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by u38cg (#47382217) Attached to: Radar Changing the Face of Cycling
In the UK, you can take the plate number and make a report of careless driving to the police. Although they almost certainly won't prosecute with no evidence, they will speak to the driver and frankly for many people just having a cop knock on the door is sobering enough. In my experience it's never worth attempting to deal with it on the scene; people aren't willing to admit they're wrong, ever.

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My problem with it is that most of the time range rate with respect to a moving vehicle isn't of interest, because the driver of that vehicle is controlling his position with respect to you and can manoeuvre easily. The only time it is of interest is when it crosses the boundary to "too late to act", by which point, it is in fact too late to react. I really struggle to see what I would do differently based on the information this thing would give me.

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Yes, he did, but at the same time none of those actions show any sort of planning process. Essentially the information he found was just fuel for his fantasies. Of course you're right, there is going to be a grey area between enthusiastic fantasy and clear intent to act, but this case doesn't seem to have approached this zone.

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It appears he had a very strongly developed paraphilia; but the long and short of it is there was no evidence that he ever intended to take practical steps and there was no psychological evidence of risk. This is one that really shouldn't have gone to trial to start with; however, it's easy to understand why the jury convicted.

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by u38cg (#47374729) Attached to: Following EU Ruling, BBC Article Excluded From Google Searches
The thing that puzzles me is why Google is not charging for link removal. In the EU, if you want a copy of your personal data, you have to pay a reasonable fee for it. Likewise, if you want data removed, I don't see why you shouldn't pay a reasonable fee either. That in turn would at least pay for better scrutiny of these results.

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While in general I agree with you - you are talking about a group of people here who do their life's work at the junction of the earth and the air. It is true they may be misguided or misinformed. But their opinions were not arrived at through talk radio.

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