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Submission + - Sex in Space...the Million-Mile-High Club (

turkeydance writes: As one of the most famous astrophysicists around, as well as a TV and radio talent who's made cosmology cool again, Neil deGrasse Tyson has become the pop culture go-to guy for all things space related.

Fans regularly reach out to Tyson on YouTube and Twitter with all manner of questions about the starry expanse. So when he stopped by TODAY on Monday, Matt Lauer made sure to get the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions: Is sex any different in space than it is down here on Earth?

Submission + - 3D printing used to make first real handheld railgun (

turkeydance writes: Using a combination of 3D printing and widely available components, the man built a functioning handheld railgun that houses six capacitors and delivers more than 3,000 kilojoules of energy per shot. What does it shoot, you might be wondering? So far he has tested the gun using metal rods made of graphite, aluminum and copper-coated tungsten....

Submission + - witnessing a sign of global cooling from a lunar eclipse (

turkeydance writes: LUNAR ECLIPSE DETECTS GLOBAL COOLING (BUT ONLY A LITTLE): On Sept. 27th, millions of people around the world watched the Moon pass through the shadow of our planet. Most agreed that the lunar eclipse was darker than usual. Little did they know, they were witnessing a sign of global cooling. But only a little.

Submission + - Scientists may have just stumbled upon a mathematical secret to how nature works (

turkeydance writes: By conducting an analysis of more than a thousand studies worldwide, researchers found a common theme in just about every ecosystem across the globe: Predators don’t increase in numbers at the same rate as their prey. In fact, the faster you add prey to an ecosystem, the slower predators’ numbers grow.

“When you double your prey, you also increase your predators, but not to the same extent,” says Ian Hatton, a biologist and the study’s lead author. “Instead they grow at a much diminished rate in comparison to prey.” This was true for large carnivores on the African savanna all the way down to the tiniest microbe-munching fish in the ocean.

Even more intriguing, the researchers noticed that the ratio of predators to prey in all of these ecosystems could be predicted by the same mathematical function — in other words, the way predator and prey numbers relate to each other is the same for different species all over the world.

Submission + - A good week for neutrinos (

turkeydance writes: I’m writing this in a coffee bar in Chicago. The ‘windy city’ seems quiet and still this morning and the coffee is surprisingly good. About 80 km to the west, at Fermilab, the highest-powered beam of neutrinos in the world is being produced, and fired through hundreds of kilometres of solid rock to impatiently-waiting detectors, principally the new NOA far detector.

Submission + - A fluffy feathered poodle from hell: a new Jurassic raptor. (

turkeydance writes: "This new dinosaur is one of the closest cousins of Velociraptor, but it looks just like a bird," study co-author Steve Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh's School of GeoSciences said in a statement.

"It's a dinosaur with huge wings made up of quill pen feathers, just like an eagle or a vulture. The movies have it wrong — this is what Velociraptor would have looked like too."

He dubbed it a "fluffy feathered poodle from hell".

Submission + - Microsoft partners with NASCAR -- Windows 10 logo on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car (

turkeydance writes: NASCAR racing has both its fans and detractors. Try as I might, I fall into the latter category. For me, watching cars go around a circular track for hours is a great cure for insomnia. Rally car racing is certainly a much more interesting spectator sport, but I digress.

While I don't like NASCAR, enough people do to make it a smart organization to partner with. This is why you see so many sponsorship logos on the cars. Today, NASCAR and Microsoft partner to display the Windows 10 logo on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car. The partnership expands beyond the superficial, however.

Submission + - Russia's Microwave Gun

turkeydance writes: This week’s Army-2015 military conference, held at Patriot Park in Kubinka, is set to witness the unveiling of a range of military technology and equipment, including the Russian military’s super-high-frequency gun, said to be capable of disabling warheads and drones. Constructed by the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), the equipment has an impact range of ten kilometres and has informally been named the ‘microwave gun’.

Submission + - Science Says American Pharoah Won't Win the Triple Crown (

turkeydance writes: American Pharoah won the Derby. He won the Preakness. Now, he’ll have a shot at claiming the biggest title in racing (with the same jockey who rode Chrome, no less). But he will be competing against several horses that skipped earlier races—and dealing with the physiology and biochemistry involved in equine race recovery.

Submission + - Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerization? (

turkeydance writes: What job is hardest for a robot to do? Mental health and substance abuse social workers (found under community and social services). This job has a 0.3 percent chance of being automated. That's because it's ranked high in cleverness, negotiation, and helping others. The job most likely to be done by a robot? Telemarketers. No surprise; it's already happening.

The researchers admit that these estimates are rough and likely to be wrong. But consider this a snapshot of what some smart people think the future might look like. If it says your job will likely be replaced by a machine, you've been warned.

Submission + - So, you thought Healthcare would be a good career? (

turkeydance writes: The new machine that could one day replace anesthesiologists sat quietly next to a hospital gurney occupied by Nancy Youssef-Ringle. She was nervous. In a few minutes, a machine — not a doctor — would sedate the 59-year-old for a colon cancer screening called a colonoscopy.

But she had done her research. She had even asked a family friend, an anesthesiologist, what he thought of the device. He was blunt: “That’s going to replace me.”

Submission + - UK Criminals use drones to case burglary prospects. ( 1

turkeydance writes: Unmanned drones are being piloted over private homes by burglars in a bid to identify potential targets, police have confirmed.
Detectives fear the mini-helicopters, which can be bought for as little as £30, are being deployed to take surveillance photographs from above, posing a brand new threat to home security.
Suffolk Constabulary confirmed it had received at least one report of drones being used by burglars to “case” properties.

Submission + - Putting keys in freezer could prevent car break-ins ( 1

turkeydance writes: If you have a car with a hands-free key fob, you could become the target of a break-in tactic that you probably didn't know was possible. AAA Carolinas' Dave Yelverton says this type of key fob typically unlocks a car if it's within about 30 centimeters.

"Your car is continually trying to reach out and touch this key," Yelverton said. "And when it finds the key, you can open the door without touching the car without using the key. You can just leave it in your pocket."

But there are break-in cases across the country, where a power amplifier device may have been used to unlock the cars. Yelverton says the amplifier would take that signal from the car and fire it out as far as 100 meters.

Submission + - The Houston Rockets fired social media manager Chad Shanks on Wednesday (

turkeydance writes: "Sometimes you can go too far," Shanks said on Twitter. "I will no longer run @HoustonRockets but am grateful to the organization that let me develop an online voice."

Rockets officials also confirmed the firing.

Toward the end of the Rockets' victory Tuesday night, the team tweeted an emoji of a pistol next to a horse and text suggesting the Mavs succumb to an inevitable end.

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