers in a specific occupation in the area of intended employment...
The requirement to pay prevailing wages as a minimum is true of most employment based visa programs involving the Department of Labor. In addition, the H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 programs require the employer to pay the prevailing wage or the actual wage paid by the employer to workers with similar skills and qualifications, whichever is higher." In short, they are supposed to be paid "prevailing wage" or going rate for that position with that employer. In many cases these minima are not met by the employer.

Let's read about that "crying demand for engineers" from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:

Anio, Monica "Are Engineers Really In Demand," IEEE Roundup, 2/10/12 ... and from senior editor Patrick Thibodeau of Computerworld, who has reported on IT and engineering employment issues for over a decade:

Thibodeau, Patrick "What STEM Shortage? Electrical Engineering Lost 35,000 Jobs Last Year" Computerworld, 01/16/14.

As for "lies" about "domestic staff being displaced," the displacement of US citizen engineers has been documented for well over a decade by Dr. Norm Matloff, Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis. Distillations of his research on visa programs have appeared at ("How Foreign Students Hurt U.S. Innovation," 2/11/2013) and Barron's ("Where Are the Best and Brightest," June 8, 2013).

In these articles he takes the current president to task for his support of expanding green card giveaways as well as California Democrat Zoe Lofgren for her support of the H-1B program. The "people who hate the Koch Brothers" reflexively vote Democrat and don't go after the party faithful in op-ed pieces.

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1. LEO have a case "quota" to meet.
2. Government attorneys who are thinking of running for an elected political office, want to appear to be "tough on crime" (which is apparently want most voters want, unfortunately.)
3. The top 1% wants to suppress any tiny indication of an uprising. An citizenry that is armed with biological, chemical or nuclear capabilities threatens the existence of the elite class.

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I no longer have to worry about paying my bills and putting food on the table thanks to bitcoin.

The existence of the Zionist Federal Reserve is to enslave people through debt. The only way to revitalize the economy and to free the people is to invalidate the U.S. dollar's legal tender status. That way all debt denominated in U.S. dollars will be invalid, unleashing enormous economic growth that were suppressed due to debt. This is the central thought of the New Monetary Theory.

And BTW, Mr. Government Shill, North Korea is calling, may be you should return to your fatherland. The sole purpose of ANY form of government is to restrict people freedom. You can take communism back to your grave.

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