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Comment Re:Seems like stockholders... (Score 1) 235

Except that the stockholders still own stock in a company going in all those directions.

I think this is more about Larry and Sergey putting a trusted lieutenant in charge of the stuff they're a little bored with, so he can focus on that stuff, while they get to focus their attention on other more new and interesting (to them) stuff.

Comment Solitaire (Score 5, Funny) 468

I know a whole bunch of people who are going to be upset about Solitaire going away. I work for a retirement community, and the second-most-used application on the computers in the activity center (after "The Internet") is Solitaire. We're going to have to install a substitute on these machines (or their replacements) when we switch to WinX, or we'll never hear the end of the complaints.

Comment Re:Of course it bombed (Score 1) 205

Of course the poor box-office of Tomorrowland is one data point, which the superstitious oracles at Disney have taken as an omen that any film which has certain factors in common with it will also fail.... rather than an indication that maybe this movie was specifically not very good, or not properly marketed.

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