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Comment: Recharge seems to be bottleneck (Score 1) 131 131

Note that the paper says the capacity 1.8x at the beginning and 1.5x after 200 cycles. The smart phone batteries are rated at least 1000 cycles. Not sure what is the capacity after 1000th cycle. Until there are some numbers showing superior value at 1000th cycle, it will be hard to commercialize.

Comment: Re:why not crack down on the rioting protesters? (Score 5, Insightful) 177 177

When I was small, some private company wanted to start bus service in my city, but government struck down the proposal. The government buses serve non-profitable and profitable areas. They make profit in one area and subsidize another. Private player would only operate in profitable area causing either a loss or winding down operation in non-profitable area.

Case with Uber is similar. Registered taxi services have to carry passengers at pre-determined rate. Sometimes it is not profitable specially if a customer stays in area from which you don't easily get return passengers. This gets compensated when you customer and return as well. With Uber, they will charge more or less based on the analytics and eventually registered taxi drivers would lend up serving less profitable areas and more profitable routes will be undercut by Uber. If Uber is allowed, it should have the exact same requirements: Publish fare, must take customers at this rate irrespective of where you want to go and should take passengers strictly in the order in which requests are incoming. Otherwise, it is giving unfair advantage to Uber over taxi service.

Comment: Are you swayed by the article? (Score 2) 110 110

I read the article and I am not at all convinced against Apple music. After all during free trial, who cares if I miss few artists. It is not that all of sudden all my other way of listening going to disappear. None of the problems mentioned in the article are bottleneck.

I don't use any paid streaming service as of now, but I am considering either Spotify and Apple music. But my decision will not have any bearings to whatever nonsense is there in the article.

Comment: more integration (Score 1) 351 351

Mozilla should also integrate facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, pandora, itune..... etc. After all we all users like tight integration, don't we? I am sure this partners can provide minimal client side software under MPLv2.

Seriously, Mozilla should pull this out immediately. It can maintain a site for recommended extensions but should not directly integrate it.

Comment: what will happen to paid radio? (Score 1) 415 415

Looks like paid radio services will have some tough time ahead. Specially for families, the Apple Music will be actually cheaper than Pandora premium. Also, with complete iTune catalog on it, it will be have vastly more content than competitors. And now it works across range of devices, so yet another benefit of using Pandora like services is going away. Not sure what is happening, but this is very very frightening with Apple holding all your eggs.

Comment: hey guys... (Score 1) 1032 1032

I am interesting student loan interest rate for everyone. I am wasting taxpayers money in a very pre-planned manner despite the fact that it is possible for me live decently within my means. And guess what, I am not ashamed at all. In fact, I am telling everyone who is shy of doing it to go and do it. Ain't I great? Thanks for reading this.

Comment: Clueless (Score 1) 260 260

"Google is more likely to hire a developer who's already proficient in the language since she would need less training."

This is the worst argument I have ever seen and is a total recipe of disaster. Imagine MS only hiring VB people, Oracle hiring PL/SQL and SAP hiring ADABAS and IBM hiring FORTRAN/COBOL people, where would they be today?

Comment: unfair criticism (Score 3, Insightful) 80 80

The criticism of website is unfair. Some people in some photos indeed look younger. Instead of criticizing AI algorithms, I would suggest take a test by using a random photo where you don't the true ages beforehand but have a way to find it out. Compare you guess with the website and see who does better. I tested several photos from my collection by asking my colleagues to guess the ages of my extended family members and the website. On an average the website was actually better than my colleagues.

Comment: per passanger mile is useless metric (Score 1) 280 280

This is absolutely useless metric. How about taking your clothes to dry cleaner or doing grocery using a plane? Cars are efficient compared to planes for the purposes where cars are used. Sometimes I go from SF to LA and I rarely see another car with a single passenger. This is the case where a plane can replace cars but even in this case planes would be inefficient once you take into account 3 passengers per car, 90% plane occupancy and take off, landing and airport infrastructure energy usage (even with the most modern energy efficient aircraft). So on case by case basis, planes will almost always lose if they try to replace the cars. Vice versa, cars may lose if they try to replace planes in many cases.

Comment: Re:Extraordinary claims ... (Score 1) 256 256

What about millions of people believing that a woman's cancer was cured by locket with Mother Teresa's photo. This is the lie being propagated by Vatican and no one bothered to do fact check. There are far more people on this earth who are "believers" and much fewer people who rely on logical reasoning.

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