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Comment Want people to see ads? Do this! (Score 1) 653

All ads must be provided by a sub-domain of your primary, no exceptions. Does anyone provide software to do this?

All ads must be static, like JPG. I don't trust GIF or FLASH, or anything other than a static image. No video ads at all (that's what TV is for).

That's it. Serve ads locally and in a static format (ok, I would accept PNG). It's just an image in an article at that point.

I don't want the TV from Idiocracy, but it seems like it was about 500 years early in the making.....

If you want to serve me a crap show from a 3rd party advertisement company you can know you will be blocked.

Wired is tired, we need to be Fibered.......

Oh, and I don't like the current state of adverts on the interwebs......

Comment Compare to Turbo Tax (Score 1) 287

First, it's sort of safe to say that Accounting and Lawyering are both based on extremely complicated sets of rules.

Turbo Tax effectively made reasonably complicated (up to small business filings) tax preparation accessible without directly needing an accountant.

How did Turbo Tax impact the accounting industry?

It would appear that it didn't really and that the number of accountants is predicted to rise over time into the future (faster than most other professions per the BLS link).

So the answer is no. AI/computers will certainly augment the legal occupations, but replace lawyers? Nope.

Comment Re:Impressive Robotics Work (Score 2) 153

First, it's easy to opportunistically refuel a gasoline powered engine. And fast.

Not so much with batteries.

As well, the energy density of Li-on batteries is very low compared to gasoline (44.4 mj/kg for gasversus .36-.875 mj/kg for battery).

Consider that the battery pack on a Tesla S comes in at 1,200 pounds or so:

That's for about 250 miles of travel.

Gasoline weights about 8.3 pounds per gallon. The equivalent weight results in 144.58 gallons of gas (probably requiring a smaller volume area), and at a low 15 miles per gallon that would be 2,170 miles or so, about a factor of 10 better.

Batteries are nothing compared to fossil fuel that has had multi-million years to process naturally (basically capturing and compressing the power of the sun over long periods of time).

My numbers are probably off a bit, but they are ball park at worst...

Comment Re:To demonstrate the technology, transport cargo (Score 1) 172

Add in the savings for the state with regards to road wear from semi trucks. Those can become tax incentives and other benefits to get it built that can reduce that 5 year ROI (for all parties excepting truck drivers, they would be reduced in number and transitioned to end-point work).

Great idea, by the way.

Comment My Advice (Score 1) 192

You state your user base is expanding. Does the current UI suck? If so, what reasons are there for the expansion? Is a bad user experience slowing the expansion, or is it something existing or potential users are talking about? If yes, continue.

If your UI/UX sucks (if it's a green screen then that's another story altogether), pick up a copy of Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug and setup your own UX testing internally using existing staff. Don't let the developer of a particular thing handle a session for that thing (too much personal bias, I have been that person before)

Pick a specific use cases to test, if users complaining about something in particular that's what you need to focus on.

Do the first round of tests on internal staff, especially on bits the "customer" isn't familiar with. Learn how UX testing works, it isn't that difficult.

Then follow the book for external UX testing. Remote is pretty easy these days, but in person is better (read the book, pay people and provide snacks and such, make them feel appreciated and also worth their while).

With UX testing results in hand, mock up a prototype to show how the changes impact the user experience. UX with the prototype.

Doing this can go quite quickly for a single use case (and then drive further changes as people's eyes open).

Sell it to management, based on concrete potential/existing user comments as well as before/after (prototype) UX feedback.

Rinse and repeat.

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