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+ - Apple has no Clothes->

Submitted by tuppe666
tuppe666 writes: The title maybe should be "The rise of Frankenstein Android" or "2013 the Year of Mobile Windows", but the slump in market share for the iPhone from 23.1% to 14.9% is the most shocking. Androids market share of hit a new high with 75%. Nokias 1:1 conversion to Windows Phone again fails as Symbian at 2.3% is still outselling Microsoft Phone at 2%.

Apples market slump for tablets mirrors that of the iPhone as the iPad drops to an all time low of 50.4% with Android taking up most of the excess, although some of it not in a form Google would like [Amazon hitting 9%]. Microsoft is still yet to make any impact in tablet market, and have positioned themselves squarely in the larger tablet market, an area Android has repeatedly failed to inroad [The Nexus 10 has not yet proved itself]. Although I am surprised at the lack of attention around devices like the $35 media tablet called Aakash

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+ - SPAM: Girl Scouts Class

Submitted by tuppe666
tuppe666 writes: Never have I read such a web page it screams troll, it involves Gimp, FSF, copyright , Facebook, Women in computing and Girl Scouts. The story is a 'warts and' all blog post of two days Máirín Duffy teaching free software to girls and young women from USB Keys running Fedora Design Suite.
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