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Comment: Re:Competition (Score 1) 907

by twistedcubic (#47995777) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

In the absence of a government-protected monopoly, if all sellers' costs decrease, competition will drive the price down over time.

How true! Gasoline here in southern California costs just $1/gallon now, when just last year I paid $4.50/gallon. Amazing how those cost savings are passed on to the consumer!

Comment: It's hard to be rich (Score 1) 243

by twistedcubic (#47737281) Attached to: It's Dumb To Tell Kids They're Smart
I think Khan is being a little too cautious. However, being a millionaire, he probably is more careful to instill certain values in his children, since they'll never do without for lack of money. I often read on the internet about how parents too often praise their kids for being smart, but I've never seen this in real life (except for my children, who are brilliant ;) I wouldn't take the research literally. I think people should take all the good lessons learned from their parents, along with some common sense, and pass them on to their children.

Comment: Fatally flawed study (Score 3, Insightful) 175

The students who take the ACT are not necessarily representative of the state's population. For example, I took the SAT, and not the ACT, because all the colleges I applied to accepted SAT results, but not all accepted ACT results. Students who were going to the local state school just took the ACT alone. I bet the reverse is true in different states. It doesn't take much thought to see these results are totally meaningless.

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