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+ - Apple has no Clothes->

Submitted by tuppe666
tuppe666 (904118) writes "The title maybe should be "The rise of Frankenstein Android" or "2013 the Year of Mobile Windows", but the slump in market share for the iPhone from 23.1% to 14.9% is the most shocking. Androids market share of hit a new high with 75%. Nokias 1:1 conversion to Windows Phone again fails as Symbian at 2.3% is still outselling Microsoft Phone at 2%.

Apples market slump for tablets mirrors that of the iPhone as the iPad drops to an all time low of 50.4% with Android taking up most of the excess, although some of it not in a form Google would like [Amazon hitting 9%]. Microsoft is still yet to make any impact in tablet market, and have positioned themselves squarely in the larger tablet market, an area Android has repeatedly failed to inroad [The Nexus 10 has not yet proved itself]. Although I am surprised at the lack of attention around devices like the $35 media tablet called Aakash"

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+ - SPAM: Girl Scouts Class

Submitted by tuppe666
tuppe666 (904118) writes "Never have I read such a web page it screams troll, it involves Gimp, FSF, copyright , Facebook, Women in computing and Girl Scouts. The story is a 'warts and' all blog post of two days Máirín Duffy teaching free software to girls and young women from USB Keys running Fedora Design Suite."
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