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Comment: Re:Duh. (Score 1) 821

by txghia58 (#37386320) Attached to: Of Diamond Planets, Climate Change, and the Scientific Method
Who cares. Did buying said replacement bulbs save you money? It did me. Who cares if having a more fuel efficient car will save the planet as long as it makes our limited resources last longer, hopefully until we find a decent replacement. There are tons of things that you can do that will help the environment that will have a + effect on your pocket book now. There have even been studies done that indicate that the changes that need to be done will be good for the economy in general.

Comment: Re:everyone loses (Score 1) 412

by txghia58 (#36520562) Attached to: Paying Hacker Extortion
Can't find it right now but I thought I remembered an article where a bill was introduced where hacking could be considered a declaration of war. So these people are threatening an act of war in this case which would make them terrorists. Not to mention the definition of terrorist that the patriot act has we are all terrorists.

Comment: Re:You have no right to not be offended (Score 2) 372

by txghia58 (#36394724) Attached to: Tennessee Bans Posting 'Offensive' Images Online
So my grand father was a fire and brimstone southern baptist preacher. Most of his sermons were intended to frighten people of going to hell. So in this day and age he would have been breaking the law. The movie Reefer Madness was intended to scare people of the evils of marijuana. etc.... etc.....

Comment: Re:Can you say fiscal responsibility? (Score 1) 603

by txghia58 (#35036130) Attached to: White House Wants 1M Electric Cars By 2015
How is stopping the export of US Dollars not fiscally responsible. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Reduce our need to base our troops where foreign oil is produced. Consumers save money by using electricity instead of gas. Consumers spend more money at wally world. Ooops forgot that this will just cause the money to go to China instead.

Comment: Re:Plug In Cars (Score 1) 603

by txghia58 (#35035846) Attached to: White House Wants 1M Electric Cars By 2015
And everyone knows that all internal combustion engines are 100% efficient. You will be lucky to get 8kWh out of that gallon of gas when put in a car 25% efficiency. An electric motor would be more like 75% efficient meaning your cost per gallon would be more like $0.85 which several of my friends are reporting to be in the neighborhood of spending on their working electric cars.

Comment: Re:Why don't they sell garages covered in solar ce (Score 1) 603

by txghia58 (#35035586) Attached to: White House Wants 1M Electric Cars By 2015
You all ready can. If you can prove that installing solar will save you more over the lifetime of the loan than what it adds to the loan you can get additional money at the loan time (either re-finance or purchase) to cover the installation cost. And with all the rebates\tax incentives for installing solar you can bring a $20K solar install down to about 12-14K. So it doesn't add much to the monthly payments of a 30 year load any way so its easy to say that the $300 that you will save on an electric bill will be covered by the solar. Now you would be better off doing this regardless of the electric car.

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