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Comment Re:When you don't like the data... (Score 1) 639

"It's this kind of bullshit that prevents people from believing the global warming hype."

If its all hype and bullshit and the Earth isn't warming, how do you explain why nearly every glacier, ice field, and ice sheet on the planet is melting faster than it has in even just 50 years ago?

Comment Re:No evidence CO2 causes global warming (Score 1) 639

The solar output can not explain the current temperature shifts because the total variation in solar output has been far too small to account for the observed temperature differences.

We know that orbital cycles, such as the Milkanovitch cycle can not explain the present global warming since currently it predicts that the Earth should be cooling rather than warming.

If as the AWG deniers claim all the physics surrounding the greenhouse effect is wrong, then we are left with a more profound question that the AWG deniers have created for themselves, but which they can provide NO CREDIBLE EXPLANATION whatsoever, namely why, if its not getting warmer, are all the world's glaciers, ice fields, and ice sheets melting at rates higher than ever previously recorded in Earth history?

Comment Re:Lets set a few things straight. (Score 1) 639

"if a point data is wrong, you don't adjust it, you discard it."

No, it a data point is wrong you need to be able to explain why and how it is that it is wrong and also be able to explain what the effect would be without the presence of a particular data point.

All measures have the potential for error, so simply claiming that error is present is insufficient since that is taken as a given. One must be able to "correct" or "explain" anomalous data points.

Comment Re:Lets set a few things straight. (Score 1) 639

Not a fact. The total ice volume in Antarctica is diminishing, even though the amount of sea ice around Antarctica is increasing. Not too surprising since with all the melting at the tongues of Antarctic glaciers virtually all the continent's glaciers are accelerating and dumping more ice into adjoining seas. As the glaciers melt more and more sea ice can be expected.

Comment Re:Lets set a few things straight. (Score 1) 639

Exactly. Those who attempt to equate AWG based warming with post-glaciation forcing ALWAYS fail to recognize the rate difference between the two processes. AWG based warming is now between 100 and 1000 times faster than natural warming cycles at nearly any time in Earth history. Presently, Earth is heating at about 36 times the rate it did during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, the largest single temperature spike in the past 45 million years.

Comment Re:What can we do vs What should we do? (Score 1) 639

"We should be expending our efforts in trying to convince the opposition rather than shutting them down."

False, since shutting them down by replacing them with wind, solar, and tidal power will actually stop global warming regardless of whether some ever become educated or not. If humanity has to wait until the last wrong-headed fool to come to his or her senses, we won't make it as a species.

Comment Re:Using NOAA's fudged data (Score 1) 639

Better yet, lets figure out how to get the anti-AWG crowd to explain, why if its not getting any hotter, all the world's glaicer, ice fields, and ice sheets are melting at rates faster than ever previously reported?

Why is it those who are skeptical about AWG can NEVER answer this question?

Comment Re:Using NOAA's "fudged" data (Score 1) 639

" I’m skeptical because I have doubts about the data."

Forget "the [temperature] data" and just ask yourself, if its not getting any warmer, perhaps because the all climatologists are just pathological liars and simply incapable of reporting their data accurately, why are all the world's glaciers, ice fields, and ice sheets melting faster than at any previous time in Earth history?

Comment Re:REALLY? You have two big problems. (Score 1) 639

"The claim that ANY weather measurement is the "hottest on record" or the "coldest on record" is only useful as an act of deception aimed at the uninformed"

Exactly. The last thing we should do is to use "hottest on record" to inform our behavior so as to avoid making it seem that standing anywhere on the planet is do different than standing in Death Valley without a water bottle in July and August.

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