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Comment Re:jesus thats all it takes? (Score 1) 106

I doubt that Julia is going to surpass R in a decade as you say. I use R because statisticians like it and contribute every obscure technique into it. Statisticians (for most part) don't seem to care about performance or elegance of the language from an engineering standpoint. R toolbox, for whatever reason, makes sense to them. For most people, R is used more as a statistical shell, rather than a programming language. Do I care whether BASH scripting is elegant or fast? No... just that everything is quickly available from it.

Julia will no doubt be valuable for a subset of statistical techniques where performance matters. I think Julia will become a good extension language for vectorized code. It will perhaps be the next NumPy/Cython, a general-purpose high-level, high-performance language/libraries that everyone can plug into, not just the Python community.

The one problem I had was that it still had a nasty startup time when I last evaluated it an year ago. Gadfly took way too long to import... something like a minute. Its not a problem for interactive use, but painful for scripts. It can be worked around of course. I hope the grant helps.

Comment Re:decline in leadship quality (Score 1) 289

OK, I'm coming out of cryogenic storage to tell you to shut up. You opened this subthread with *bizarrely ignorant claptrap*, and should have shut up when the first reply called you out on your lies. But now you're doubling down.

Lincoln could not be the "trigger that started the Civil War" when he was elected *after the war started*, after the majority of the Confederate states had already seceded, the last 4 were already proceeding with secession, and the Confederacy had already started shooting at the Union. Which should have been enough facts to shut you up, but I suppose you enjoy the kind of BS sometimes known as "from the South's perspective": any lie to deny the truth, however bizarrely ignorant.

Lincoln wasn't a "two-bit" lawyer prior to his political career, he was an extremely well accomplished lawyer. And he didn't have "zero experience", he had represented Illinois prominently in the US House of Representatives, and served in the Illinois House of Representatives for 8 years prior to that.

Lincoln was of course recognized as a good leader while destroying the Confederacy, being reelected to do so. That is the very definition of "recognized as good leader": reelected wartime Commander in Chief of the USA. Yes, the US press and many factions are always highly critical of any president; "universally recognized as a good leader" doesn't even belong to FDR.

Oh, how about your BS about Lincoln's "razor close" first election? Lincoln: 1,866,452; Douglas: 1,376,957; Breckinridge: 849,781; Bell: 588,789. That 489,495 margin over #2 was a *landslide* 10.4%, . What the hell are you talking about? You also said something deranged like "but if the South had been voting in the second election". What about "but if the South had freed its slaves instead of seceding"? Because they're equally nonsensical hypotheticals. And your Electoral College split 4 ways because *there were 4 candidates*, no reflection on Lincoln's leadership. But Lincoln's 180 EVs to the combined total of the other 3 at 123 EVs was an even bigger landslide than the popular vote. The words "razor close" don't describe any aspect of Lincoln's *landslide victory* over a full field, representing a new party in a large war-divided country.

And how does maintaining his commitment to Emancipation, even in face of a resigning Cabinet member (showing Lincoln's commitment to including even those who disagreed in his Cabinet, more committed than they were to staying), show anything but deeply effective leadership - as the government didn't suffer, but instead the nation was kept together even despite the war?

Your spin on all that crazy talk is that Lincoln turned out to be a leader who rose to the occasion, despite no reason to expect it. But in fact Lincoln gave all indications of being an exemplary leader from start to finish of his presidency.

Were you perhaps educated about Lincoln out of some "ex" Confederate state textbook? In any case, who taught you that when you're totally wrong you should ignore being proven wrong and double down with even more wrong?

Comment Re:I solved this very problem. (Score 1) 217

Many ISPs, Comcast included, will provide a smarthost of their own that you can use (the creatively named at Comcast). It's not free in that you're paying for the internet connection anyway, but they'll happily let you relay your outbound mail through them.

I did just that for years and now, as of August, my ISP (TW) is silently dropping roughly half of my outbound email despite accepting it...

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 1) 67

What is right wing about filing a lawsuit to unmask a doe, suing that person, then settling for a much smaller amount. It seems this is used by many different trolls, and likely doesn't have any political ideology behind it. It is sleazy though. Filing a lawsuit with the intention of settling just to get a payout is wrong. It is short circuiting the justice system for personal profit.

Yeah that's neither right nor left, it's the universal language of greedy bloodsuckers.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 3, Interesting) 67

What is right wing about that process? The Democrats support the movie industry, not the Republicans.

The fact that Democrats support something doesn't negate the possibility of something being right wing. The Democrats are not ideologically pure, or ideologically homogenous, and very few of them can be considered "left".

To me, pretending that copyright is only about property rights, and ignoring the fact that copyright was also supposed to be about free speech and about making material available for free to the public after a limited time, is definitely "right wing".

Comment Re:DMCA needs to die (Score 1) 67

This has nothing to do with the DMCA, this is a straight out copyright infringement lawsuit being filed. The real problem is that the methods the copyright holders (or the copyright enforcement goons acting on their behalf) are using to identify torrent users aren't good enough and its good to see at least one judge willing to call these enforcers out on it.

Exactly. Would have been nice for judges to start doing this 11 years ago, but glad they've come around.

Submission + - All Malibu Media subpoenas in Eastern District NY put on hold

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: A federal Magistrate Judge in Central Islip, New York, has just placed all Malibu Media subpoenas in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Staten Island on hold indefinitely, due to "serious questions" raised by a motion to quash (PDF) filed in one of them. Judge Steven Locke's 4-page Order and Decision (PDF) cited the defendant's arguments that "(i) the common approach for identifying allegedly infringing BitTorrent users, and thus the Doe Defendant, is inconclusive; (ii) copyright actions, especially those involving the adult film industry, are susceptible to abusive litigation practices; and (iii) Malibu Media in particular has engaged in abusive litigation practices" as being among the reasons for his issuance of the stay.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 1165

You kinda made OP's case.

> I suspect Finland has neither a melting pot of people that the US has

Are there any statistics to show that still-melting people or refusing-to-melt people are responsible for most of these shootings?

> and that it has a much better public health system for the poor and disadvantaged than the US does.
> The United States doesn't lock up its crazy people and doesn't provide a reasonable option for their mental health treatment.

US public health system may be an embarrassment compared to other OECD countries. But there are many third world countries that have much worse health care, poverty and undiagnosed mental health cases that don't have mass shootings, because they recognize the reality that their societies, don't have the maturity to handle guns safely. Australia decided to give up guns when it realized that. Unlike in US, gun-ownership isn't an entire ideology in Australia, so their hands were not tied.

Comment Re:It's not the size (Score 1) 279

You can combine them. Android can be used with a mouse (mostly) just fine. Touch UIs work OK with the mouse, but the reverse isn't as easy for the reasons you state. One of the main reasons is that the mouse is much more precise than touch. So we have small UI elements on desktop apps that are just hard to hit with touch, but somewhat manageable with a stylus. iOS team took advantage of the coarse aspects of touch and incorporated gestures to great effect.

As we are moving towards high DPI displays on mobile, but not so much on the desktop, perhaps the differences will become less different in the future and mobile interfaces will look acceptable for mouse use. Tooling (Appmethod) is making it easy for apps to simply present two different interfaces for the same functionality. In the end, it will all converge. Windows appears to be on the right track for long term evolution.

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