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+ - Slashdot joins SOPA protest in last minute decisio-> 2

Submitted by eparker05
eparker05 (1738842) writes "The well known tech news aggregator Slashdot made a late Tuesday decision to join the SOPA/PIPA blackout protest. Readers of the site overwhelmingly support the decision and see it as a necessary step to prevent pervasive censorship. Slashdot is known for it's continued support of anonymous posting by users and has come out strongly in opposition of internet censorship in the past. Still, this is the first time that Slashdot has closed it's doors in protest of a piece of legislation.

Note: this has not happened yet! Vote this story up and show the editors that we want them to show solidarity against SOPA/PIPA !"

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Comment: Re:This is slashdot? (Score 1) 2254

by tudorl (#35008824) Attached to: Slashdot Launches Re-Design
Wow ... that's quite a reaction to my poor attempt of a joke. :) I'm not a web-designer but I do like to keep in touch with this domain. On-topic, I don't fully agree with you. From what I've seen, trying to make a site compatible across all browsers in existence for the past 10 years leads to all kinds of horrible css&html hacks which turn the source into a maintenance nightmare. Plus, it also encourages people to keep using obsolete browsers. Just my 2c.

+ - Skype Suffers Massive Outage-> 1

Submitted by tudorl
tudorl (841940) writes "Several users have written in to note that Skype appears to be having a major outage at the moment, something confirmed by the significant volume of complaints on Twitter. Skype has yet to comment on the reason for the outage, or precisely how many customers are impacted, though their Twitter account confirms the problem. "Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype," says the company, adding that "we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations.""
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