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+ - Presidential ID Theft Task Force Fails

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JeremyDuffy writes: "The President's Identity Theft Task Force released some interim suggestions for curbing the problem including the most effective anti-ID theft tool in existance, but the language was stripped out by the time it went to press. Now know for sure that neither the FTC or the President are actually interested in curbing Identity Theft."

Dell Axim, RIP: 2002 - 2007->

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T'is a sad day for legions of Axim fanboys the world over -- yes, they really do exist, especially among PDA emulation gaming enthusiasts -- as Mobility Site is reporting that Dell has quietly removed the last x51-series models from its retail site, effectively spelling the end of the five-year-old brand as we know it. First released in 2002, the Axims were always considered vanguard devices among Pocket PC users, introducing features such as WiFi, VGA screens, and high-end processors as soon as they became available. It would be great to see Dell carry this tradition over onto an Axim line of smartphones -- 624MHz XScale CPUs plus 640 x 480 displays would be pretty hot indeed -- but for now it seems that the company is concentrating on its other businesses, so if you want to buy a PDA from Dell, it's ironically gotta be Palm or nothing.

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