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Submission + - Krugman: Bitcoin and the gold standard->

twoallbeefpatties writes: Prominent Keynesian economist Paul Krugman has left a note on his blog at NYTimes about his view of Bitcoin, discussing it's similarity to the gold standard and suggesting a drop in "real gross Bitcoin product" as it's users hoard the currency rather than spend it.
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The Internet

Submission + - Wikileaks Show US Influencing Controversial NZ Law->

twoallbeefpatties writes: A series of cables that now appear on Wikileaks appear to show the U.S. influencing the creation of a controversial three-strikes law for the internet in New Zealand. Among other things, U.S. officials appeared to be discouraging an amendment that would allow fair use and called for signing the bill more quickly in order to prevent public outcry from influencing opposition against it.
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Submission + - Proposal To Kill Wisconsin University Broadband->

twoallbeefpatties writes: via BoingBoing, a bill designed to give state universities more freedom gained an additional line at the 11th hour that would dismantle WiscNet, a nonprofit broadband system that serves schools and libraries in Wisconsin. The line could force the state to return stimulus funds that were planned to go to WiscNet's expansion, including money already spent. It's possible the line was the result of lobbying from AT&T, who would gain business by forcing more use of a more expensive private-public system.
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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Ex-Goldman Sachs Programmer Found Guilty->

twoallbeefpatties writes: "Slashdot has previously mentioned the trial of former Goldman Sachs computer programmer Sergey Aleynikov, whose trial was requested to be sealed from the public to prevent discussion of GS's high-frequency trading system. A guilty verdict has been handed down in this trial."
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The Military

Submission + - PowerPoint Rant Costs Colonel His Job->

twoallbeefpatties writes: "Wired reports that a 61-year-old reservist in Afghanistan was fired from his job as a staff officer after writing a sardonic op-ed criticizing the daily briefings provided by his taskforce, portraying them as little more than a neverending stream of redundant PowerPoint slideshows. This came after attempts to reform the process by giving his superiors a presentation that, of course, included five PowerPoint slides."
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The Courts

Submission + - Sirius-XM Merger Approved By DOJ->

twoallbeefpatties writes: ""The U.S. Justice Department on Monday (March 24) approved the merger between satellite radio companies Sirius and XM more than a year after the two companies first announced the initial deal. According to its Web site, the Justice Department's Antitrust Division cleared the merger after determining that Sirius' takeover of XM would not harm competition or consumers." The deal still needs to be approved by the FCC, but considering how friendly the FCC has been to mergers so far during this administration (for better or worse), chances are that this is now a done deal."
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XBox (Games)

Submission + - Slate: Casual Play on 360 Live Arcade

twoallbeefpatties writes: "Columnist Chris Suellentrop writes an article for Slate describing how his desire for casual gaming is fulfilled more by the 360 than the Wii due to the presence of simpler games available over Live Arcade, saying that the availability of oldschool Nintendo games on the Wii network fulfills his nostalgic hardcore gaming side, but when he really wants to just relax, he'd rather be trying to top his Live high score on Root Beer Tapper."

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