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Comment Meh (Score 2) 337

I don't know, most long time iOS developers I know, including myself, aren't really jumping all over themselves to adopt Swift. I mean the writing is on the wall obviously, and Apple will eventually drop Objective-C down the road, so we'll have to eventually adopt it. That's the attitude I'm seeing among people I know. Personally I don't particularly like it that much and it seems to be solving problems that don't need a solution, like fucking optionals. That said, there are features of the language I like but I wish they had just continued to develop and refine Obj-C, honestly just getting rid of the bracket syntax and adding some of the features from Swift would satisfy me. Apple characterizing Swift as "Obj-C without the C" couldn't be more wrong. It's more like "C++ without the C" or "Obj-C without the Small Talk"

Most of the talk about Swift seems to be coming from people that aren't iOS developers and don't really have any idea what they're talking about.

Comment Re: Yay for "zero tolerance" (Score 1) 591

I should mention I grew up in Arkansas, so in comparison it's not so bad, and Austin is basically as liberal as San Francisco. If the Republicans hadn't gerrymandered the fuck out of the city we'd actually have all Democratic representation. Hell one our congressional districts includes parts of fucking Dallas, 3 hours away.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."