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+ - Rodriguez slaughters Open XML

Elektroschock writes: "Stephane Rodriguez, a reengineering specialist who became popular for his article on MS-Office 2007 binary data, slaughters Microsoft's new Open XML format. With small case studies he demonstrates the disadvantages for third party developers. His conclusion: It is 'defective by design'. Next week members of the International Standard Organisation are likely to approve the format as a second official ISO standard for office documents. However, most nations submitted comments. Rodriguez claims to be "not affiliated to any pro-MS or anti-MS party/org/ass"."

+ - Vista Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) is down-> 1 1

z3razerviper writes: "It appears that Vista's Windows Genuine Advantage seems to be down causing all sorts of problems for Vista users trying to download patches for their shiny OS. Oddly enough things get much less shiny when WGA disables Aero and other features once it decides your copy of Vista is invalid. Microsoft WGA Vista Forum:"
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Engadget: Sirius, XM receivers may play both sides->

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Amid the takeover rumors, merger talk, blackouts, and general struggle and strife for consumers just trying to listen to some decent radio, it appears that a glimmer of hope may be breaking through all the noise. In an outrageously detailed letter to the FCC, a gentleman named Michael Hartleib calls for the agency to more clearly define the differences between "Dual mode" and "Interoperable" radios, and outlines how (using the latter variety) existing XM or Sirius receivers might be able to access both networks simply by having their firmware updated. The technical missive also suggests that the companies may be deflecting attention away from this fact in an attempt to bring "updated" receivers to market which have the aforementioned capability, when all that is really needed is a simple software tweak. Naturally, we can understand why he'd want to go straight to the FCC -- it's not like Sirius or XM are expected to discuss this possibility, and we think it's safe to assume that if they merge they're going to gouge customers into buying a new radio, instead of updating the ones they currently own.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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