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Comment My Advice (Score 1) 192

You state your user base is expanding. Does the current UI suck? If so, what reasons are there for the expansion? Is a bad user experience slowing the expansion, or is it something existing or potential users are talking about? If yes, continue.

If your UI/UX sucks (if it's a green screen then that's another story altogether), pick up a copy of Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug and setup your own UX testing internally using existing staff. Don't let the developer of a particular thing handle a session for that thing (too much personal bias, I have been that person before)

Pick a specific use cases to test, if users complaining about something in particular that's what you need to focus on.

Do the first round of tests on internal staff, especially on bits the "customer" isn't familiar with. Learn how UX testing works, it isn't that difficult.

Then follow the book for external UX testing. Remote is pretty easy these days, but in person is better (read the book, pay people and provide snacks and such, make them feel appreciated and also worth their while).

With UX testing results in hand, mock up a prototype to show how the changes impact the user experience. UX with the prototype.

Doing this can go quite quickly for a single use case (and then drive further changes as people's eyes open).

Sell it to management, based on concrete potential/existing user comments as well as before/after (prototype) UX feedback.

Rinse and repeat.

Comment Doesn't everyone wait for games to get cheap? (Score 1) 367

Shoot, I'm playing (and loving) the original Witcher right now.

I did play Fallout 3 earlier this year (and New Vegas a couple of times last year), but I'm in no rush for the new one at full price.

Please note, all of the games I play are well tested and bug patched (I don't buy the games where reviews say they are still buggy).

Comment Re:Depends on your neighborhood... (Score 1) 151

We travel for trick-or-treating, to my wife's parents neighborhood. Lots of people hanging in their yards with firepits, and the over the door light is the "come and visit" sign. My kids had a couple of cheesy jokes and it was a good time (5 year old twins). 9 pounds of almost all quality candy... Some blocks even blocked off the roads to prevent vehicle traffic, a nice move. Reminded me of my childhood, some 30+ years ago (it was misting out, giving a perfect fog effect everywhere).

I live in a more adult party neighborhood (lots of bars/drunk people, even at 7PM) and trick or treating doesn't really happen there.

Comment Re:Medication for Common Cold? (Score 1) 310

Same here, I even avoid the pain killers you mentioned (although I can tell their efficacy when giving them to my kids when they have fevers).

About all I use is a warm steam machine (the cold mist ones are no where near as effective as the heat versions). Clears the sinuses and makes the throat feel better. Helps with sleep preparation as well (and probably good for the skin).

Submission + - Sugar Is Definitely Toxic, a New Study Says

turp182 writes: As reported in TIME and other news sources, a recent study found that reducing sugar intake in obese children caused several biological health markers to improve over a short period of time (9 days).

Summarizing the results: "Overall, their fasting blood sugar levels dropped by 53%, along with the amount of insulin their bodies produced since insulin is normally needed to break down carbohydrates and sugars. Their triglyceride and LDL levels also declined and, most importantly, they showed less fat in their liver."

Comment Re:I know who.... (Score 1) 211

I second this, but not because of his evil laugh (which I have never heard), but because he is changing the world and doing amazing things.

I could see Space-X do a space station, or a moon base. Pretty quickly to boot. Once they get manned mission approval (2-3 years?) and first stage recovery (hopefully in 2016) down I think they will do some very interesting things.

Keep in mind he also needs a miniature version of himself to complete the narrative (unless I have my movie memories seriously messed up).

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead