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Comment: Re: Never (Score 1) 152 152

Probably because these sorts of projects *begin* purely in a computer rather than a humanoid form? And as such peripherals connected to said computer and within its field of vision or awareness would be the initial extent of its capabilities... Again, you're making the assumption that from day one, we have a Terminator with a hive consciousness... Ability to learn, read, and adapt to differing stimuli is unquestioned and a desired result of a true self aware AI. But there are many steps between "cogito ergo sum" and "I can build myself a new arm in a room where I can't see what's going on as a means of leaving said room.

Comment: Re: Never (Score 1) 152 152

You're making a wild assumption that *every* world AI would be one in this scenario, and as such intrinsically absorb any knowledge or experience of another. That is a pretty massive logical jump between *a self aware AI in your garage* and Skynet. If said AI is limited within the confines of a body to interact within the world that does not have appropriate dexterity to use or manipulate said tools, let alone grip them, how do you anticipate it wills itself into infinite utility?

Comment: Re: It Has Begun! (Score 4, Insightful) 53 53

Or, as a more plausible answer, said microbes are capable of being transplanted quite easily, such as by winds, rains, migratory birds, and the like. That's not even mentioning contaminants that simply enter the water table from neighboring civilizations and are drank unknowingly by this people or their sources of food.

Comment: Re: The tarnishing of spirits really helps (Score 1, Insightful) 228 228

And the reason why there are no cities nearby is precisely because the land is sacred. When the U.S. came to Hawaii, they took much of the native people's lands. The idea of mass demolition of a holy site simply because it does not appear to comply with angio-saxon definitions of what should and should not be holy is not a matter that should be taken flippantlyly. Consider various Native American tribes practices and and ideals with regards to respect for land. It is the source of life. The act of destroying it violently could be seen as offensive.

Comment: Re:Not forced. (Score 1) 536 536

Per TFA, DSL and Dial-Up are not available as CenturyLink will not install him as they are on Permanent Exhaust, despite previously quoting availability and scheduling an install for both telephone and DSL services.

The owner is presently using cellular internet to do his work at extensive additional costs due to metered bandwidth, but it's his only option due to being lied to by these companies multiple times for months in advance of purchase and after move in.

Comment: Re:Quantum Computing Required? (Score 1) 294 294

And problems today are with scalability, and handling not just "2+2" but "2+[n...]" done a near infinite number of times. It is about algorithmic operations on continuous input that require adaptive understanding of whether said data is important, and finding relative context within the data so that patterns can begin to emerge. Getting to 2+2 faster isn't the goal of quantum computing, AI, or whatever else for that matter... Helping the system to understanding why the question is important is.

Comment: Re:Quantum Computing Required? (Score 1) 294 294

It's a matter of the right algorithms being written that are sufficiently optimized and capable of adapting to changing stimulus. In fact, we have systems that do just this in very limited contexts today in the field of machine learning algorithms, neural net technologies, and even the various high frequency trading systems in use within the stock market. These are the building blocks upon which a meaningful AI could one day be built, and would itself not require a complete revision in terms of how our technology needs be invented. Older algorithms were insanely efficient because older processors were extremely limited and engineers needed to keep the cruft out to ensure that their code runs effectively. At present, an simplistic tasks link out to extensive and massive external libraries by nature of them existing and making new development easier. The problem is that these overly powerful devices upon which everything now runs, code is allowed to be increasingly inefficient because the "good enough" law has permeated the industry. Quantum Computing is a crutch to allow our present "sloppy" practices to continue as effective performance of the chips will go up several orders of magnitude over what we have today.

Comment: Re:Headaches part 2 electric boogaloo (Score 2) 68 68

Think of it this way... Each column *can* display up to 3 shades simultaneously, but those shade choices within those columns *can* be any of 128 levels of intensity.

Think of it as "Column 1" shades value "1,2,3" and "Column 2" shades value "4,5,6". Each pixel need not be completely off and completely on.

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