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+ - Well, That Didn't Work: The Segway -> 1

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "We were all supposed to be riding Segways by now. The company was supposed to be rolling in cash, the scooter’s inventor a modern day Jay Gatsby (minus the bootlegging and murder). It didn’t happen: Today, the Segway is a punch line, a way for mall security guards to prevent sore feet. So what happened?

It’s not that it didn’t work: Envisioned as a way for people to get from home to work in urban areas, the Segway is a technological marvel. It can maintain its balance better than a human and is much more fuel efficient than a car, which are a pain to drive and park over a short journey. No, the problems that sank the Segway weren’t technological. They were social."

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+ - Source Code Similarities: Experts Unmask 'Regin' Trojan as NSA Tool->

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "The new analysis provides clear proof that Regin is in fact the cyber-attack platform belonging to the Five Eyes alliance, which includes the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Neither Kaspersky nor Symantec commented directly on the likely creator of Regin. But there can be little room left for doubt regarding the malware's origin.

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+ - your /. Elon Musk update. we love him so much.->

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "When Elon Musk split up with wife, Talulah Riley, for the first time, he told the whole world.
"It was an amazing four years. I will love you forever," the entrepreneur Tweeted to the British actress in January 2012. "You will make someone very happy one day."
Eighteen months later, that happy person apparently was him, as they tied the knot again in July 2013.
The rekindled romance didn't last. On Wednesday — the day many people make vows for the coming year — the couple officially broke their marital vow. Musk filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court on New Year's Eve."

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+ - SPAM: "vape vector": e-cigs with malware.

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "E-cigarettes may be better for your health than normal ones, but spare a thought for your poor computer – electronic cigarettes have become the latest vector for malicious software, according to online reports.
Many e-cigarettes can be charged over USB, either with a special cable, or by plugging the cigarette itself directly into a USB port. That might be a USB port plugged into a wall socket or the port on a computer – but, if so, that means that a cheap e-cigarette from an untrustworthy supplier gains physical access to a device."

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+ - fake Price Comparison fools Walmart->

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "People are reportedly creating fake Amazon pages to show fake prices on electronics and other items. In the most heavily publicized cases, Walmart was reportedly duped into selling $400 PlayStation 4 consoles for under $100.

Here's how this scam has played out: The perpetrators create fake Amazon pages and show these fake listings to Walmart cashiers (and ultimately to store managers) in an attempt to con them into matching the phantom prices."

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+ - Solar and Wind power are the most expensive.

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "A new study from the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, argues that using solar and wind energy may be the most expensive alternatives to carbon-based electricity generation, even though they require no expenditures for fuel.....Specifically, this means nuclear power offers a savings of more than $400,000 worth of carbon emissions per megawatt of capacity. Solar saves only $69,000 and wind saves $107,000."

+ - Look Out Mars! Siding Spring is getting closer.

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "Bottom line: The tiny nucleus of Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring will not strike Mars when it comes closest on October 19, 2014. But material shed by the comet could damage our spacecraft in orbit around the Red Planet. NASA is taking steps now to prevent damage to its orbiting spacecraft. read all about it:"

+ - A carbon fibre e-bike: built for Batman->

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "Made of carbon-fibre and serious gadgetry, the Visiobike looks as if Batman decided to fight crime on low emissions. Its makers are billing it as a 'high-tech electric bicycle' and it certainly comes with a range of bells and whistles (but disappointingly it lacks an actual bell). The bike is controlled via a handlebar-mounted smartphone, giving riders the chance to stuff yet another aspect of their life into an app."
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+ - 'Wonder material': Scientists create graphene in kitchen blender.... 1

Submitted by turkeydance
turkeydance (1266624) writes "Kids, do not try this at home: Scientists have found that they can create high-quality graphene sheets using a kitchen blender and ordinary dishwasher detergent. The findings, published in the journal Nature Materials, outline a fresh way to create large amounts of this remarkable material – which could speed up the process toward putting them into future computers, smart coatings and solar cells. question: graphene = gun barrels?"

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