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Comment: your content, how proprietory is it? (Score 1) 121

by tumbleweedsi (#28713747) Attached to: Integrating Wikipedia With a Local Intranet Wiki
You need to make sure that there is a clear demarcation between your content and the wikipedia content and this will limit your integration. The last thing you want is for one of your users to upload confidential information onto wikipedia in the mistaken belief they are putting it on the in house wiki.
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+ - get out and kick a ball->

Submitted by
tumbleweedsi writes "From the site: tweetsport is simple and the idea comes from all those summer afternoons we had as kids kicking, hitting and throwing balls around in the park the idea is that you tweet what sport or activity you are doing and where as an invitation for anyone nearby who wants to join it it could be a kick about in the park after work or a half hour of frisbee in the office car park; it could be a weekend climbing in scotland or a capoeira session on the beach you decide what you want to do and anyone can join it to make it more fun"
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Comment: Re:Google already came up with a better way (Score 2, Informative) 200

by tumbleweedsi (#28345999) Attached to: Bing Gets Porn Domain To Filter Explicit Content
Sorry, I wasn't being clear. My network proxy which I run on the network of an enterprise storage company allows me to block pages when safesearch is off. That means that the users can do whatever they like in google images but as soon as they turn off the safe search the results pages are blocked until they turn it back on. I know there are a lot of the "mom's basement" sorts around on slashdot but please don't assume I am one of them.

Comment: Google already came up with a better way (Score 5, Informative) 200

by tumbleweedsi (#28345775) Attached to: Bing Gets Porn Domain To Filter Explicit Content
Google just make sure they let the filtering people know how to categorise the pages based on if Safesearch is on or off. On my filter I can choose to block google images entirely or just when safesearch is off and that works just fine without needing another domain name.

Comment: I guess the first thing to try... (Score 1) 902

by tumbleweedsi (#28277097) Attached to: How Do IT Guys Get Respect and Not Become BOFHs?
The first thing to try is actually being good at your job, the respect pretty much goes along with that. I moved into an internal IT role after several years in a field engineer position so I have been lucky enough to experience lots of different environments and deal with lots of different industries. I have worked in some places that I would never go back to and I have dealt with some people I could happily punch but now I have found a pretty sweet gig and I'm pretty set to stick about.

If the users are being rude and aggressive towards you then either you need to be able to have a quiet word to senior management about this or you're best off out of there. If the company has no respect for IT then it could just be a product of the industry you are in (a lot of manufacturing type companies see no value in IT and so don't give it any resources, compare that with industries like transport and finance who are more likely to have someone very senior responsible for IT).

Who's your line manager? Who do you report to? Surely it would be an idea to have a word with that person and try to gain some support for what you do amongst senior management. They can then come down on anyone who treats you like $h!t. The only time I ever had someone be particularly rude to me was a lass in the training department who was a little bit full of herself. I had a word with the IT director who then had a word with the HR director who then had a quiet word with the girl in question who bucked her ideas up pretty quickly and was never rude to me again. If it's a small company and you are reporting directly to the MD then you could have a chat with them and ask if they could have a chat with department heads or just generally jump on anyone who gives you attitude, companies have an interest in making sure that people like you are kept sane!

And if all else fails just mark out your problem users and work to rule with them. They'll pretty soon see that a smile and a please gets them a lot further than shouting and screaming and jumping up and down (just make sure you are firm but fair and do the bare minimum for them to satisfy your responsibilities but be warm and helpful to those who make the effort to be polite to you).

+ - Ford Trucks To Offer In-Dash Web Browsing->

Submitted by J4sTel2
J4sTel2 (1483645) writes "(CBS) Ford Motor and Opera Software have announced a collaboration to add Web browsing to the Internet-enabled in-dash computers that Ford is installing in some of its trucks and vans. In addition to accessing the Web through the Opera browser, the computer can run LogMeIn to enable remote access to office and home PCs. The computer also includes Garmin GPS navigation and is integrated into the vehicle cell phone. Internet access, through Sprint's 3G network is available for $25 a month for a 25-megabyte plan or $50 for up to 5 gigabytes of data, which should be more than enough for the vast majority of users. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/04/07/scitech/pcanswer/main4924373.shtml?source=RSSattr=SciTech_4924373"
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+ - Brazilian Pirates Hijack US MIlitary Satellites->

Submitted by
blantonl writes "This article in Wired explains how Brazilians all over the country are using modified amateur radio equipment to communicate with each other using US Military communications satellites — effectively creating their own CB radio network on the backs of the US Military. Recent efforts to crack down have resulted in arrests of some of the users, however the behavior still continues today."
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+ - Scientist Twitters using Brain-Computer Interface

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens
Hugh Pickens writes "Adam Wilson, a biomedical engineering doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has posted a 17-character message using a brain-computer interface (BCI) for people whose minds function but whose bodies do not work. Wilson's first message was: "SENT FROM BCI2000", referring to the model number of his machine followed by "USING EEG TO SEND TWEET". The system works by monitoring electroencephalography — or EEG — which is the electrical activity produced on the scalp by the movement of neurons within the brain while the user of a BCI wears a cap studded with electrodes and connected to a computer to detect the electrical signals caused by thoughts. Wilson likens the process to writing a text message on a mobile phone. "You have to press a button four times to get the character you want," Wilson said of texting. "So this is kind of a slow process at first." Wilson says he hopes the system will become available for people who have disabilities caused by severe strokes or spinal cord injuries. "This is one of the first examples where we've found something that would be immediately useful to a much larger community of people with neurological deficits," says Justin Williams adding that the device "would really be an enabling type of communication means for those people, and I think it would make them feel, in the online world, that they're not that much different from everybody else. That's why we did these things.""

+ - Technology drives Ragabonds' jailbreak ->

Submitted by
tumbleweedsi writes "A pair of fundraising technology enthusiasts are getting tracked using a mashup of FireEagle, Blogloc and Google Maps during a 30 hour jailbreak challenge. They guys, a professional fundraiser and a network engineer, are tasked with getting as far as possible from their start point without spending any of their own money or getting any help from friends & family. They have decided that as well as tweeting their progress (@BigDaveSB and @SimonPainter) they will also have their position tracked using a mobile phone and the Open Cell ID database. The pair hope to raise £5000 for their cause, KidsCan. KidsCan funds research into cancer treatments which are less damaging to the bodies of children and young adults. They aim to reduce both short and long term side effects whilst retaining the effectiveness of many current treatments."
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