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Comment Re:We owe our thanks to Mr. Snowden (Score 2) 366

The DES "S-boxes" were magic numbers that people believed it was a backdoor. It took years for people to see that it closed weaknesses. The way the NSA work, they can't talk about why they put in the magic numbers. Not that we should not try to find out what the numbers do. If we change the "magic number" without learning that it really is a weakness, we could end up making Elliptic curve weaker.

Comment Re: I always suspect.... (Score 1) 178

Who breaks the law, and what law; does effect guilt. You are always breaking laws. It is the base for getting you convicted that marks you.
Ex. Man and woman go to bar get drunk. While drunk they have sex. Later the woman can press charges on the man for 'rape' and win. The way the laws are USED says that a man should know better then to have sex with a woman who does not have full control of her self (Drunk, drugged, insane,...). The man would be hard pressed to get rape charges on the woman even if under the law it was still rape. The woman, who was also drunk, took avenge of a man who was not in full control of him self..

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