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Comment Re:funny graph (Score 1) 7

This is the same woman whose campaign is claiming that the reason California droughts are so extensive is that not enough holes were dug in the ground to collect rain and snowmelt, without even being able to fathom that without rain and snow there is nothing to fill these holes with.

Voting for Carly Fiorina is very much like voting for a big empty hole in the ground that won't do anything for anyone except for her friends, who she will hire to dig the hole.

It would be best if she went on to destroy a few other corporations before she attempts to destroy the United States. Curiously enough, no corporation has offered her a job since her stint at HP. One would think that should tell us something about her business skills.

Comment Re:Climate change ? Oh Really ? Says who ? (Score 1) 737

" We are told the ice caps will shrink yet they are expanding. "

Whoever told you that misled you. The total amount of ice at both poles is declining at increasingly rapid rates. There is no scientific dispute on this point. What deniers call expanding sea ice is often just a few inches thick that refreezes in winter months because of from more glacial calving only to thaw when temperatures warm seasonally. This will be obvious in about 5 - 10 years in which the entire Arctic Ocean will be ice free completely during the summer.

Comment Re:Totalitarian Dipsh|ts like You (Score 0) 737

"You are either for Life, Order, and Reason- or you are for Death, Chaos, and Insanity. Choose."

It is already abundantly clear what side the deniers and the fossil fuel industry have chosen. All there is to choose from now that the rate of global warming is accelerating is just how much death, chaos and insanity those who would choose to end the use of fossil fuels will have in order to preserve life, order and reason. The nature of the global warming and its cause makes it clear that the choice you speek of will be effectively made within the next 10-30 years regardless of what choice one makes, whether one makes the choice consciously or obliviously.

Comment Re:HAHAHAHAH (Score 1) 737

Frankly, if the deniers continue to obstruct efforts to build economies based on alternative energies and aggressively reduce reliance on fossil fuels, then putting deniers in jail will be a lot more humane and cost effective than simply sending billions to their deaths.

We can only hope that deniers wise up before this proves necessary. Hopefully, putting these jails in places like Basra, Iraq that now experiences summer temperatures of 140 F will permit these reeducation efforts to succeed without the necessity for extended incarceration.

Comment Re:Nothing like allowing others to have opinions (Score 0) 737

"Not done with shunning anyone with a different opinion. "

We are not talking merely about opinions here, but rather the consequences of either doing something to prevent global warming from making the planet inhabitable for humans or doing nothing and watching humanity's chance to escape extinction slip away. In the real world, opinions have consequences. Most rational people would argue to do something about global warming at this point than to try to do the impossible, deny that global warming isn't a threat to humanity.

Comment Re:AGW asserters are as non-scientific as AGW deni (Score 1) 737

As long as the input parameters are credible (ie fall within the range of the real parameter they propose to represent) the output of these models will be credible, even though they can not be used to predict every foreseen potential event.

Although we now know that with 75-100 years at the present rate of warming (not the accelerated one that we can more likely expect), wet bulb temperatures lethal to humans can be expected to occur commonly. We can't predict the precise number of heat stroke deaths, but we can predict within a known margin of error, what the number of deaths will likely be. ALL indications are they will likely be very high, as even now we are observing summer temperatures that are causing tens of thousands of deaths due to heat stroke and the rate of this cause of death is increasing.

It should be pointed out that these are not the early days of climate science. That increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will warm the planet has been known for over 150 years. The reality is that its not merely a issue of rising temperatures, but rather the ecological consequences of these rising temperatures. These are effects that are being studied now, not at some distant point in the future, when the last denier will be convinced. Biologists can tell you with near certainty what will happen to specific aspects of organismal behavior that will be affected by rising temperature and what the consequences for the organism will be. What we know is that a great many kind of organisms will cease to exist as viable populations very soon, on the order of years and decades in many cases, not thousands of years later.

Comment Re:What law are they breaking? (Score 1) 737

The sad truth is that those who recognize just what a danger carbon dioxide poses to humanity are left attempting to educate the willfully ignorant and greedy in order to save humanity. As we proceed into an ever warming world, you can be sure that the patience of the rational will soon end and increasingly draconian steps will be necessary to deal with the consequences of the ignorance and greed. The fact that patience is already beginning to grow thin is evidence by this issue being raised now. While many may feel their free speech rights are being violated, many others will just be thankful that humanity might get the chance to live for another day.

Comment Re: Murder through policy decisions. (Score 1) 737

"The temp increase has stopped for over 14 years."

Another global warming denier bearing false witness.

Sadly the temperature increases have not stopped. 2015 will exceed 2014 as the the warmest year in recorded history. To somehow think that as global warming records continue to exceed previous records is of no consequence to human survival is not only irrational, it is plain stupid.

Comment Re:Murder through policy decisions. (Score 1) 737

Most climate change models only predict future temperatures. However, what biologists know about what will happen to organisms when those temperatures are reached is already very well known.

Animals and plants either face 2 choices in evading global warming. Either they relocate to cooler areas, or if those are no longer available, they die and populations and species go extinct. This is an extremely well known and well studied process. This is not a long process that will take thousands of years, rather it could take as little as one bad extended period of drought or too intense a storm.

The only difference is that this time, is that biologists are warning folks that they are talking about all of us as well all those other unfortunate species.

Comment Re: Finally... (Score 1) 737

If you don't think that rising levels of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere isn't limiting choices, then you are a complete idiot.

To the contrary, at the current exponential rate of rise, wet-bulb temperatures will exceed human's ability to tolerate them in as little as 75-100 years. The ability of humans to produce food through contemporary agriculture and fisheries practices will likely disappear in as little as 35 - 50 years. Perhaps this is what motivates the troglodytes to continue in their denial.

Comment Re:Science! (Score 1) 737

"If an idea can't stand on its own without silencing opposing opinions, then it's not much of an idea to start with."

The reality of global warming is that its the kind of idea that will silence all opinions period, if we soon don't start taking serious measures to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. That is not an opinion. That is a scientific fact.

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