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Comment Meh (Score 2) 337

I don't know, most long time iOS developers I know, including myself, aren't really jumping all over themselves to adopt Swift. I mean the writing is on the wall obviously, and Apple will eventually drop Objective-C down the road, so we'll have to eventually adopt it. That's the attitude I'm seeing among people I know. Personally I don't particularly like it that much and it seems to be solving problems that don't need a solution, like fucking optionals. That said, there are features of the language I like but I wish they had just continued to develop and refine Obj-C, honestly just getting rid of the bracket syntax and adding some of the features from Swift would satisfy me. Apple characterizing Swift as "Obj-C without the C" couldn't be more wrong. It's more like "C++ without the C" or "Obj-C without the Small Talk"

Most of the talk about Swift seems to be coming from people that aren't iOS developers and don't really have any idea what they're talking about.

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