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Comment Apple..... (Score 0, Insightful) 296

I am admittedly an apple fanboy... And I am now at wits end with how they operate to tightly over there apps and even the Mac itself. I still refuse to use Windows, but come on Apple, get your fucking head out of your pompous asses and wake up.. Its not all about 'YOU' you fucking fucks. listen to the Users and MAYBE you will win more market share.

Submission Goodbye Moto - Ed Zander quits as CEO->

Dynamoo writes: "Troubled communications giant Motorola has announced that CEO Ed Zander is to step down. After presiding over years of sliding sales and a seemingly fatal addiction to the RAZR phone, many investors and consumers will be raising a cheer and hoping that Motorola can do something interesting (and profitable) for a change, especially rebel investor Carl Icahn."
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Quality Open Source Calendaring / Scheduling? 492

Jim R. Wilson writes "In past jobs, I've used Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Novell Groupwise, and Google Calendar for handling business appointments. I'm sorry to say it, but I have yet to see a rival to Microsoft's scheduling features. On Slashdot I have occasionally read rumblings that there are better open source email and calendaring solutions out there. Can anyone substantiate this claim? What are the OSS alternatives? Can any compete with Microsoft's resource scheduling?"