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Comment Re:Toilet paper and timber? (Score 2) 225

With paper, the tree is crushed. Why would you need a large straight tree for that? Economics re-enforces this. You're not going to pay extra for a large tree just to crush it

What? Have you even been to an active paper company forest?

This reminds me of the Mike Rowe's TED talk about how a lot of people talk about things they think they know.


Comment Re: hacking (Score 1) 101

I've actually been thinking of changing my open "Guest" SSID to "Password is guestaccess" and put WPA2 PSK on it, for better guest privacy. I wouldn't consider it hacking for somebody to use it. Just be careful with terminology and specificity before somebody carelessly outlaws more useful things (like the firmware that letd me do those useful things).

Comment Re:Turing Test (Score 1) 308

There was a chatbot a while ago that "passed" a turing test by claiming that English wasn't its first language. This situation is kind of similar. Most of the comments were things like "lol hi how r u lol"; in other words, the bots were acting generally unintelligible to lower the expectations of the people who interacted with them.

Pretending to be a person who can't pass a turing test is cheating on a real turing test.

Comment Re: Short answer? (Score 1, Troll) 179

don't abuse Shannon's Law like that. There are ways of rotating and polarizing the waves to get thousands of times more information out of every frequency range. Shannon's Law only applies to each specific modulation. There was an article here on work in the lab to commercialize this in the past year or two. Most FTTH use cases could be replaced with this, although FTTH can roll tomorrow and this is still vaporware - 15 years is a lot of productivity.

Comment Re:I really just don't get it. (Score 0, Troll) 184

I see you dont know ANYTHING about the revolutionary war.

1776 was a bunch of rich people convincing the poor to fight for them. George washington was just pissed his riches were being taxed along with all the other "founding fathers" It was a fantastic job of convincing most oft he citizens to fight for "freedom" that only the richest men enjoyed and they shovelled that " you can be too" BS down their throats to help convince parents to send their kids to die for the rich guys.

Tea partiers don' know anything about american history other than the propaganda crap taught in high-school. It's why you guys are not taken seriously.

The biggest difference, back then the rich guys had the balls to actually be near the front lines and even on them. Today our country is ran by 100% cowards.

Comment Netflix is Tanking Hard (Score 2) 293

Look at the new and leaving content for this month - it's almost all junk (with slightly more quality stuff leaving than coming).

Netflix is still showing me "New Episodes" for stuff I watched 6 months ago. A friend of mine said recently, "I spend more time looking for something to watch on Netflix than I do watching Netflix".

I just started requesting DVD's again from Netflix (send back the first one in two years yesterday) and my kids watch YouTube all the time anyway - I'm pretty sure there's no reason for me to keep the streaming service at this point. I wonder if I can cancel that separately. I still have 300 discs in my DVD queue and feel silly for trying to use the Internet instead of USPS for digital content.

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