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Comment: Re:Government running a serious deficit? (Score 1) 323

by u38cg (#48210893) Attached to: Hungary To Tax Internet Traffic
No, you're completely missing my point. Specific taxes are not intended to pay for specific items of spending (as a rule). Ideally, a tax, should be efficient, fair, harmless and easy to collect, which is why sales/VAT/income taxes are so popular. Balancing a government budget (which again, you're confusing with a household budget) has nothing to do with what it is that is taxed.

Comment: Re:Bad news for ESPN (Score 1) 139

by u38cg (#48157281) Attached to: HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription
Bit once you're in that position, why wouldn't the programme maker simply sell the program directly? For example, the fifth season of Breaking Bad came pretty close to not getting made; if the channel had dropped it and the makers had simply distributed it online, I somehow suspect it wouldn't have done too badly.

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