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+ - Barnes & Noble fails to update Nook app in advance of Android 5.0

Submitted by tulare
tulare (244053) writes "If you read your eBooks on a Nexus device, plan on doing without reading anything purchased via the Nook bookstore for a while. According to comments made by NOOK on their Facebook page, they will be releasing a fixed version in a week or two.

This begs a couple of questions:
Why did BN miss this?
If BN decides the app business is too much trouble and walks away, what happens to the DRM-protected libraries of their customers?

This has happened before."

Climate Change To Drive Weather Disasters, Say UN Experts 572

Posted by Soulskill
from the things-people-will-get-mad-about dept.
mdsolar writes "Climate change is amplifying risks from drought, floods, storms and rising seas, threatening all countries, but small island states, poor nations and arid regions in particular, UN experts warned on Tuesday. In its first-ever report on the question, the Nobel-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said man-made global-warming gases are already affecting some types of extreme weather. And, despite gaps in knowledge, weather events once deemed a freak are likely to become more frequent or more vicious, inflicting a potentially high toll in deaths, economic damage and misery, it said."

Comment: Re:Down-modded (Score 3, Insightful) 743

Consider that /. is largely populated by analytical thinkers (computer people tend to be that way or else they'd do something else for a living) and that religion, regardless of what flavor, is predicated on the abandonment of analytical thought at least where one particular idea is concerned.

Just like the guy this article is about, in a group of analytical thinkers, anti-analytical thinking is bound to be suspect.

Comment: Simple enough (Score 1) 743

The dude was pushing his BS on unwilling subordinates and they (rightfully) complained. Then he was demoted. Then, when layoff came, he looked like a weak performer due to his weak performance and made the cut list.

Good riddance to him. He's was working in a scientific institution pushing anti-scientific snake oil and I can't imagine that did good things for workplace morale.


Oracle and the Java Ecosystem 157

Posted by samzenpus
from the a-different-approach dept.
First time accepted submitter twofishy writes "After an undeniably rocky start, which saw high profile resignations from the JCP, including Doug Lea (who remains active in the OpenJDK), and the Apache Software Foundation, Oracle is making significant efforts to re-engage with the wider Java ecosystem, a theme which it talked up at the most recent JavaOne conference. The company is working hard to engage with the Java User Group leaders and Java Champions, membership of the OpenJDK project is growing, and the company is making efforts to reform the Java Community Process to improve transparency. The firm has also published a clear, well-defined Java roadmap toward Java 8 and Java 9."
Your Rights Online

+ - Barnes and Noble allegedly violating GPL for Nook ->

Submitted by tulare
tulare (244053) writes "The boot process in B&N's flagship Nook Tablet is locked (good discussion here) and now one user has started a thread at the B&N support forums to address the question of whether or not their boot process is GPL-compliant. The initial response from B&N is telling: they deleted the first thread raising the issue and then marked the current thread "Operates as Intended." As an owner of one of these beasties myself, I'd love to fully utilize the hardware I own."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 46

by tulare (#33018536) Attached to: FreeBSD 8.1 Released

Perhaps, although the number of (non-Ubuntu) Linux machines deployed outside of people's parent's basements exceeds fBSD and Ubuntu combined, which is kind of a built-in interest base. My expectation is that most smart people try to stay abreast of trends in the industry they work in ;)

Comment: Who cares? (Score -1, Troll) 46

by tulare (#33018406) Attached to: FreeBSD 8.1 Released

Hours old post, other posts after attracting normal comment volume, this has eleven (11) posts as of this moment. If an update to a shitty, feeble, archaic operating system that only the most devoted antisocial fanbois give a flying fuck about doesn't deserve the "whocares" tag, nothing does.


Best Seating Arrangement For a Team of Developers? 520

Posted by timothy
from the corner-office-round-table dept.
TekNullOG writes "I was given the job to prepare the logistics involved with moving our office. At the same time my bosses asked me to look into buying new desks for a small team of four developers and to consider if it could benefit the team to sit at a round table. In many offices and departments it increases productivity and makes collaboration easy. However, I am concerned that putting developers around a table could potentially be distracting consequently diminishing productivity by increasing coding errors. What are your thoughts?"

Comment: This should be amusing... (Score 2, Insightful) 44

by tulare (#30589438) Attached to: Toshiba Intros Trilingual Translation App For Cellphones

As anyone who has ever used an online translation engine can tell you, going between English and either Chinese or Japanese leads to a stream of gibberish which at best gives the wily reader a hint of what the original topic might have been about.

I foresee a few tourists on both sides of the pond having some epic adventures as a result of relying upon this app :)


BetaNet Sues Everyone For Remote SW Activation 227

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the get-in-line dept.
eldavojohn writes "Not to be out patent trolled by Eolas, a mystery company named 'BetaNet, LLC' is suing: Adobe Systems, Inc, Apple, Inc., Arial Software, LLC, Autodesk, Inc.,, CARBONITE, INC., Corel Corp., Eastman Kodak Co., International Business Machines Corp., Intuit, Inc., Microsoft Corp., McAfee, Inc., Oracle Corp., Rockwell Automation, Inc., Rosetta Stone, Inc., SAP America, Inc., Siemens Corp. and Sony Creative Software, Inc. for infringement of their patent entitled Secure system for activating personal computer software at remote locations. And of course, this was filed in our favoritest of favorite places: Marshall, TX (Texas Eastern District Court)."

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll