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+ - Addressing the Bennett Haselton Situation

Submitted by turp182
turp182 (1020263) writes "I am sorry this is as long as a Bennett post, I strive to be both clear and concise (with one anecdote).

First, I have to assume Bennett is paid by Dice to write inane postings, and then automatically moved to the front page. I commented on his last submission yesterday: , and he even responded asking to be fed (the hidden comment, he likes cheese). He wants the attention.

He appears to basically be an attention whore. I don’t use whore in a derogatory way (for him maybe), but he seems to be on every street corner on Slashdot. In the past I’ve used a Vegas concierge to procure untoward services from a woman for a bachelor party and it was unassuming and not in your face (except in the room of course, thank goodness it didn’t descend into Very Bad Things).

Further, he’s done some respectable things, per his Wikipedia page, regarding First Amendment rights. But all of that is obviously in the past given his propensity to post to Slashdot (and get to the front page a lot, what’s up with that?). It feels like Slashdot is his day job.

I mean him no harm, I just wish that Slashdot was no longer his blog.

He is a scourge upon us, lowering the bar, I fear we may have to have James Cameron dive in his submersible to raise the bar again (South Park reference, great episode).

So how can we deal with this menace? Here are some recommended guidelines.

First, I would recommend many “first post” and “can I subscribe to your newsletter” responses to any Bennett front page article (maybe even “How would a Beowulf Cluster of Bennet handle this”). Do not comment on the submission, just unrelated posts. Post tons of them; thousands if possible (let’s break posting records people!). Let them have the page views, but show how much we care.

As well, when viewing Firehose, check the submitter, and try not to promote his postings.

I will point out that his Wikipedia page actually draws out his success posting to Slashdot:
Quote: Haselton is a frequent contributor to Slashdot, where he posts long-form essays rather than short text summaries of current events, a distinction from other contributors that frequently creates controversy.

Anyway, I would never suggest such things, but I would mention that his Wikipedia entry could be updated, maybe to add that his posts are universally loathed on Slashdot.

There seem to be forces at hand that are actively diminishing the quality of Slashdot. Can we do a “beta” smack down on an obviously corporate promoted Bennett? I think we can, and it can be fun!!!!

And big-ups to dnebing for creating a petition against his postings, awesome:"

Comment: Phineas and Ferb (Score 1) 584

by turp182 (#48521889) Attached to: Programmer Father Asks: What Gets Little Girls Interested In Science?

For the record, my 4 year old son wants to be a pirate (of Jake and the Neverland Pirates ilk). And his twin sister does like princesses.

Not to promote TV, but check out Phineas and Ferb. Very science oriented and both my kids love it (as do my wife and I, Ferb TV was the best episode in my opinion). It's on Netflix streaming. It's a clever show, with some depth that parents can appreciate (how are the kids related?).

I have watched it without the kids...

Comment: Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 496

by turp182 (#48430615) Attached to: As Amazon Grows In Seattle, Pay Equity For Women Declines

I didn't look it up, but what does SJW refer to?

Is it:
Supreme Justified Warlord (North Korea?)
Single Jawa Warrior (lots of violence thus far, obvious points for the Star Wars reference)
Simple Java and Water (something nasty from Starbucks no doubt)
Satirical Japanese Wonton (because they are Chinese?)
Simple Jabbering Wording (I believe I'm close)
Satan Just Wins (I'm an atheist but I can appreciate this)
Sabbath Just Went (that's the 8th day no one ever talks about, stuck on religion)
Sabbatical Journey Wonderment (a satisfying time off work)

Seriously, WTF (With Thoughtful Formations of course).

Comment: Sample letter for those that voted against it (Score 0) 445

by turp182 (#48417393) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

Could you explain why you voted against the USA Freedom Act as well as why your vote isn’t in direct contradiction to your Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and in this case, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution?

I would also be interested in your views regarding when liberty should be sacrificed for security.

Do you believe that any of our actions in the Middle East or elsewhere have increased threat levels against the United States of America? If so, should we consider the consequences of such actions abroad in terms of having to diminish liberties at home to preserve security?

Comment: Re:huh? (Score 2) 187

When I was a kid the eggs had embryos. Nothing ruins a pancake breakfast like cracking an egg that has gestated for a week, with a partially formed fetus coming out. Happened a couple of times (we had 30+ hens and a rooster).

I would make oatmeal instead at that point.

My dad still keeps chickens, but he doesn't have a rooster so this isn't an issue anymore. He doesn't butcher them any longer, he just collects the unfertilized eggs.

I loved raising chicks in the basement. I also enjoyed slaughter day, chickens actually do run pretty far with their heads removed (this was back in the early 1980s).

I like that I know where meat comes from, and what it looks like to produce it. Butchering a pig was the messiest thing I've ever seen in terms of blood, hanging it from the barn door opening to drain out. And there was a large black kettle to render lard, I got to help stir and skim.

Memories, and very fond ones. Shoot, I didn't have central heat until about the age of 13 (wood burning stove in the living room area).

The tree of research must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of bean counters. -- Alan Kay