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Comment: Re:Not Really --- And Rooting For This = Horrible (Score 1) 441

by u38cg (#48827799) Attached to: Why We Have To Kiss Off Big Carbon Now
Um, dude, perhaps read up a little on the supply and demand theory of pricing. If the price of oil goes down it is for two reasons: (1) more oil available (2) less oil being used. (1) is obviously never true. (2) is the correct answer. Sure, the response to lower prices will eventually be increased usage but that in turn will simply lead back into higher prices.

Comment: Re:How quaint. (Score 1) 441

by u38cg (#48827791) Attached to: Why We Have To Kiss Off Big Carbon Now
The Saudis have been attenmpting to cut supply and hence increase prices for a long time. They do not have the pricing power they once did. Russia is hurting and has to sell all it can. The rest of OPEC doesn't want to slow down. Venezuela can't slow down.

As for produce, I at least have seen cheaper goods in several categories recently at my local supermarket, though the oil price will be a second order impact.

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 290

by u38cg (#48821593) Attached to: Bitcoin Volatility Puts Miners Under Pressure
All a currency really needs is reliability; that it was here, yesterday, today, and will be here tomorrow. Sure, it has no inherent backing, but then neither does Peru's little fiat currency. The problem that I see is that despite all the talk, there's no real evidence of a Bitcoin economy emerging; people use it to settle payments but people aren't running entire businesses in Bitcoin and paying salaries in Bitcoin.

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