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Comment: Re:islam (Score 0) 1350

by u19925 (#48756387) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

Semantics of kill or murder don't matter, the whole logic is flawed. Let us say "student cannot copy in exam". If a student copies in exam, he or she does not cease to be a student. Same way just because Christianity forbids murder does not mean that if a Christian murders then he of she ceases to be a Christian. Same for any other religion.

Comment: there is no such thing... (Score 2) 429

by u19925 (#48336901) Attached to: Mathematical Proof That the Universe Could Come From Nothing

There is no such thing as completely mathematical proof. All mathematical proof require some axioms (fundamental assumptions) and all proofs depend on those axioms. You can't prove something mathematically to someone who refuse to accept your axioms (and there is nothing wrong with it). For example, if I don't accept Euclid's 5th postulate, you can't prove me that sum of triangle is 180 degrees. The same goes for this proof. There are set of axioms and what the author is saying is that "if you accept my axioms, then" "i have a complete mathematical proof...". The title of this story eliminates the first part to sensationalize the second part.

Comment: Landline vs cell phone once again (Score 2, Insightful) 415

by u19925 (#48272091) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

You don't need to charge your landline phone (except wireless) but you pretty much need to charge your cell phone daily or at least weekly. How many people would like to go back to landline? Apple watch has similar physical dimensions as regular watch and they both show times. Similarities end there. The apple watch can do many more things that regular watch cannot and it needs battery for those functions. If you are happy with what your watch does, ignore apple watch (I am going to do that), but many folks may like to have one.

Comment: broken upgrade method (Score 1) 242

by u19925 (#48252685) Attached to: OEM Windows 7 License Sales End This Friday

Microsoft charges for upgrades which Apple does not. Over long run, this adds up to the cost of machine for customers. For MS, this is costly too as it has to maintain multiple versions of Windows. I think, microsoft should have option of unlimited upgrade either as a single charge or a reasonable subscription service. That will keep most customers (at least premium customers) up to date all the time.

Comment: Reasons for using CC (Score 1) 631

by u19925 (#48252487) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

There are several reasons I use CC despite the fact that they charge about 3.5% to retailers.
-- I get 1-2% cash back
-- Extra safety: Last year, I booked my hotel rooms through one of the travel websites. I got the confirmation email which said non-smoking but when I reached to the hotel, the room was smoking and non-smoking vacancy were all suites at extra charge which I had to pay. The travel website refused to accept the fault initially denying that I had requested non-smoking and finally saying that non-smoking is just a request. I talked to my CC company and they refunded me the extra charge and reduced that from the original payment to the travel website. Will your bank do this?
-- Extra warranty: Once I had a $2000 laptop which broke 11 months later when traveling to India. The manufacturer told me to ship to USA location and told me that it can only be returned back to India and it will take 7-10 weeks. I decided to send them for repair when I came back to USA. Unfortunately, that was 12 months later and they refused to fix it under warranty. Fortunately, I had paid with CC which extends warranty by another year. Will your bank do this?
-- My CC limit is like my overdraft protection. Banks charge monthly service fee for this.
-- When my CC was hacked and someone tried to use it, I got a call from my CC company. They immediately canceled fake txn and issued me new card. Good luck if similar things happens with your bank money

I never carry forward balances, so never pay finance charges or interest. I still think CC fees are high, but the alternate solution of using ACH is good enough. Besides it will only increase retailers profit as they are not going to give you discount for using ACH.

Comment: true reaon for leaving! (Score 4, Insightful) 142

by u19925 (#47707125) Attached to: Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board

Dear Satya,

I sincerely feel that microsoft stock is very high and is unsustainable over a long period. I cannot sell my stock while still on microsoft board. By leaving the board, I will be able to sell the stock before it crashes. Why do you think, I made you CEO in the first place?

Your former boss.

Comment: Re:Money pit (Score 3, Insightful) 322

by u19925 (#47624585) Attached to: With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal

Plus the amount of money to be made will be less as you already have Panama canal. The average price will fall which will reduce Panama canal's profit but for them there is not much cost involved and hence the impact will be minimal. However, the lower rate can bankrupt Nicaragua canal. I wonder if they are self financing or are they able to get debt for such a risky project.

Comment: What about research at MIT? (Score 1) 228

by u19925 (#47362441) Attached to: The New 501(c)(3) and the Future of Open Source In the US

At MIT, lot of research is done and published and the results can be used for anything including making weapons of mass destruction by terrorist and dictators. How come MIT research is tax exempt? In fact, both MIT and Yorba are involved in doing things which are good for the whole humanity without directly profiting from it and hence both should qualify EQUALLY. If one is banned then the other should be as well. In fact MIT and other educational institutions often directly work with commercial organizations and sell their IP for profit and still they are considered charity. If Yorba's purpose is to develop software specifically for commercial organization such as banks or retail stores, then it would have been a different matter.

Comment: Camry at half the price isn't affecting BMW or its (Score 1) 398

by u19925 (#46816643) Attached to: Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?

Tesla and Leaf are not in the same category even when adjusted for range. Tesla is normally regarded luxury car like Mercedes, BMW, Lexus category and Leaf is considered as an alternative to Corolla and Prius. Even if Leaf range is same, it won't dent a sale of Tesla as I don't see any buyer overlap.

Comment: why cars as the first application (Score 1) 174

by u19925 (#46773351) Attached to: 'Thermoelectrics' Could One Day Power Cars

the first application of such devices would be more like a solar cell, power plant, backup generator etc. Putting a new device in car can take decades, but putting in these can be done much more quickly as the number of approvals needed is far few. Whenever, someone uses "car" where it is not justified, I know the innovation is most likely worthless showoff or it is decades away from practical use. Yes, one day all cars will run on fusion power. Thanks.

Comment: Three things missing... (Score 4, Interesting) 429

by u19925 (#45065593) Attached to: Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

There are still three things missing:
1. Scientists are only counting the laser energy absorbed by the fuel. Not all of the laser energy is absorbed by the fuel.
2. Lasers are not 100% efficient. They take lot more energy than they give out.
3. The generated energy is in the form of heat. Converting it to electrical is not there.

Overall, the efficiency is still less than 1%. Far away from anything usable.

Comment: faster upgrades (Score 1) 348

by u19925 (#44867265) Attached to: Did Apple Make a Mistake By Releasing Two New iPhones?

The iPhone-C is a low end device with older hardware. Which means it will become obsolete faster and owners will upgrade in shorter time than iPhone-S owners will. Also, the price difference is not all that high (550 vs 650 USD for iphoneC and iphoneS). Assuming it is $50 cheaper to make iPhone, Apple will recover that in quicker upgrade cycle. Also, it allows Apple to sell iPhone to users who would have gone most likely to Android. In fact, this is the best thing Apple could have done. Apple's recent fall of stock price is because the investors believes that it should have introduced an even lower end device which they didn't. So imaging what would have happened without iPhone-C?

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