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Submission + - All your passwordsRus

u19925 writes: If this story at c|net is true, then all your passwords are gone. The authors claim that they can recover your keystrokes from 65 feet away by listening to electromagnetic waves. How would you protect against such attacks? Even if you can prevent this in your home by setting a shielded environment, how would you prevent your next door office mate from listening to your keyboards? That means that if you are a senior executive member in your company, a junior staff in a cubicle knows your bank passwords! A hacker can even take a laptop in bank and monitor every keystroke of bank staff. The only consolation here is that if lots of people are typing together, it may be hard to decode. Very soon, we will see a class of "secure keyboards" surfacing in the market.

Submission + - Missing element in electric circuits->

u19925 writes: Engineers at HP have discovered a new element of electric circuit which was predicted in 1971. Most people are familiar with resistors, inductors and capacitors which are three basic passive circuit elements. Using complex mathematics, Leon Chua in 1971 predicted the existence of fourth element which he named memritsor. Until recently, not many people knew how to make one. Senior Fellow R. Stanley Williams at HP has not only shown how to make one but also explains how it can be used in nano-circuitry in this article (Information Week
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