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Comment: "Umbrela" is unveiling some stuff at CES... (Score 1) 189 189

This is all new, I post it only because I just read about it the other day in the local paper. The emphasis with this stuff is on inexpensive, but it's from a guy with a good track record at other local tech companies.
Here's a snippet:
Smart homes from smart guy
High prices inspired entrepreneur's firm
By: Martin Cash
One of Winnipeg's newest startups can thank sticker shock for its existence.
Salman Qureshi was building a home three years ago in St. Norbert and asked about adding some smart-home features to the project. The answer startled him. And then inspired him.
"I wasn't thinking about anything fancy, just some networking so I wouldn't have to worry about wireless issues," said Qureshi, 44, the former head of product development and manufacturing at Monteris Medical.
"I got a quote for a few thousand dollars. It was unbelievable (how expensive it was)."
It was at that point the seed of the idea was planted in the back of his mind for an all-in-one smart-home device.

+ - Sell 67,000 Beatles song illegally, $1m fine->

turthalion writes: In a ruling that demonstrates how hypocritical the music industry is, website Bluebeat, covered previously on Slashdot, has agreed to pay $1M to the recording industry after being found guilty of SELLING 67,000 Beatles songs. Compare this to Jammie Thomas who was accused of sharing, without profit, 24 songs and fined $1.5m. Proof once again that the RIAA is interested only in suing the little people.
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Comment: So it will cost nothing, right? (Score 1) 352 352

So if they hold true to what Bill Gates said (,1.html) back when they were just a software company, this device should cost us nothing.

The other thing is Microsoft's last announcement of something like this (the tablet PC, wasn't it?), turned out to be something you couldn't buy. It was a reference platform and a set of specifications that others could build to.

So I'm not holding my breath that we'll be able to buy one of these.

Comment: Next year's article on California road collisions (Score 1) 624 624

"And figures just released this week show that rear-end collisions at traffic lights skyrocketed in California in 2010. Authorities are baffled as to the causes."

At one extremely busy intersection near me (Fermor & Lagimodiere in Winnipeg, right near the Royal Canadian Mint), the mint has got a huge video screen playing ALL THE TIME visible to southbound and westbound traffic. It's VERY distracting, and I've seen several people drift over a lane (only to violently correct themselves) while heading through the intersection and staring at the billboard.

This in a city where the roads are frequently snow- and ice-covered as well. Nice one, Canadian government.

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Star Wars IT Tech Journal->

turthalion writes: This is my journal following the trials and tribulations of a senior technician, from the early days after the Great Resynchronization to the end of the Empire (GrS 0 — GrS 39) [35 BBY to 4 ABY].
We've finally reached the stage where our intrepid technician is helping review plans for the DS-1 Mobile Enforcement Dome or "Death Star"--no one liked his suggested name of "I can't believe it's not a moon."

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That does not compute.