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Comment: Maintaining brand control (Score 1) 196

by u8i9o0 (#32033294) Attached to: Penny Arcade Makes Time 100

CmdrTaco writes:

I've always envied their ability to maintain control over their brand and ...

That reminds me of the time they signed away their book publishing rights and nearly lost the rights to their intellectual property and the name Penny Arcade. Except for that, I agree.
I'm a big PA fan, but they totally needed a business manager. And since I'm writing about him, I love this anecdote about Robert Khoo.

Comment: Re:2010 (Score 1) 233

by u8i9o0 (#30682596) Attached to: 2010 Bug Plagues Germany

Wait, 2-digit year format? If you're having problems with the transition from "09" to "10", then you'd also have problems with the transition from "2009" to "2010". A Y2K-like bug would mean that the INPUT value is incomplete, or essentially pre-truncated. What you describe is code that intentionally truncates the value itself. The client had better not get any blame for this.

Comment: Re:No surprise (Score 1) 131

by u8i9o0 (#30378328) Attached to: Data-Sifting For Timely Intelligence Still an Elusive Goal

what person? That's the whole point.

No, it's not. The premise of my scenario was "you're looking for someone in a city", meaning that you already know the identity of the individual.

Looking at the general issue that my example was trying to address, the 'whole point' is that most of the information overwhelming intelligence agencies is probably entirely irrelevant.

Comment: No surprise (Score 1) 131

by u8i9o0 (#30367368) Attached to: Data-Sifting For Timely Intelligence Still an Elusive Goal

1. Having information expire before it is discovered follows practical usage of encryption.

2. Basically, an extra layer is being applied at the content level: slang and the like are just word substitution.

3. Too much information probably indicates that attention is being diverted to cover unnecessary discussions. Think of it this way: you're looking for someone in a city. You could wiretap a few people close to that person and hope you catch some bit of conversation OR you wiretap the whole city guaranteeing you have every bit of conversation. The first approach will offer information in real time while the second approach will take years to discover relevant information. The first approach is adopted for speed, while the only reason to adopt the second is for archiving.

Comment: East coast USA? (Score 1) 239

by u8i9o0 (#30091276) Attached to: Two Sunken Japanese Submarines Found Off Hawaii


"Specifically designed for a stealth attack on the U.S. East Coast--perhaps targeting Washington, D.C., and New York City--the "samurai subs" were fast, far-ranging, ..."

I have doubts about this - with the Panama canal under Allied control, getting to the east coast USA from Japan would have been VERY far-ranging.

Comment: Re:Use inflammatory language much? (Score 1) 376

by u8i9o0 (#28352353) Attached to: NASA To Trigger Massive Explosion On the Moon In Search of Ice

Inflammatory? You mean like:

ZOMG!!!! A massive explosion!!! A six mile high explosion!!!!
Or would that actually be a very, very modest explosion (especially in astronomical terms) triggering a six mile high debris plume?

Right, astronomical terms. On that scale, one could argue that Earth occupies an infinitesimally small volume so destroying it should be of only minor consequence as well.

How about we limit destructive tests to things that we have in multiple quantities?

Comment: Re:Careful (Score 1) 1297

by u8i9o0 (#27520767) Attached to: South Park Creators Given Signed Photo of Saddam Hussein

There's a Democrat in the White House who's in the process of making his own blocks on this chart look like the freakin' Sears Tower in comparison to what's there now.

That chart doesn't include 2006, 2007 or 2008.

30-Dec-2005: $8,170,424,541,313.62
29-Dec-2006: $8,680,224,380,086.18 (CY06 increase: +$509,799,838,772.56)
31-Dec-2007: $9,229,172,659,218.31 (CY07 increase: +$548,948,279,132.13)
31-Dec-2008: $10,699,804,864,612.13 (CY08 increase: +$1,470,632,205,393.82)

That CY08 number is close to TRIPLE the size of the maximum from that chart.
Your Sears Tower was already in place before that Democrat was sworn in.

Comment: When a feature is perceived as a bug (Score 1) 282

by u8i9o0 (#27478515) Attached to: Strange Glitches In Games

There's one 'glitch' listed for Oblivion that is not: slaughterfish gasping.
A fish could spawn over land depending on the location of your load point - THAT issue should be the glitch.
But if it does appear over land, what do you expect a fish to do?

A gasping fish is an intentional feature, not a bug or glitch.

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