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Comment: Google is Early; Rich; Everywhere (Score 2) 71

by tuppe666 (#47707697) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

Sorry google, you missed the bus on the music thing.

Except the reverse is true. Music subscriptions are not on most peoples radar. Google hold a dominant position in the largest OS in the world on the most popular music devices in the world, and ownes the largest (Music) Video Site (in fact that is the whole point about the indie artist dispute) on the most used music player in the world. It is a market of few large players, and a large player like Google is eg. Microsoft with Xbox.

The only real question is how do they do it without bringing into question antitrust concerns.

Comment: Are you Kidding Me (Score 1) 71

by tuppe666 (#47707657) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

at least it wasn't designed by Google's interface guys. *shudder*

...are you kidding me. Chrome the desktop version has become the one to follow even by Firefox own incredible debut, but its mobile interface it truly a thing of great beauty. In fact the reality is Google bland web page interface is one of the reasons it became a dominate search engine. Even their older interfaces are functional I bought a clone of the now retired "News & Weather" app simply because it was so useful. The only exceptions are the surprisingly awful Finance Application on Android and the Images Google mobile version which is missing basic functionality...but these are exceptions to the rule.

Comment: Whats wrong with Subscription (Score 1) 71

by tuppe666 (#47707547) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

What, ad revenue wasn't enough?

Personally I have been baffled why Google hasn't heavily promoted its own sales of songs on youtube over that of itunes.That said I cannot help but think that Google is better company for not relying on Advertising Revenue fact it has been reducing it for some time.

+ - Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "After leaving his position as CEO of Microsoft a year ago, Steve Ballmer has still held a position as a member of the board of directors for the company. Now, he is leaving the board, along with a letter to the fresh CEO Satya Nadella. 'I have become very busy,' Ballmer explains. 'I see a combination of Clippers, civic contribution, teaching and study taking up a lot of time.' Despite his departure, the former-CEO is still invested in the company's success, and he spent most of the letter encouraging Nadella and giving advice. Nadella shot back a supportive, equally optimistic response, promising that Microsoft will thrive in 'the mobile-first, cloud-first world.'"

+ - The Windows Store is a Cesspool of Scam Apps, Why Doesn't Microsoft Care?->

Submitted by capedgirardeau
capedgirardeau (531367) writes "Microsoft’s Windows Store is a mess. It’s full of apps that exist only to scam people and take their money. Why doesn’t Microsoft care that their flagship app store is such a cesspool? ... It’s now been more than two years since Windows 8 was released, and this has been a problem the entire time, and it is getting worse. If Microsoft was trying to offer a safe app store to Windows users, they’ve failed. Searching for most popular apps will return a list of many scam clones that charge a fee for what is a free app from the official publisher and you have to hope there is no malware installed as well. Worse yet, the Windows Store is now integrated with the system search feature. Search for an application using the Start screen search or search charm and these garbage apps from the Windows Store will appear. The article points out the reason is probably "Microsoft hasn’t been encouraging quality apps. Instead, they just want quantity. In March, 2013, Microsoft ran a promotion where they paid developers $100 for each app they submitted to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store.""
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Comment: Get rid of a killer feature of Android NEVER! (Score 1) 249

by tuppe666 (#47676157) Attached to: Apple's App Store Needs a Radical Revamp; How Would You Go About It?

Step 2 no longer allow any app that replicates abilities in the stock phone.

I currently am using Vanilla Music, Firefox for my browser and my music the stuff I actually use my phone most fo, and this is only on my new phone. I normally have different launchers and stores too. Apple is a third world platform because of the LACK of this feature.

Comment: Surface Mini could have been a contender (Score 3, Informative) 337

by tuppe666 (#47646137) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Drowning?

TFA - especially the headline - is grossly misleading click-bait.

No your incredible massacring of figures is grossly misleading. Ironically iPad sales and I suspect other high end tablets are failing. In context of this article and your post. It highlight why Microsoft foolishly in my opinion are not releasing a good value mini...albeit making windows free as in anti-user so others manufactures can. Small tablets and Phablets lets be honest tablets with phone functionality are growing substantially in fact Google(Nexus 6) and Apple(iPhone 6) are set to launch there own in 3.2.1...The minor raise in windows 8 comes from throwing its XP users under a bus without a lifeline. I am not sure if history will treat this as good idea retrospectively...especially with the growth in the chromebook market. It may satisfy investors but...

You may think the tablet delivers...but the rest of us(as in the world) don't and it is not for the massive investment on Microsoft's part...this is not the 1st generation its the 3rd and by every measure a failure. Perhaps they should get back to being a software company...the thing its monopoly matters in.

+ - Microsoft Surface drowning?

Submitted by hcs_$reboot
hcs_$reboot (1536101) writes "Again, no much good news for the MS Surface. Computerworld reports a Microsoft's losses on the tablet device at $US1.7 billion so far. But, still, Microsoft is serene

"It’s been exciting to see the response to the Surface Pro 3 from individuals and businesses alike. In fact, Surface Pro 3 sales are already outpacing prior versions of Surface Pro. The Surface business generated more than $2B in revenue for the fiscal year 2014 and $409 million in revenue during Q4 FY14 alone, the latter of which included just ten days of Intel Core i5 Surface Pro 3 sales in Canada and the US".

Should Microsoft pull the plug on the tablet? Or maybe it's just a matter of users getting used to the Surface?"

+ - Apple and Samsung agree to drop cases outside the US

Submitted by mrspoonsi
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "Apple and Samsung have agreed to withdraw all legal cases against each other outside the United States. The two rivals have sued each other over a range of patent disputes in nine countries outside the US, including the UK, South Korea, Japan and Germany. A joint statement said the agreement "does not involve any licensing arrangements", and they would continue to pursue existing cases in US courts. The two firms are the biggest players in the smartphone and tablet PC market. But they have been involved in a bitter legal battle, spread across various countries, which has escalated in recent years."

Comment: Is that a thing? (Score 2) 82

by tuppe666 (#47617625) Attached to: Xiaomi Arrives As Top Smartphone Seller In China

Apple has the lions share at the top end...Google may eject them from the Android market..Tablet sales are slowing

There is no top end or bottom end...there is just a market for smartphones it is why we are discussing a Chinese branded(not just made in China like the iphone). The proof is we are in an article discussing a phone company as the new a fraction of the price ...with more premium features.

Google cannot eject Samsung from the Android market. In fact quite the opposite Google for mow is reliant on Samsung. In fact tomorrow Samsung could produce an Android phone without Google like Amazon and Microsoft...

iPad sales only are slowing. As we continue to say there is no high end low end of the the market...just the market, and Apple have simply priced themselves out of it. Tablets continue to sell very well. If we include the new phablet market..then even faster than ever.

Comment: Sucks to be Samsung (Score 1) 82

by tuppe666 (#47617185) Attached to: Xiaomi Arrives As Top Smartphone Seller In China

Someone else is better at ripping stuff off from Apple, and cheaper. Ouch.

Except the only thing ripped from Apple is the dog and pony show...they ripped off Samsungs business model. The reality is though Samsung have more to worry about from Lenovo, which seems the most likely to break from the pack of hopefuls.

+ - Microsoft's Xbox One Is Failing 1

Submitted by Monkey
Monkey (16966) writes "Even with the price cut after Microsoft un-bundled the Kinect from the Xbox One, the console is still struggling to gain market share from Sony's Playstation 4. From the article:
"Prior to the Kinect-less version of the Xbox One, the console was averaging around 40,000 units per week. This rose about 50% to 60,000 per week after the lower price was introduced, but that's still roughly half of the weekly sales of Sony's PlayStation 4.""

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