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+ - BlackBerry's square-screened phone to free us from our "rectangular world"

Submitted by EthanV2
EthanV2 (1211444) writes "Most smartphones produced in 2014 will follow a certain design playbook: rectangular screen, a few buttons around the edges, and just enough thickness to house the internals and the requisite battery. One could argue that this is the idealized design for a touchscreen phone, arrived at after years of research and development and even more years of booming sales. BlackBerry would argue that all phones look like this because innovation is dead."

Comment: That is Length not width (Score 1) 198

by tuppe666 (#47345727) Attached to: Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

I don't care how many pixels you stuff in there, it doesn't matter if the monster 5.5" screen doesn't fit in my hand.

There is a joke involved in you not being able to handle anything more than 4" ;). The dimentions of the phone are 146.3 X 74.6 X 8.95mm so its about seven and a half cm wide that is really not that big even for a young teenager.

Comment: Battery Runtime (Score 1) 198

by tuppe666 (#47345675) Attached to: Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

More, more, more. The only thing i'm missing is battery runtime and no vendor gives a shit about it.

Actually L or Lollipop includes Project Volta, which will add battery saving tools for developers and users alike. A "Battery Historian" gives more info on exactly what's draining energy, while a battery saver mode lets users squeeze up to an extra 90 minutes out of each charge.

That is vampire modes that turn smartphones into to dumbphones to extend smartphone my several times. I have witnessed it with the samsung galaxy S5 and was very impressed. I own the current Nexus which I love, but comes with a battery life I don't. I L does not make a difference. I may change to a different vendor.

Comment: iPhone made irrelevant (Score 0) 198

by tuppe666 (#47345623) Attached to: Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing

Apple is selling a smartphone with a tiny less-than-HD screen, a processor that toddles along at a whisker over 1 GHz and a tiny 1400 MaH battery, and they're doing quite nicely for themselves

Your statement just shows how behind the times Apple is. The power of it being perceived first has been worth Billions to them. Ironically what you are describing is other companies "entry" or "mid" level phones by Android. They often have "mini" in the name for obvious reasons. Apple make money through having an incredible ( and deserved) brand...but it peaked two years ago. That does not mean that its shrinking market share or growing mountains of cash with vanish any time soon. Those specifications are desirable large screens; waterproofing; IR everybody wants and desires these things not just geeks or hardcore gadget people, just people who swim and shower and watch tv and change channels etc etc.

The irony of your statement shows as once it would have been Steve Jobs strutting on stage taking about how "his" devices had "retina" displays, only to have you interpret this as "tiny less-than-HD screen"

No wonder Android has 1 Billion users

+ - LG Innovates With 2560x1440 G3 Smartphone Display And Frickin' Laser Beams->

Submitted by MojoKid
MojoKid (1002251) writes "LG is probably getting a little tired of scraping for brand recognition versus big names like Samsung, Apple and Google. However, the company is also taking solace in the fact that their smartphone sales figures are heading for an all-time high in 2014, with an estimated 60 million units projected to be sold this year. LG's third iteration of their popular "G" line of flagship smartphones, simply dubbed the LG G3, is the culmination of all of the innovation the company has developed in previous devices to date, including its signature rear button layout, and a cutting-edge 5.5-inch QHD display that drives a resolution of 2560X1440 with a pixel density of 538 PPI. Not satisified with pixel overload, LG decide to equip their new smartphone with 'frickin' laser beams' to assist its 13MP camera in targeting subjects for auto-focus. The G3 performs well in the benchmarks with a Snapdragon 801 on board and no doubt its camera takes some great shots quickly and easily. However, it's questionable how much of that super high res 2560 display you can make use of on a 5.5-inch device."
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Comment: You Go Girl (Score 1) 64

by tuppe666 (#47339305) Attached to: Why The Korean Government Could Go Open Source By 2020

2020 is a long way away. Politicians usually only have long term vision when they don't want to make decisions about something. So MS will most probably still be strong in Korea by 2020.

You are so right, governments woldwide are famous for making quick and timely visions, especially when it involves changing major infrastructure.

Comment: Google I/O (Score 5, Insightful) 64

by tuppe666 (#47339299) Attached to: Why The Korean Government Could Go Open Source By 2020

Here comes the year of the Linux desktop.

The Linux Desktop is already here. In and amongst the pissing contest in early markets consoles; watches, home, health between Apple and Google (What happened to Microsoft). Chrome OS got Android compatibility and Office Update and its Office improved, massive Android integration, and Google Play . As well as some great adoption statistics. 8 OEMs making 15 distinct Chrome OS devices now on sale in 28 countries, 10 highest rated notebooks available on and Chromebooks sold to K-12 schools has risen 6x.

The fact that GNU Linux continues to flourish is just an aside.

Comment: Launch a new Product Line already (Score 1) 209

by tuppe666 (#47242475) Attached to: How Tim Cook Is Filling Steve Jobs's Shoes

Apple just had it's most impressive WWDC since the launch of the iPhone.

Safari(With Bing?) Mail improvements, More Lock in/Cloud(At a price). Single platform...slight(after slight) at google, costly cloud applications, even with a few a clone of the awesomebar, and a nice payout from Microsoft.

Spin is just that spin. I bought the first iPhone

Comment: Flip this and Flip this...Flipping eck? (Score 1) 209

by tuppe666 (#47242427) Attached to: How Tim Cook Is Filling Steve Jobs's Shoes

I didn't really understand your point about watches, something about "bitches" and flipping. Your talk about the nike band...not really a smartwatch really, but there is talk of collaboration between the two which makes more sense, as they are unlikely to compete in the smartphone market, which is already hitting strides. The moto360 is making waves.

As for switching on games on AppleTV...are those people games buyers or would they have like bought a game console instead of an AppleTV.

As for swift...a proprietary language, other than locking in developers to ios why would anyone care. you can't pull those tricks with a market share of 15% and shrinking however good it is...and the drivers are still slow.

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